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Wed May 03 2023
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Stelle Ciccone became known after being adopted by the legendary name in the music industry, Madonna. The pop singer is known for songs like Like A Virgin, Las Isla Bonita, Material Girl, and Hung up. She has an estimated net worth of a whopping $850 Million.

Stelle is the adopted child of the Material Girl singer but her biological parents' names are Adam Mwale and Patricia Mwale. She also has a twin sister named Estere Ciccone, and both live with Madonna today. 

Net Worth Of Stelle's Adopted Mother, Madonna

Stelle Ciccone may have been born into a low-income family, but her adopted mother, Madonna, is a rich woman having an estimated net worth of $850 Million. Her wealth can be mainly credited to her successful music career. 

Madonna is cutting the cake as Stelle Ciccone looks on.
Stelle Ciccone with her adoptive mother, Madonna (Source: Estere & Stella Instagram Page @cicconetwins)

The Material Girl singer has managed to sell a total of over 300 Million albums. Her biggest-selling album is THE IMMACULATE COLLECTION, which has sold over 30 Million albums. She also makes money through tours and concerts. The singer also owns companies like Maverick Records and MG Icon LLC.

Stelle's mother also made money by selling her Hidden Hills Mansion for $26 Million. She also owns many expensive cars like the Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover SVA, and Jaguar XJL, the most costly being Maybach 62S which cost $1.4 Million.

The Death Of Stelle Ciccone's Mother 

Stelle lives a lovely life with Madonna today, but that wasn't always the case. She was living in an orphanage following the death of her mother, Patricia Mwale. Patricia had died five days after doing a c-section surgery to give birth to her twin daughters.  

Ciccone's Father, Adam Mwale, put her and her twin sister, Estere, in the orphanage as he couldn't afford to feed them. He didn't make much as he worked as a farmer. It was also alleged that Adam had left the village to marry another woman after putting his kids in an orphanage. However, he denied that and said that he would meet his kids daily. 

Stelle Has A Twin Sister (Plus, Her Other Siblings)

Along with Stelle, her twin sister, Estere Ciccone, was also adopted by the Papa Don't Preach singer. But these two aren't the only kids adopted by Madonna. The singer has two other adopted kids named Mercy James and David Banda. Additionally, She has two biological children named Rocco Ritchie and Lourdes Leon

Stella and Estere Ciccone are wearing matching light blue colored outfits and a matching cap.
Stelle Ciccone with her twin sister, Estere Ciccone (Source: Estere & Stella Instagram Page @cicconetwins)

Lourdes is Stelle's oldest sister and the daughter of a fitness trainer, Carlos Leon. She was born on October 14, 1996, and like her mother, she is also trying to make a career in music. Madonna's other biological child Rocco was born on August 11, 2000. He is the son of Guy Ritchie.

David was the first child that the Frozen On Fire singer adopted. He is originally from Malawi like the Ciccone twins and was born on September 24, 2005. Stelle's mother had traveled to Malawi in 2006, where she met a one-year-old, David. Mercy is also from Malawi and was born on January 22, 2006. He was adopted on June 12, 2009.

Early Life (Before Adoption)

Stelle Ciccone was born into a low-income family, meaning her early life wasn't easy. Living in an orphanage is something no kid should go through, but she and her sister, Estere, did. Fortunately, her life changed after singer Madonna adopted her early in life.

Stelle's father, Adam, had revealed that when he was forced to put up his kids in the orphanage, he would still go and meet them every day. He used to travel for two hours on his cycle to see his daughters.

Adam would also bring his daughter gifts and dresses. He has revealed that his daughters would love to play with him whenever he comes. Stelle and Estere would also go with their father to their village now and then as they spent time with their brothers and sisters.

Stelle's Biological Father And Madonna's Fight

Stelle's father, Adam Mwale, made news when he revealed to the media the situation of his twin sister's adoption. He said he was not aware that the Like A Prayer singer was planning to adopt his daughters.

Adam Mwale is wearing a black jacket and a red adidas shirt.
Stella Ciccone's father, Adam Mwale (Source: Buzz Nigeria)

When Madonna approached Adam to talk about taking her daughters with her, he alleged that he was only told that the singer would be taking care of his daughters and not adopt them like her kids. DailyMail has reported that he was told that his daughters would return to live with her after finishing their US education.

Adam also defended himself, saying that many things said about him were all lies. For instance, the allegation that he ditched Stelle and Estere to go and marry another woman was told by Stelle's father to be a lie. Although, he did marry another woman two years after Patricia's death.

How Is Madonna Raising Stelle Ciccone?

Madonna can afford to give Stelle a good life and can afford all of her needs. But, the kids also need mothers' love, which is where the Hung Up singer says she struggles. She has revealed that she finds difficulty in becoming a mother.

Stelle's adoptive mother said that raising kids is no walk in the park, and it is something she has a hard time doing. She also said that being a mother can be tiring as it is a lot of work. The singer also talked about her kids, Lola and Rocco, and their love for music and painting came from her exposing them to art and not by inducing them to do it.

Who Is Stelle's, Mother Madonna?

Madonna is one of the most iconic names in American music. Also regarded as the "Queen of Pop," she has won the prestigious Grammy Awards seven times. Some of her famous songs are Into the Groove, Live to Tell, Like a Prayer, Like a Virgin, and Music.

Besides songs, the singer makes it into the news now and then for many wrong reasons. She has been involved in many controversies, like her 1984 VMAs performance, ranting on David Letterman's show, kissing Drake while performing at Coachella, and much more.

Madonna's Controversy Involving Stelle's Siblings

Back That Up To The Beat singer Madonna found herself in a controversy involving her two adopted kids, Mercy James, and David Banda. She posted a picture of herself taking a massage from Stelle's siblings, which didn't go well with many people.

The picture showed Madonna lying down as Mercy and David were giving her a foot massage, and the caption said they provide the best foot rubs. While some people took an issue with her two kids being put to work, others felt it was racist. BET, in their article, mentioned people accusing her of putting African kids to work didn't sit right.

And some even questioned her decision to adopt kids. These people claimed that the reason behind her adopting kids was to turn them into enslaved people for herself. It wasn't all negative, as some people saw it as nothing more than a sweet mother-kids bonding picture.



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