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Entrepreneur (1949)

Who has not heard of the heartthrob Zac Efron? Considering that he is so prosperous and famed, there is buzzing interest in his family members, and his mother, Starla Baskett, is one of the people he always mentions.

Baskett was born in the United States on January 14, 1949. Starla holds American citizenship and is of Caucasian ethnicity. She is very active and involved in the lives of her children. And, by all accounts, Baskett is a doting mother.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Starla Baskett?

Starla Baskett is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. Similar to her, Chido Nwokocha has the same net worth. Some of the money was from her job and assets, while her son Zac has contributed financially to her care. 

Starla Baskett with son Zac Efron.
Starla Baskett with son Zac Efron. (Source: Instagram @zacefron)

Baskett has also earned from her entrepreneurial ventures and businesses. Baskett's famous son Zac is estimated to be worth about $25 million

On the other hand, Starla's younger child, Dylan, has a net worth of $5 million. Both of her children are involved in the entertainment circle.

Early Life Details Of Starla Baskett

Zac Efron mother, Starla Baskett, was born as the daughter of Robert Baskett and June Glidden Baskett. She has one known sibling, the late Marilyn Lux. Starla reportedly grew up Christian but later turned agnostic.

Starla Baskett and her famed son Zac Efron during Zac's early age.
Starla Baskett and her famed son Zac Efron during Zac's early age. (Source: Instagram)

Starla attended Avalon High School and graduated in the year 1967. Her further education is not public but sources suggest that she went to college before working at her job. 

There are rumors that Starla was the crush of General Hospital star Gregory Harrison as they went to the same high school.

About Starla and David Efron: Zac Efron's Parents' Relationship

Starla Baskett met her future husband, David Efron when they were both working in the Diablo Canyon Power Plant. Sparks flew and the pair later got hitched. 

The couple had a long happy relationship and raised two sons together. While David was Jewish, the pair chose to raise their kids as agnostic.

An old picture of Starla Baskett's son Zac Efron, Ex David Efron and younger child, Dylan Efron.
An old picture of Starla Baskett's son Zac Efron, Ex David Efron, and younger child, Dylan Efron. Source: Twitter @ZacEfron

During Starla and David's relationship, they raised their sons to be kind and respectful. Further, the family took regular road trips and encouraged their kids to take up sports and music. They were loving but strict parents and very present in their lives.

Sadly, Baskett and David divorced in 2016 after almost thirty years of marriage. The reason for their split is still behind the curtains but the legal papers cited "irreconcilable differences."  

What Is Starla Baskett's Ex-Husband Doing Now?

Well, David Efron has chosen to live a life away from the spotlight. But he has gone on to remarry a woman named Jenny. They have a daughter named Olivia Efron, who was born in 2019.

Pictures of David and his daughter Olivia are a regular feature on Zac Efron and Dylan Efron's socials. The sons have a great relationship with both their parents.

About The Famous Son of Starla Baskett: Zac Efron

Zac Efron was born on October 18, 1987, in San Luis Obispo, California, and grew up with his family in Arroyo Grande. If he had not chosen acting, he would have gone to college.

Zac Efron and his mother, Starla Baskett, recent picture.
Zac Efron and his mother, Starla Baskett, recent picture. Source: Instagram @zacefron

In addition to his acting career, Efron has also pursued music and has released several singles. He is considered to be one of the most successful actors of his generation and has a large fanbase.

Starla's famous son, Zac, once had a traumatic injury where he shattered his jaw in 2013. Just months before that, he had been a feature in the tabloids for drinking and partying, later admitting to battling addiction. 

Since Zac's jaw recovery was pretty intense and took a long time to heal, the star was once plagued with rumors of plastic surgery which in actuality have no merit.

Other Facts About Zac Efron

Starla Baskett is the mother of famous star Zac Efron and his younger brother, Dylan Efron. Her oldest kid, Zac Efron, became a fan favorite after he got his star role as Troy Bolton in Disney's High School Musical movies. 

Zac has continued to act in various film and television projects. Since then, he has showcased his versatility as an actor and established himself as a leading man in Hollywood. 

Some of his other notable films include 17 Again (2009), The Lucky One (2012), Neighbors (2014), and Baywatch (2017). Brandon Larracuente was also an actor on Baywatch and Zac's Co-star.

About Dylan Efron: Starla's Youngest Son

Starla's youngest child is the producer Dylan Efron who was born on February 6, 1992. He is a traveler and YouTuber who has a decent following on social media. He also does promotions for brands and works for his money.

Starla's son Dylan Efron with his pet Boey and paternal half-sister Olivia Efron.
Starla's son Dylan Efron with his pet Boey and paternal half-sister Olivia Efron. Source: Instagram @dylanefron

Further, Dylan is a dog lover, similar to the late Star Trek producer April Nocifora. His pet dog is Boey, who often hikes with him and has his own Instagram Page. 

Starla Baskett Career Highlights

Starla Baskett is an entrepreneur who previously worked as an administrative assistant at the Diablo Power Plant in California. She currently works at a relaxed pace and often spends her time going out with her children.

Starla has been a regular feature on her son Zac's red-carpet events and has met celebrities such as Hugh Jackman. She is a star mom who is present in her children's lives.

Social Media

Starla is not active on social media platforms. Sources suggest that she did have an active social media presence, but it stopped after her divorce.

A post from Zac Efron celebrating his mum, Starla Baskett on mother's day.
A post from Zac Efron celebrating his mum, Starla Baskett, on Mother's Day. Source: Instagram @zacefron

On the other hand, Zac Efron is very active on social media on various sites. On Instagram, he uses the handle @zacefron and has over 58 million followers. Zac's Twitter handle, @ZacEfron, is also pretty popular, with over 15 million followers. 

At last, Efron's Facebook page also has over 23 million followers.


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