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Sun Feb 02 2020
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Dancing with the Stars Champion, Rumer Willis faced some hard times after splitting from DWTS partner, Val Chmerkovskiy. As they say, difficult times make you brave and stronger; which is quite relevant in Willis life right now. After her relationship with Val ended, who is she currently dating?

The eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer is passionate about singing and practicing archery targeting arrows. Other than that, how's her love life going on? To know more about her personal life, read the article till the end.

Is The House Bunny Actress, Rumer Dating?

Kentucky-based actress, Rumer has millions of fans throughout the world who loves to see her on the big walls of cinemas. Her curious fans are interested to know who the current date of Rumer is?

Rumer Willis is possibly single after breaking up with former DWTS partner, Val Chmerkovskiy. Know more about her current relationship status?
Photo: Rumer Willis is reportedly single and put a new record about her sobriety lifestyle 
Source: Nepal24Hours

It seems like Rumer is now busy on her upcoming film projects while focusing on achieving her professional goals in the field of acting. In other words, she is following the footsteps of her father, Bruce Willis, who is one of the legendary actors of Hollywood.

A Glimpse of Rumer's Dating History

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress, Rumer first dated an American actor, Rafi Gavron in 2007. The duo's relationship, however, ended due to some misunderstandings in the same year.

Rumer Willis and her first former boyfriend, Rafi Gavron holding their awards. Let's explore more about Rumer's dating history?
Image: Rumer Willis with her former boyfriend Rafi Gavron 
Source: Daily Mail

The duo, however, did not spilled beans about the real reason for the end of a relationship. After the split, Willis began dating an American model, Micah Alberti in 2008. Unfortunately, the romantic couple split up after living in a three-year-relationship of affair in 2010.

Rumer Willis with her second ex-boyfriend, Micah Alberti. Find more about Willis' current dating life?
Snap: Rumer Willis and her former second partner, Micah Alberti 
Source: Zimbio

Upon the separation, Rumer stayed single for two years, but after that, she and Life Sentence actor, Jayson Blair began dating in 2012. But, their affair also lasted for a year only after they broke up in 2013.

Rumer Willis with her ex-boyfriend, Jayson Blair. Know more about Willis' current relationship status?
Picture: Rumer Willis with her former partner, Jayson Blair 
Source: Zimbio

Young Hollywood Award-winning actress, Willis then started dating an English actor, Ricky Whittle in 2014. Shortly after dating for a few months, they decided to walk away from their relationship.

Rumer Willis with her former partner, Ricky Whittle. How did Rumer and Ricky separated from their relationship?
Photo: Rumer Willis walking on the street with her ex-partner, Ricky Whittle 
Source: Pinterest 

Lastly, Rumer was involved in a blissful relationship with a Ukrainian professional dancer, Val Chmerkovskiy, with whom she won the 20th season of Dancing With The Stars in 2015. But, the two didn't date during that time, and following three years, they came out to be a romantic couple in 2018.

Rumer Willis with her former partner, Val Chmerkovskiy. Know about their relationship status?
Image: Rumer Willis and her ex-boyfriend, Val Chmerkovskiy 
Source: People

The lovely pair, however, moved on amicably from their affair after staying in a relationship for a year in 2019. Following their break up, Rumer removed one of her tattoos on her right bicep of the love birds in a longing, lunging embrace, which she and Val tattooed while they were dating.

Reunited with Val & Sailor Brinkley-Cooke for a Trio Dance

The mesmerizing singer, Rumer recently reconciled with her DWTS partner, Val as a dancing partner in October 2019. On the Instagram page of official DWTS, Rumer and Demi were seen together attending a dancing event along with Val's current dancing partner, Sailor Brinkley-Cooke, a model.

Rumer Willis with her dancing partner, Dan Chmerkovskiy and Sailor Brinkley-Cooke. How did the dancing trio reunited?
Snap: Rumer Willis with DWTS partner, Dan Chmerkovskiy and his current celebrity partner, Val Chmerkovskiy 
Source: Inquisitr

On 7th October 2019, the trio of Rumer-Val-Sailor showed their trio-dance performance on the stage of Dancing With The Stars. It seems like the dancing trio will make a blast on the big stage with their amazing dancing choreography and moves at DWTS in the future. 

Chose A Sober Lifestyle!

The winner of DWTS season 20, Rumer is currently happy in her choice of lifestyle, which is sober. She also described that her decision to become sober isn't out of necessity and decided to keep going through sobriety.

Back in 2017, there were some rumors of Rumer not to be sober anymore. But, she cleared up all the rumors about her well-being proclaiming to be sober for her whole life. In an interview with People, she said,

“My decision to become sober wasn’t out of a need necessarily, it was more just that I did ‘sober January’ and I just decided to keep going.”

Rumer Willis with her sisters, Tallulah Willis and Scout Willis. Know more about their sober life?
Photo: Rumer Willis with her sober sisters, Tallulah and Scout Willis 
Source: Hollywood Life

Just like Rumer, some of her other family members like her sisters, Scout Willis and Tallulah Willis will also remain sober while making it as their lifestyle. Despite Rumer's sisters, their parents don't seem to be sober as of now.


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