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Journalist (1982)
Thu Jan 05 2023
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Did you know that Sonia Azad left WFAA News 8? The internet is blowing up regarding her departure. And that must be the reason why you're here. Nonetheless, she is now a hot topic after recently leaving the WFAA. 

Azad is an American journalist who hails from Houston, Texas. She is known as one of the best reporters from Texas. So when she announced that she was leaving WFAA, it shocked her fans. 

Left WFAA In December 2022

Recently, Sonia Azad announced that she was leaving WFAA News 8. Though the announcement did not feel rushed and last minute, her fans were still surprised to learn that she was leaving. The WFAA Daybreak team also gave Azad a special farewell for her departure.  

Last month in December 2022, Azad announced it was her last week on WFAA through her social media. However, she stated that she would continue doing health and wellness content.

Moreover, Azad revealed through her social media that she is not leaving WFAA because of any issues. Since she always wanted to be a reporter, her life was planned. So, she just wants to move on to the next page of life and see what is planned for her by life. 

Net Worth: How Rich Is Azad?

Sonia was a beloved journalist based in Texas up until a few days ago. She has covered news topics ranging from politics to weather and international crime reporting. She is also one of the best reporters in the state. So let's take a look at her net worth.

The net worth of Sonia Azad is estimated to be over $1 million. She also worked for Walt Disney Television as its General Assignment Reporter for five years. And she earned her fortune through all her hard work as a journalist. 

Rumored Relationship With A Co-Worker

If you look back at Sonia Azad's career history, you'll also find that she was rumored to have been dating her co-host, Ron Corning. However, none of the involved parties confirmed or denied the dating rumors. 

Sonia and her co-host, Ron, used to have kind and warm interactions. Their sweet communication was taken in the form of love for their love interests. And thus, the rumors of their dating began. 

Sonia Azad with WFAA Daybreak team
Sonia Azad with WFAA Daybreak team. (Source: Facebook)

Also, one time, the beloved reporter, Sonia, tweeted saying that if no one congratulated Ron on Valentine's Day, she wanted him to remember that at least she loved him. This tweet was the last straw that made her fans go crazy. And even after this, she and Ron never revealed anything. 

Moreover, Sonia also announced that she went through an egg-freezing process. So, fans suspected that she was indeed in a relationship progressing towards marriage and pregnancy. However, they never responded to rumors, so the rumor eventually died down.

Career Highlights Before Working In WFAA

Before Azad moved to Dallas, she worked at KTRK-TV in Houston and spent six years. Along with that, she also worked for various TV stations in San Diego, Chicago, Waco, and College Station. She also did shootings and editing of her stories by herself sometimes.

Sonia Azad on her social media.
Sonia Azad looking through binoculars. (Source: Instagram @soniaazadtv)

Domestically, Sonia has covered reporting ranging from political campaigns to extreme weather. She also covered the youth and politics in the run-up to the 2008 Presidential Election for WAMU in Washington, D.C. She has also covered the mass theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Regarding the reporter's global assignments, Azad revealed that her most memorable reporting was on Iranians and Afghans seeking asylum in Paris. It also includes her reporting on the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster for Star Television out of New Delhi, India.

Physical Appearance

Though you may not have noticed this, Azad is not as tall as she looks because her height is just 5 feet (152 cm). Since she has a lean body build, she appears taller than she is. Moreover, she is reported to weigh around 45 kg.

Former WFAA News 8 reporter, Sonia Azad.
Former WFAA News 8 reporter Sonia Azad. (Source: BiographyTribune)

Azad is a beautiful woman with middle-length dark-colored hair. She has beautiful brown eyes with long beautiful lashes. Since she is a yoga instructor, she has a lean and petite but strong body.

Family Background

The Dallas-based reporter, Sonia Azad, was born in the United States on September 27, 1982. She is originally from Houston. According to sources, she also has Persian roots and is of mixed ethnicity. She grew up in a household of five.

Azad is the family's oldest daughter, with two younger siblings. Her family has all daughters. And her sisters are Sarah Nezamzadeh and Sophia Azad. While her sister Sarah is a comedian, her sister Sophia is a bodybuilder. 

When Azad was younger, she became interested in journalism after watching the goings-on o the Persian Gulf War. She revealed in an interview that after seeing the reporters on screen, she wanted to become one of them.

The Reporter Won An Emmy Award

If you are taking Azad as your average reporter, you couldn't be more wrong. She is an award-winning reporter with an Emmy Award for reporting. She received an Emmy Award for her special report madPassage to India" back in 2011.

Sonia Azad and her Emmy Award.
Sonia Azad with her Emmy Award. (Source: Instagram @soniaazadtv)

Moreover, Azad was also named one of the best reporters in Texas by the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters the following year, in 2012. Moreover, in 2017, Texas Medical Association awarded her for her work in the series Egg Freezing.

Educational Journey

After Sonia completed high school, she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Moreover, she got her degree from the University of Texas at Austin and became its graduate. 

Sonia also holds a Master of Science degree in Journalism. She graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She also has a Master of Legal Studies degree from Northwestern University law school.

Even after her graduation, Sonia wanted to continue learning and always wanted to grow. So she started taking various workshops and short online classes like Gong Master Training and Epidemiology 101 for Journalists through McGill University and Nutrition Science through Stanford University.

Sofia Enjoys Working For The Community

Apart from Sofia's reporting skills, she is also well-loved for her work in the community. She has dedicated much of her time to improving her community and its people.

Health reporter Sonia Azad.
Health reporter Sonia Azad. (Source: Instagram@soniaazadtv)

Sofia also serves on the Board of Directors for the Halo House Foundation. She is also associated with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Be The Difference Foundation, and The American Heart Association.

Marathon Runner And A Yoga Instructor

Along with being a journalist, Sonia Azad is also a health and wellness reporter. So, it's not surprising that she is also a certified yoga meditation instructor. In her WFAA reporters bio, she said she loves leading a healthy and active lifestyle. She said; 

I love leading a healthy lifestyle through eating well and exercising. Some of my favorite workouts include: HIIT style bootcamps, Pilates, barre & yoga. A sucker for all things outdoors, I believe that a beautiful hike in nature can remedy almost anything. I am also a marathon & half marathon finisher and a certified yoga and meditation instructor.

-Sonia Azad on her WFAA bio

And according to other sources, she has been practicing yoga for more than fifteen years now. She has tried multiple yoga disciplines in various countries like Nicaragua, Mexico, France, and The Netherlands.

Social Media Handles

Azad is available on Instagram under the username @soniaazadtv. She has over 15.6k followers on this platform, and all of her followers seem to love her dearly. 

Sonia Azad on her social media.
Sonia Azad on her social media. (Source: Facebook)

Similarly, Azad is active on Twitter as @SoniaAzadTv. where she has amassed also has 15.6k followers. She seems she has consistent followers since she has the same number on both social media platforms. 


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