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Fri Oct 04 2019
By   Bibek

Sydney Brooke Simpson is significantly famous as the daughter of NFL legend O.J. Simpson. The famous 1994 case of O.J. when he was put in the trial for murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson has become the plot for many movies and shows.

Being a celebrity kid, the spotlight is always upon you and Sydney is no exception. Despite all the limelight, Sydney keeps her personal life very private, mostly when it comes to her relationship status. To know more about the topic, read along.

Is she Married?

Brooke Simpson's concern to keep her personal life a secret is justified as she's seen the ups and downs in her parents' marriage. And Sydney also knows the fact that the media constantly tries to spread rumors if they have some personal information about someone.

As per reports from online sources, Sydney is not married but she is definitely having an affair with a guy named Robert Blackmon. Simpson has kept any information regarding her boyfriend under wraps so no evidence is discovered as to when the couple started dating.

Sydney Brooke Simpson with her boyfriend Robert Blackmon
Image: Sydney Brooke Simpson (right) with her boyfriend Robert Blackmon (left)
Source: Dailymail

But with a little bit of digging, we know that Robert has a criminal record of his own. Sydney escaped her childhood from the murder crime but ended up with a criminal, it looks like destiny played a full circle on her. 

Robert slammed his Cadillac into a ditch and disappeared from the crime scene which got him arrested later in 2009. Even though it is not a hideous crime, he does have a criminal record.

Her Family Relations...

Born on October 17, 1985, Sydney grew up alongside her brother Justin Ryan Simpson. Her father O.J. Simpson is a legendary NFL player because of that the family is constantly in the spotlight.

Sydney Brooke Simpson, Justin Ryan Simpson, O.J. Simpson, and Nicole Brown Simpson
Picture: O.J. Simpson (left) with his wife Nicole Brown Simpson (right) and children Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Ryan Simpson.
Source: E!Online

Sydney was very young when her mother Nicole was murdered. The event shook the family and the nation as well. During the hard times, Sydney and her brother stayed strong but the sibling would rarely want to look back to the tragic time.

Besides Justin and Sydney, O.J. and Nicole welcomed three more children. Sydney is the eldest sister to Aaren Simpson, Arnelle Simpson, and Jason Simpson

Growing Up...and Current Status

Even though Sydney and her brother rarely had the parents love while growing up, the sibling did have a peaceful environment to work for their future. Both of them got a peaceful childhood in the presence of Nicole's family.

Sydney Brooke Simpson with her father
Frame: Sydney Brooke Simpson (left) with her father O.J. Simpson (right)
Source: E!Online

Sydney in the presence of her mother's family completed her education from Boston University with a degree in Sociology. Brooke Simpson is currently busy with her business called Simspy LLC. She also has an investment in real estate and as of now, Simpson owns three properties to her name.

Not just that, her lover is free from all charges and even running to head the city council seat in St. Petersburg.

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