Shion Kaji

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Structural Engineer, YouTuber (1987)
Wed May 19 2021
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Relationship Timeline Of Shion Kaji

Wife : Loann Kaji
Shion Kaji Married To Loann Kaji

Shion Kaji is an Asian-American personality who widely recognized as the father of the YouTube star, Ryan Kaji. Ryan is a nine years old YouTuber who owns a YouTube channel name Ryan's World where he mostly reviews the Toys and other stuff. The particular channel has over 41 Million subscribers as of 2021.

Shion was born on 13th September 1987 in Tokyo, Japan who is currently living in Texas, United States of America. He migrated from Japan to the US to get high-level education and to enjoy quality living. He is also a structural engineer who is quite busy doing his technical work and experiments. Furthermore, he graduated from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

Exchanged wedding vows with wife, Loann Kaji

Thirty-three years old, Shion is a married man who exchanged his wedding vows with his longtime girlfriend, Loann Kaji. Loann is thirty-seven years old Vietnamese-American who is a high school, chemistry teacher. The two fell in love while both of them were students of Texas Tech University back in 2009. 

Shion Kaji family
Image: Shion Kaji with his wife, Loann Kaji and son, Ryan Kaji. Source: Instagram

Soon the pair got involved in a very serious relationship and decided to took their love life to next level. In August of 2013, the loving duo accepted one another as husband and wife. The beautiful wedding ceremony was held in Texas where numerous Asian-American guests were seen to congratulate the newlywed couple. 

Blessed with three children

The beautiful couple is now married for almost a decade, eight years inexact. During this long marital life, they are blessed with three beautiful children. On 6th October 2011, the pair welcomed their first child, son, Ryan Kaji. Later on 19th July 2016, the couple welcomed their twin children, Emma Kaji and Kate Kaji. As of now, the three kids are nine years old and four years old respectively.

Shion Kaji familly
Image: Shion Kaji with his three, Kids. Source: Instagram

 Their son, Ryan has taken the world of YouTube through his sensational Toy review while his twin siblings have also featured in some of his highly viewed videos. Furthermore, the family of five are enjoying their life to the fullest. Though being an immigrant from another country the Kaji family has proved that hard work and talent are needed to get success in life.

Net worth in Millions

Shion's net worth is around $10 Million as of 2021. He has gathered all of his fortunes through his career as a structural engineer and from his nine years old son's YouTube channel. As being a structural engineer he earns over $70,000 annually however, from his son's YouTube channel he is earning quite a hefty amount of sum. 

Ryan Kaji with his toys
Image: Ryan Kaji with his toy collection. Source: Instagram

Last year the Kaji family earned over $30 Million from YouTube and became the highest-paid personalities on YouTube. Back in 2019, the Kaji family earned a total of $26 Million. Similarly, the family brought over $11 Million in revenue from the media empire. The Kaji family has now generated over $100 Million from the internet world and are still leading YouTube sensational in the world.

Furthermore, they own numerous houses in the United States and Japan. Recently the family bought over $2 Million houses in Cypress, Texas. Shion drives an $80,000 Porsche Macan GT3 SUV. They also own large production studios in the Houston suburbs which price is over $1.2 Million.

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