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Sun Aug 11 2019
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Who is Sarah Keith-Lucas?

Let's get into the bio of a woman with glamorous beauty and talent Sarah Keith-Lucas. She is prominent as weather and meteorologist from England. In addition, since 2009, Keith-Lucas has been overspreading climatic weather conditions on BBC One. Sarah had performed a range of reports before her career from preparing airport and supermarket forecasts.

Sarah Keith Lucas was born in 1982 at Hastings, East Sussex. Her father is a Christopher Leslie Keith-Lucas and mother is Claire Forrester. Apart from that, Keith-Lucas' middle name comes from her grandmother Dorothy de Bauduy Robertson, who was killed in a road accident in 1979. 

In addition, during World War II, Sarah's grandfather, David Keith-Lucas, was an aerodynamicist in Kent and the Royal Aeronautical Society's president from 1968-69. Keith-Lucas attended Cranbrook School, in the Kent co-educational grammar school. Later, she joined Robertsbridge Community College from which she took GCSEs. She deliberate Geography at Durham University.

arah Keith-Lucas with her fellow journalist. journalist, co-anchor, co-worker
Image: Sarah Keith-Lucas with her fellow journalist.

Lucas initially worked for two winter seasons in the French Alps. Finally, she entered the Met Office in 2007 and began working as a weather forecaster at Exeter headquarters. She later joined BBC as a studio assistant in 2008 and in the summer of 2009 she received her first television appearance. During her moment with the Exeter Met Office, Lucas anticipated the weather for supermarkets and airports.

Some of the facts

Not only does the profession in front of the cameras increase the global recognition of the person, but at the same time, it gives birth to the questions and concerns regarding the relationship and lifestyle of the star

Sarah Keith-Lucas in an studio. professional life, career
Image: Sarah Keith-Lucas in a studio.

A prominent English meteorologist, Sarah Keith-Lucas faces the same sitch time and often. Well, Sarah still has to marry and set up a family.

Is she dating or married?

Sarah Keith-Lucas, like some journalists including Yasmin Vossoughian and Michelle Franzen, keeps her private life away from the press. Her affairs and interactions and affairs are not detailed. She stays isolated because of her quiet nature when it comes to opening up her personal affairs. 

Perhaps Sarah might share with her husband a secret relationship which she doesn't want to disclose to the media personality. So, the fans and admirers of Lucas should wait quite a while to know the detailed information about her personal life. 

Sarah Keith-Lucas picture with her family via Twitter. children, kids, family, partner, lover
Image: Sarah Keith-Lucas picture with her family via Twitter

Sarah Keith-Lucas is actually active on twitter, but she rarely posts a picture related to her family. In 2018, she posted a picture with two children and herself and captioned it Splashing in the warm sea in late October #bliss #sunshine #family. The kids could be her children or nephew. 

Salary and Net Worth

During her successful career, Sarah Keith-Lucas earns a very good amount of money. The precise figure of her net worth and wage, however, is far away from the media. In addition, the average weather forecast salary in the United States is $44,107, and Sarah must have earned more than the average wage as she is has gained pretty good experience from her career.

Apart from that, Sarah receives extensive weather forecasting training at Met Office college and then moved to Exeter's Met Office headquarters as the weather forecaster. From there, she gets a really good income. Sarah also loves the excellent outdoors and traveling, camping, and boating is her favorite pastimes.

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