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Thu Aug 10 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Shelly Tresvant

Ex-husband : Ralph Tresvant
Shelly Tresvant marreid to Ralph Tresvant on 1993 and separated on 1996.

Shelly Jean Tresvant is well known for being the ex-wife of Ralph Tresvant who is a famous singer in America. While Shelly Tresvant did stay in the limelight for a time, the celebrity ex-wife later went on to lead her life away from the media's view.

Tresvant has not gained fame by herself. Shelly became known after she got married to the famous personality Ralph Tresvant her collegemate.

Childhood of Shelly Tresvant

The Ex-wife of famous singer Ralph Tresvant, Shelly Tresvant, was born in Roxbury Boston, Massachusetts. Shelly was brought up by her parents in her own hometown.

Shelly Tresvant in her young days
 The looks of Shelly Tresvant in her young days posing for a photoshoot. Photo source: Biography Mask

Tresvant was born into a well-sophisticated family. And from her background, Shelly did not face any difficulties in getting a quality education and lifestyle.

Shelly, the ex-wife of Ralphm has not shared any information regarding her parents. Similarly, the details of Tresvant's sibling stay away from the media.

Shelly Tresvant Married to Ralph Tresvant

Shelly Tresvant married the famous singer of America Ralph Tresvant in the year 1993. Before Shelly knew Ralph as her husband and a musician, he was her boyfriend and collegemate.

Shelly Tresvant and her three children photographed during their childhood.
Shelly Tresvant and her three children photographed during their childhood. Photo Source: FaveBites

Shelly and her ex-husband married after dating for a couple of years. They both went to the same school and was college sweetheart in their high school days.

The college sweetheart gave birth to three children one daughter, two sons with their togetherness. The lovely couple gave birth to the Na Quelle Tresvant, Jr. Ralph Tresvant, and Mariah Tresvant.

Do Ralph and Tresvant still together?

The lovely couple singer Ralph and Tresvant were famous in her college days and they also hit the headline after their marriage. Their love story started like a romantic film's story but ended sadly.

Shelly Tresvant  and Ralph Tresvant in her young days
Shelly Tresvant with her Ex-husband posing for a photoshoot in their relationships days. Photo source: Hollywood Zam

The couple finally decided to end their relationship as a husband-wife in the year 1996. 

The reason for Tresvant's divorce

Shelly Tresvant got decided to depart as a husband and wife after knowing about the extramarital affair of her husband Ralph Tresvant.

He was in an affair with his own fan Amber Serrano with whom he got married later on. 

The present relationship status of Tresvant

Tresvant is single now. She has not shared any information regarding her second marriage after she got divorced from Ralph.

Ralph got married to Amber Serrano in the year 2004. Tresvant remarried almost a decade after divorcing Shelly.

The net worth of the Shelly Tresvant

Shelly Tresvant kept her profession away from the spotlight. While she did came to fame, it wasn't Shelly's work that dragged her under the limelight. However, given her ex's net worth, Tresvant commands an astimated net worth of $100,000

Shelly Tresvant's ex-husband, Ralph Tresvant, owns millions as his net worth
Shelly Tresvant's ex-husband, Ralph Tresvant, owns millions as his net worth. Photo Source: Instagram

Speaking of wealth, Shelly's ex-husband, Ralph Tresvant, has a total net worth of $8 million. He has access to such an amount through her successful career as a singer, songwriter, actor, etc.

Tresvant was well known for sports and extracurricular activities in her high school days. She was the active girl of her school in every activity. But her career stays hidden from the public.

Rumor and controversies

Tresvant is a rumor-free celebrity. She has not been involved in any kinds of rumors and controversies yet

She has not gained fame by herself that's why her rumor has not hit the headline of the media yet.

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