Saúl Adiel Alvarez

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Thu Jan 19 2023
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Saúl Adiel Alvarez is a celebrity son. He came into the limelight because of his father. His father is Canelo Alvarez aka Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán who is famous among the public as a professional boxing player from Mexico. 

Further, Saúl was born in 2018 in Mexico and currently, he is enjoying his life along with his parents and siblings.

Childhood Of Saúl

The popular boxing player Canelo's son Saúl was born and raised in Mexico by his parent with a lot of love and care. As he is from a financially good family background, so we can say he is getting all the things he wants and living a lavish life.

Picture of Saúl Adiel Alvarez with his father  Canelo Alvarez posing for a photos hoot wearing red color t shirt
Picture of Saúl Adiel Alvarez with his father  Canelo Alvarez posing for a photoshoot (Image source: Starsgab)

Moreover, he is a very confident child and his friendly and polite nature always attracts other people to him. He is growing up in a happy and peaceful environment with his parents and siblings.

Family Details

Talking about the family, Saúl was born to his father Canelo Alvarez who is a popular boxer by profession, and his mother Nadia Sepulveda who is a businesswoman by profession. His parents were hardworking and very dedicated to their work. 

Moreover, Saúl is very happy to have a caring and supportive parents. However, his parent's marriage could not be as long-lasting as they expected, and decided to get divorced. Currently, both his father and mother are living a happy life.

About Saúl Father

The boxer Canelo Alvarez was born on 18 July 1990 in the suburbs of Guadalajara, Mexico, under the name of Santos Saul Alvarez Baragan, to the parents of Santos Alvarez and Ana Maria Baragan. He is the eldest of eight siblings.

Picture of Saúl Adiel Alvarez's father Canelo Alvarez posing for a photoshoot wearing boxing gloves
Picture of Saúl Adiel Alvarez's father Canelo Alvarez posing for a photoshoot (Image source: Instagram)

Further, his family originally belongs to Los Reyes, Michoacán. When Canelo was five, they moved to their current home of Juanacatlán, Jalisco in search of a better lifestyle and opportunities.

Net Worth

Saúl Adiel Alvarez does not take part in any professional acts or work as he is too young to start a professional career at this moment. He is entirely reliant on his parents right now and is having a wonderful time in his childhood.

Additionally, his fame is subordinate to that of his parents at present. Saúl and his family have established a happy and secure life for themselves because of the success and wealth of both of his parents.

Saúl Father Achievements

Mexico boxer Canelo has a record of 56 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss. He has won multiple world championships in the different weight classes. Canelo was dubbed the world's best boxer. Most of the fans and critics claimed him the best boxer of the 21st century. 

Picture of  Saúl Adiel Alvarez's father Canelo Alvarez posing for a photoshoot wearing crown
Picture of  Saúl Adiel Alvarez's father Canelo Alvarez posing for a photoshoot (Image source: Instagram) 

Further, he has also won WBC light middleweight championship, WBA (Unified) light middleweight championship, WBO light-middleweight championship and WBC middleweight championship, etc.

Saúl's Father's Current Relationship And Affair

Canelo has an image of a ladies' man. He has dated so many girls but his life seems to the stable with his long-time girlfriend Fernanda Gomez. Fernanda is a model and it's been several years since they've been having an affair.

Furthermore, there are no reports regarding their marriage. However, we can assure you that, they got engaged. Currently, Canelo is in Del Mar, San Diego, California with his family which consists of an adorable daughter Emily Alvarez.

Past Relationship And Affairs of Saúl's Father

The world's best boxer has dated so many stunning beauties ranging from Miss Mexico to the current girlfriend of footballer James Rodriguez. His personal life began attracting media attention in 2003 when he got engaged to Marisol Gonzalez, the 2003 Miss Mexico Universe.

Further, In 2012 he was spotted dating with T.V star Kate Castillo who was 18 years senior to him. Moreover, he also uses to have an affair with Shannon de Lima who was a runner-up in the 2005 miss universe. 

Moreover, Interestingly, Lima was the wife of singer Marc Anthony who is a former husband of Jennifer Lopez. His relationship with Maria Fernanda was a bit more serious than others because they got a daughter Emily. 

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Saúl Father - Canelo Alvarez Net Worth

On October 17, 2018, Canelo signed a five-year contract worth a $365 million fighting deal with the Oscar De La Hoya Group. The contract consists of eleven games. He was declared to have a match on December 15, 2018with Rocky Fielding in New York City. 

Picture of Saúl Adiel Alvarez's father Canelo Alvarez posing for a photoshoot wearing blue color blazer
Picture of Saúl Adiel Alvarez's father Canelo Alvarez posing for a photoshoot (Image source: Instagram)

Moreover, Canelo has a huge net worth of $25 million which include all his assets and royalties. He made up to this point because of his hard work and dedication to his work. He believes that hard work is the major key to success in life.

Saúl Father Secondary Source Of Income

Talking about Canelo's secondary source of income, he is one of the most generous pro boxers in the country. He organized a fundraising fundraiser in Veracruz to encourage and support young people to accomplish their goals. He contributed $1 million to the Mexican earthquake aid in 2017.

Moreover, In 2018, he gained $44 million from sponsors and endorsement deals. Furthermore, he received a record of $2 million from his endorsement deals which are considered by Forbes. It is sponsored by Tecate, a Mexican beer company operated by the German group, Heineken.

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Social Media Presence

Saúl Adiel Alvarez is a well-known celebrity kid. Being a kid he has not available on any social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

However, his parents are more active in it. They used to share posts about their daily life activities information on their social media accounts.

Saúl Adiel Alvarez Father - Canelo Social Media

Canelo is available on different social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He is a social media-friendly person who usually likes to connect with his fan from his social media accounts.

Furthermore, he has got a verified Instagram account @canelo with a huge 13.3 million followers and a total of 1492 posts. He often posts about his boxing-related post on his Instagram feed.

Additionally, he is also present on Twitter and Facebook with massive 2 million followers on his Twitter account @Canelo with a total of 5755 tweets and 6.6 million followers on his Facebook account @Canelo Alvarez.

Saúl Father Link With Criminal El Chapo

The well-known personality Canelo while he used to have an affair with Kate he was allegedly having an association with the crime mafia El Chapo. El is a Mexican drug lord and a multinational crime syndicate. It is known to have been the most effective drug trafficker in the country.

In addition, Kate was the girlfriend of El Chapo and when U.S DAE got the warrant to take down the drug lord, Canelo was accused to hide El's girlfriend, Kate.

Physical Outlooks

The cute boy Saúl Adiel Alvarez whose height and body weight are a mystery. His parents have not revealed any sort of information regarding his physical outlook.

However, his black color eyes along with his black hair make him more attractive and handsome. Additionally, the information about his body measurement is also behind the curtains.


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