Shannon Sedgwick Davis

Social Worker, CEO
Mon Feb 03 2020
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Shannon Sedgwick Davis is a human rights activist and advocate of social justice like Ann Carlson Khan. She has traveled the world to fight human trafficking as well as various mass atrocities.

Davis is an honors graduate of Baylor Law School in 2000 and McMurry University in 1996. She has also served as Vice President of Geneva Global and the Director of Public Affairs at the International Justice Mission.

Shannon's Relationship

The activist is happily married to Sam Davis. The couple has two sons together, Connor Davis and Brody Davis. 

Shannon with her children
Image: Shannon with her sons Connor and Brody at Carnegie Hall
Source: Instagram @shannonsedg

The family currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. Their kids go to the San Antonio Academy of Texas. Shannon, despite being such an active activist, spends a lot of time with her children.

Shannon's Husband and Kids
Photo: Shannon's Husband with her kids
Source: Instagram @shannonsedg

The couple is seen taking their children to golf tournaments, theater plays, football games, hiking, and movies. The family is happy and shows no signs of separating.

Her Net Worth

Davis has not disclosed her riches as of this date. She doesn't have any conventional source of income to speak of.

The social worker has written a book entitled To Stop a Warlord: My Story of Justice, Grace, and the Fight for Peace, which is being sold on Amazon for $17 as of April 2019. The sales record of the book has not been public.

C.E.O. for Change

Shannon is the C.E.O. of the Bridgeway Foundation. It is the charitable arm of Bridgeway Capital Management. It serves as a catalyst for peace and reconciliation in international communities suffering from various human rights violations.

Foundation led by he has given financial support to organizations such as Aegis Trust, Resolve Uganda, and Invisible Children. 

Shannon with a kid
Picture: Shannon with a kid in Africa
Source: stephenrgraves

Her most valiant effort for the cause can be considered for her role in funding civilian protection and recovery efforts in Uganda. The foundation helped to stand up against Joseph Kony leaded Lord's Resistance Army. He is the first-ever indictee of the International Criminal Court.

Awards and Honors

The human rights activist has been the recipient of various awards over the years. She received Baylor's Young Lawyer of the Year Award in 2011, which was followed by the Spirit of McMurry Award the same year. The later is given to one outstanding alumnus every year.

Davis also received the Nomi Network's 2014 Abolitionist Award as well as The Rotary Club of San Antonio, Outstanding Young San Antonian, in 2014.

Her most prized possession until now is her 2015 Global Human Rights Hero award for saving innocence. Besides this, she is also on the board of many organizations, which includes The Elders, TOMS, and Humanity, United, etc.

Hunt for Joseph Kony

In 2013, The New Yorker published an article titled 


The article written by Elizabeth Rubin described the efforts by Davis in the capture of Kony. 

Joseph Kony was a warlord who over a quarter of the century had kidnapped tens of thousands of children and admitted them into the Lord's Resistance Army (L.R.A.), Uganda's rebel force. They would target civilians in various African nations.

Davis had a meeting with the chief of Ugandan Army, General Aronda Nyakairima. The meeting was held at the army's hilltop headquarter in Kampala.

Davis's Book
Capture: Davis's Book's cover
Source: Amazon

This incentive by Davis led to the capture of the warlord. She has a book titled To Stop a Warlord about her endeavors during the event.

Children For Sale

In 2005 Davis helped rescue children from the sex trafficking ring in Svay Pak village in Cambodia. This grueling revelation is detailed in a N.B.C. news article. The article tells about the prices the children were sold and other inhuman acts that were done on the children.

Shannon at a ted talk
Image: Shannon talking about ending human trafficking at TEDx event
Source: Flickr

This piece was included in the 2005 Emmy award as "Children for Sale," which was shown on Dateline. She has also spoken about ending human trafficking on a TEDx talk in San Antonio.

Philanthropic Behaviour Brought Her Name, Fame & Friends

The activist's efforts has made her a well-known name among famous people as well. She has been seen with various high profile personalities from religious leaders to Hollywood superstars.

shannon with richard branson
Image: Shannon with Richard Branson in South Africa
Source: Instagram @shannonsedg

She has a good friendship with actress Kristen Bell. She has been seen with Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Jimmy Carter. She is also friends with Holly Branson's father, billionaire Richard Branson.

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