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Actor-Musician (1982)
Sun Mar 26 2023
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Sebastian Sozzi is an actor from the United States. You've probably noticed his blockbuster TV series Fear the Walking Dead. In contrast, Sozzi is most recognized for his portrayal of Cole.  

Along with acting, Sebastian Sozzi is also a real-life musician who made his debut with renowned vocalist Abby. Sebastian's wife, family, girlfriends, rumors, affairs, profession, personal life, and net worth are all things you should know about him. Then continue reading till you conclude the article.

Sebastian Sozzi Bio

American Actor Sebastian Sozzi (September 14, 1982) was raised in New York City. He looked to have had a happy childhood with his parents. Sebastian has stated his mother is a lover for lasting life. Sozzi's parents are also active in their family's handcrafted jewelry company, Circle Six Jewelry.

The Sozzi Family.
Sebastian Sozzi celebrating his parent's 40th anniversary with a sunset dinner at Chart House Malibu.   Image Source: Instagram@sebastiansozzi

Sozzi's main ambition since childhood has been to become an actress. His desire was encouraged by a family member. In comparison, Sebastian's mother was the most supportive. In 2000, he made his first on-screen debut as Alfonso in the blockbuster series "Law & Order."

What Role Is Sebastian Sozzi Playing in Fear the Walking Dead?

Since then, Sozzi has appeared in several TV series, advertisements, and films. Some of his features include Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Blue Bloods, Ford, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Burger King, and many others. When Sozzi turn out 17, he launched his Broadway debut in Abby's song as a career in the music industry.

AMC's Fear The Walking Dead caste as a character Cole as Sebestian. .
Actor Sebastian Sozzi playing the role of Cole in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.        Image Source: Undead Walking

Actor Sozzi played the role of Cole in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. In the storyline, Cole is a survivor of the outbreak and afterward an opponent. Before the pandemic, he was a student at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Cole enters just as the main cast is enjoying dinner with Strand and Madison.

Is Actor Sebastian Sozzi Married?

Sebastian Sozzi, an actor, has shared photos of himself with Azie Tesfai on their Instagram account. In terms of their relationship, the two appear to be great friends. They have not made their relationship public. Furthermore, as for the dare or fun as friends, Azie spent $7 to take a photo with Sozzi. 

Sozzi and his best friend Azie Tesfai.
Sebastian Sozzi and Azie Tesfai taking $7 selfie. Image Source: Instagram@sebastiansozzi 

Additionally, there seem to be no rumors about Sozzi's dating or marriage. Despite this, he has primarily female friends. Sebastian has not yet married and is still single.

Sebastian Sozzi Net Worth

Sebastian Sozzi has acquired fame in the TV industry as an actor in the blockbuster TV series Fear the Walking Dead and several other films. Sozzi's net worth is estimated to be between $1 million. In contrast, his Fear The Walking Dead co-star Lisandra Tena has a net worth of $500,000

   Sebastian Sozzi's get-together with his friends.                  
           source: Instagaram@sebastiansozzi

As a popular actor in many movies, Sozzi has gained the main source of income is his hard work and profession as an actor and a musician. According to the sources, the cast of The Walking Dead has earnings of $50,000 to $90,000 per episode. As Sozzi is also a part of the series, he has also gain income from here. 

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