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Celebrity Child (1993)
Fri Dec 16 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Skylar Staten Randall

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Skylar Staten Randall is well-known as an American celebrity child. She rose to prominence as a result of her father's fame. Her dad Bryan Randall is a renowned photographer in the United States.

Bryan Randall is a highly desirable professional photographer who emerged after dating celebrities such as Paris St. John and Sandra Bullock. He has worked as a high-fashion model for Vogue Paris, Hugo Boss, and Saint Laurent.

Skylar Staten Randall Relationship Status

Skylar Staten Randall is likely single. No one has been able to learn anything about her relationship yet. Despite being a celebrity child, she likes to live a low-key life. 

Child Photo Of Skylar Staten Randall With Her Father
Skylar Staten Randall With Her Father Bryan Randall 
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In addition, Skylar has also never been involved in rumors or scandals. Even though she understands love, she is not involved in it. She now appears to be solely focused on her emerging career. She will undoubtedly find her a loving mate who will adore her unreservedly in the coming days.

Net Worth Of Skylar Staten Randall

Skylar has not shared her income source publically, But Bryan Randall, Skylar Staten Randall's father, has amassed a sizable fortune via his professional endeavors. 

Bryan Randall has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. He is content with the amount of money he earns due to his job. Sebastian Spader is a producer and movie director with a net worth of around $500,000.

Skylar Staten Randall Daughter Of Professional Photographer Bryan Randall
Photo Of Skylar Staten Randall 
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Randall can gather this money because of his great employment as a professional photographer in the United States. As a result of his career, he has the good fortune of knowing names and having money. He is currently enjoying a happy and affluent life with his family, thanks to his earned money. His net worth and annual income will likely increase in the days ahead.

Skylar's Mother Died Early

Well, Skylar Staten Randall's mother passed away when she was just twelve years old. Her mother was a severe drug addict, which later became the cause of her death.

In 2004, she passed away, leaving her family, friends, and close relatives behind. The main reason for her untimely death was a drug overdose. She was admitted to the hospital on December 6, 2003. However, she could not survive for a long time as she passed out just one month after being hospitalized. 

Bryan Randall's Relation With Sandra Bullock

Bryan Randall is now involved in a love relationship with Sandra Bullock, his long-term attractive girlfriend. She is an actor by profession. Since 2015, the pair have been together. At first, the lovebirds meet for the first time at Sandra's 5-year-old son's birthday celebration. She is also the mother of two adoptive children.

Bryan Randall With His Long Term Girlfriend
Bryan Randall With His Girlfriend 
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Their adoptive children's names are Louis Bardo Bullock and Laila Bullock. The pair are now enjoying their relationship. Furthermore, there is no evidence of the couple's separation or break-up. A professional photographer, Brian S. Gordon, is famous as the husband of American actress Meredith Eaton.

Skylar Sta's Father, Bryan Randall Drug Problem

Skylar has had a tumultuous connection with her father. The report says that Randall's father, Sandra Bullock's current partner is a former drug user arrested for being a deadbeat parent. Also, Skylar's father, Bryan, was arrested for unpaid child support when she was still a baby.

Randall's father, Bryan, went to treatment for drug addiction and left his daughter with her mother, even though his previous fiancee had a heroin addiction that cost her her life. He then admitted that when he and his late ex-wife conceived Skylar, he was high on LSD.


Skylar Staten Randall was born in the United States of America in the year 1993. She is an American citizen of white ethnicity. Her mother's name is Janine Staten. Bryan Randall is the name of her father. Her father is a professional photographer in the United States.

Skylar is the family's only child. It is not known if she has brothers, sisters, or cousins. Regarding her academic qualifications, Skylar appears to be a well-educated and qualified individual. She has completed her higher-level education at the local school near her hometown. To further her education, she went to university.




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