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Wed Feb 10 2021
By   Binish

Sharon Dubois is an Israeli makeup artist, ASMR artist, and vlogger. She gained her popularity through her YouTube channel, ASMR Glow. The channel features tingling, tapping, whispering sounds, which help to de-stress and relax one's mind as well as the soul. 

Moreover, her other channel features aspiring singer Dubois's cover songs and twitch bloopers. Want to know more about ASMRtist Sharon Dubois? You are at the right place. 

Sharon Dubois Is Probably Single - Dating Status!

Sharon Dubois lives a very private life. It is hard to believe, but that's the fact. Dubois often skips the talk when it comes to her dating life. 

It is clear that she does not like to share her love life. It lives us with two speculations. Either Sharon Dubois is single or is in a romantic relationship with someone and not revealing the handsome hunk's name. 

Sharon Dubois is currently single and enjoying quality with herself and her family
Sharon Dubois is currently single and enjoying quality with herself and her family
Image Source: Instagram @asmrglow

Despite being in the limelight, she is quite an amazing person who can separate her professional and personal life completely. 


Although there are many speculations, most of the online sources claim Sharon Dubois, aka ASMR Glow, to be single and focused on building her career. 

Sharon Dubois Net Worth: $500 

As of 2021, Sharon Dubois is estimated to have a net worth of $500 thousand. She gathers a huge part of her net worth from her YouTube and ASMR career. 

From her YouTube Channel, ASMR Glow, Sharon makes $2.6 thousand to $42 thousand per month. Similarly, her estimated yearly earning is between $31.5 thousand to $504.5 thousand. On this channel, she has 1.39 million followers. 

Sharon Dubois's YouTube Video Upload About  Makeup Tutorial
Sharon Dubois's YouTube Video Upload About  Makeup Tutorial

Image Source: YouTuber @ ASMR Glow

Similarly, she has two other YouTube channels: SHAZ and Beauty Glow. From the former, her estimated monthly earning is $4 to $58, and her yearly earning is $44 to $701. Likewise, the latter YouTube channel adds $2 to $37 per month and $28 to $448 per year to her wealth. 

Here the most viewed video of ASMR Glow titled ASMR Fixing You Whispered Roleplay (Gloves sounds, Face Brushing, Scratching sounds, and +). 

Watch it here: 

Tingting ASMR, Madelaine Petsch, Amanda Faye are some of the popular YouTubers. 

Besides her income from YouTube, ASMR artist boosts her riches from sponsorships, endorsements, and promotional posts. As per Influencer marketing hub, her estimated earning per sponsored post is $538.5 to $897.5. As of February 2021, she has 178 thousand followers on her official Instagram handle with an engagement rate of 12.55%. 

Along with the income from her social media accounts, she adds a reasonable sum of money from the merchandise sales. Though the numbers are still yet to be revealed, she is reported to make four to five-digit figures. 

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