Seema Iyer

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Civil Rights Attorney, TV legal analyst, producer, criminal defense attorney
Tue May 03 2022
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Seema Iyer is an American civil rights attorney, former prosecutor, TV legal analysts, producer, host, and criminal defense attorney. Likewise, she is best known as the compassionate and hard-working lady among the public.

Iyer has an office in New York, NY, and she handles cases like General Practice, Civil Rights, Litigation, Criminal Defense, Constitutional. She has been licensed for 22 years. Along with Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred, she is also quite famous for her several rights projects.

Is She Married Or Single?

Seema is probably a single woman. To date, she has not revealed anything about her relationship status. Even though many interviewers raise the question about her love life, she remains silent or ignores it.

Caputed image of Seema Iyer while on a show for HLN Channel.
Image: Seema Iyer while on a show for HLN Channel.
Source: Soundcloud

Not only that, but she is also keeping herself away from unwanted rumors and controversies until now.

Net Worth & Salary

Seema's net worth is around $2 Million as of 2019. Holding multi-profession, she might have earned such a hefty sum of money from several elements. 

She is active in her profession since 1993 and still occupies the place hosting several online news shows and podcasts. Thus, her wealth is in ascending order.

As per some sources, an average salary of a civil right attorney ranges from $69,000 to $145,000 per year, and a legal analyst's salary ranges from $50,000 to $70,000. Therefore, her remuneration can be assumed on average concerning her status and experience. 

The host of "The Docket" on MSNBC

Former prosecutor Seema host the only online legal show, The Docket, on MSNBC. She brings the legal cases from many important news stories and tackles it from the obscure legal debates. Iyer has analyzed evidence in the serial murder cases in many episodes of the legal show. 

Seema started her career by working as an Assistant District Attorney at the Bronx County DA's office. Likewise, she has worked with LAPD as a Legal Representative for police officers and detectives.

Seema taking interview of Dennis Hof
Photo: Seema taking interview of Dennis Hof.
Source: MSNBC

Similarly, she worked as a producer and legal contributor from 2012 to 2013. As of February 2019, she is working as an anchor on Court TV. Moreover, she has also worked with several renowed companies such as MSNBC, FOX, NBC, and HLN.

Iyer also hosts a podcast titled “The Bollywood Lawyer.” Before starting her career, she was a decorated dancer, specializing in Classical Hindu Dance.

Seema is also a political enthusiast and supports the republican government. Likewise, she votes for the republic party of America. Her work has a direct connection following civil advantages.

Academic Qualifications

She is well-educated and achieved great success in the educational sector. Iyer graduated from the City University of New York's John Jay College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1993. Likewise, she earned Juris Doctor in Law from Southwestern University School of Law in LA.

Moreover, she has also studied Psychiatry, forensic technology, medicine, and science at the Education City University of New York.


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