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Journalist, author (1966)
Tue May 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Suzanne Malveaux

Relationship Type
Relationship Type : Karine Jean-Pierre
Karine Jean-Pierre is the partner of Suzanne Malveaux.

Suzanne Maria Malveaux is a well-known figure in the world of journalism. She is an American television journalist who works as co-anchored in the Around The World and is also serving in editions of CNN Newsroom. From 2002, she joined CNN with full potential and is currently based in Washington D.C. 

As a White House correspondent, Malveaux has interviewed several presidents including George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton as well as former lady Laura Bush. For her presidential trips, she has done coverage to Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Currently Dating Her Partner, Karine Jean-Pierre

The beautiful journalist, Suzanne has announced her sexuality gay openly. So, people often wonder regarding her relationship and affairs. Currently, she is dating her longtime partner, Karine Jean-Pierre. Karine is also a popular name in the world of journalism like her. She is an American political commentator, activist, and author like Candace Owens. From 2021, she is serving as White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary. 

Suzanne Malveaux With Her Partner, Karine Jean-Pierre
Source: The US Sun

Back in the 2020, United States presidential campaign, she served as the chief of staff for vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris. The beautiful are now together for more than five years and share incredible bonding. On several occasions, they walk in the aisle by holding their hands. They have wonderful chemistry which is loved by their well-wishers.

Suzanne Maria Malveaux and Her Partner Adopted a Baby Girl

The beautiful pair are bound in love for several years. During this long journey of love, they are also parents of one beautiful baby girl. Back on 3rd June 2014, The Situation Room host, Wolf Blitzer announced that the couple is adopting a baby girl. 

Suzanne Maria Malveaux's Baby Picture
Suzanne Maria Malveaux's Baby Picture
Source: Twitter@_JeanPierre

The pair are often seen uploading cute pictures of their baby girl on their respective social media accounts. Despite being a busy parents they are taking good care of their child in every possible manner. Furthermore, the family of four are living a quality lifestyle in their Washington D.C. house.

How Rich is Suzanne Maria Malveaux? Know About Her Net Worth and Salary

The experienced journalist, Suzanne is one of the decorated personalities. She has been part of this media world for the past three decades. With so much dedication and hard work, she has achieved both name and fame. She holds a net worth of $1.5 Million which she earned through her incredible career as a journalist. 

Suzanne Maria Malveaux At CNN
Suzanne Maria Malveaux At CNN
Source: CNN

As estimated, she grabs an annual salary of over $100,000. On the other hand, her partner, Karine is also a successful personality. She holds a net worth of $2 Million. Furthermore, the power couple is living in their Washington D.C. home alongside their daughter.


Suzanne was born on 4th December 1966 in Lansing, Michigan, United States. Her father, Floyd Joseph Malveaux was a doctor and was also dean of Howard University. Her mother, Myrna Maria Ruiz on the other hand was a retired schoolteacher.  

She grew up with her three siblings including Gregory F. Malveaux, Courtney M. Malveaux, and identical twin Suzette M. Malveaux.  Furthermore, she graduated from Columbia University back in 1991.

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