The Relationships of Dwayne Johnson Parents! Dana Martin, Ata Johnson, And Una Johnson!

Mon Aug 21 2023
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Dwyane Johnson, also popularly known as the Rock, has been enjoying his married life now. As successful as his professional life, Rock also has an unwavering marital relationship.

When it comes to relationships, Dwayne's parents also have an interesting story to tell. Their romantic life was full of thrills and complicated just like a Hollywood blockbuster, packed with twists and turns.

Dwyane Johnson's Parents Dated Secretly

It was not until the birth of Dwyane Johnson, the public knew of his parent's dating. Rocky Johnson who was a  former WWE star met his wife Ata Fitisemanu Miavia in the ring. Clearly, the couple are no strangers to the ring as Ata's mother, Lia was a wrestling promoter.

Dwayne Johnson's  Parents met in the ring.
Dwayne Johnson's  Parents met in the ring. Source: Pinterest

Lia's second husband and Ata's adoptive father, Peter Maivia, was also a prominent wrestler. So, Dwyane Johnson's parents crossed paths when Rocky and Peter were partnered up.

From the first moment, Dwyane's parents knew they were made for each other. Ata's parents sensed that sizzling chemistry was slowly blooming between them so, Lia and Peter told her not to date Rocky. 

But love prevails, and Maivia and Johnson date sneakily despite her parent's warning. However, Rock's grandparents eventually found out about their secret affair.

Dwyane Johnson Is 'The Glue' To His Parent's Relationship

Rocky Johnson and Ata Fitisemanu Maivia's relationship is no less than that of a movie. As aforementioned, the sneaky romance between Dwyane's parents was caught by Ata's parents. It did not turn good for the couple, not to mention Lia and Peter being furious and forbidding them from seeing each other.

Dwayne Johnson was born on May 2,1972.
Dwayne Johnson was born on May 2, 1972. Source: Pinterest

Dwyane Johnson wrote:

"My grandparents were FURIOUS and forbid my parents from seeing each other,"

The sad and heartbroken couple came up with a trick that would help them stay together. Well, Ata thought of being pregnant and that their newborn child would be the Glue to her relationship. And just like Maivaia expected Dwyane Johnson was the key that made his parent's relationship successful.

Did You Know Rocky Johnson Was Still Married To Una Sparks When Dwyane Johnson Was Born?

Dwyane Johnson's parents had a complicated relationship. While Rocky was sharing lovey-dovey moments with Ata Maiviam, turns out he was still married to his first wife.

Rocky Johnson's first wife Una Sparks.
Rocky Johnson's first wife Una Sparks. Source: Pinterest

Una Sparks and Rocky Johnson ended their 12 years long relationship with a divorce in 1978. In an autobiography, Dwyane's father wrote that in order to support his two families, Rocky started to live a frugal lifestyle on the road.

The former WWE star only ate a beer and cheese and bologna sometimes. Did Ata and Una know of Rocky having two families at the same time? Well, Johnson never mentioned it, but it was such a scandal, they might have known of it.

Rocky Johnson's Married Life With Una Sparks

Una Sparks is the first wife of the former WWE Rocky Johnson. The former couple first locked eyes when Rocky was training to become a boxer. She is a native of Cherry Brook, Nova Scotia. The two shared children named Curtis and Wanda, whom Rocky thanked in the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Dwyane Johnson with his  parents.
Dwyane Johnson with his  parents. Source: Pinterest

Sparks and Johnson exchanged wedding vows in 1966 hoping to be together forever. But life does not go as planned, the former pair divorced in 1978.

Was it Rocky's infidelity that lead to their separation? Dwyane's father has not talked about this matter. But, he did mention that Sparks had given him an ultimatum for leaving the wrestling or they have to split.

Rocky chose to continue his wrestling life which may be the cause of the divorce between Una and him in Texas. The same year on December 21, 1978, Johnson married Ata in Florida and they remained husband and wife until 2003.

Rocky Johnson Married Dana Martin in 2004

It is unclear why Dwyane Johnson's parents split in 2003. The once-thought-inseparable couple parted ways. While Ata remained single and did not marry, Rocky tied the knot for the third time in 2004.

Yes, after ending things with a former life partner, Johnson tied the knot with Dana Martin. Martin who was born in 1965 is 21 younger than Johnson. But age is just a number in love, right?

Johnson did not spill a single bean regarding his married life with Martin. Nevertheless, it was reported that Rocky and Dana were not together at the time of his death. The former WWE star is said to be with Sheila.



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