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Instagram Star (2002)
Mon May 30 2022
By   sabin

Timmy Thick is an American social media personality widely known for his unique selfies and poses on Instagram. He is also one of the most criticized stars on Instagram.

The young internet sensation was born on 21st August 2002 in the United States of America, where another Instagram star Hunter Geurink was also born. Born to his American parents, he is of White ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Love And Affairs

The young star's life has been pretty messy since his early days. Due to his unusual body curve, Thick used to be bullied by his friends at schools.

Early days of Timmy
Image: Early days of Timmy
Source: YouTube

Timmy is just a seventeen years old kid and is reportedly single. He has not mentioned his partner or past love affairs date.

Timmy's Rumors About His Gender

The young boy is covered up with controversies regarding his sexuality. Thick has mentioned several times that he likes to be recognized as a boy instead of as a girl. 

As he gets surrounded by rumors, he does not reply to them, but thick once said ''part of growing up is when one gets physically, mentally and emotionally content, and also tweeted,

''You will damage yourself  trying to get everyone to like you. Just be you.''

However, the young boy has not said anything that indicates his different sexuality.

Gained Popularity Via Instagram

In 2016, Timmy Thick made his first Instagram account and began posting selfies, which became viral in no time.

With a massive number of followers, the number of his critics was also increasing. The critics said that Timmy's pictures are disturbing and can be a negative impact on other kids. 

Timmy's victory pose
Photo: Timmy in a black hoddie showing off his nails
Source: superstar

However, the young star also has some famous fans like American rapper Ugly God and Danielle Bregoli. After he became pretty renowned on Instagram, Timmy created a YouTube account with his name, which has more than 20 thousand subscribers.

Timmy's Social Media Handle Blocked Many Times

Timmy Thick has two accounts; his primary Instagram account has more than 300,000 followers. That account would've reached million before it was shut down various times.

He had many critics who thought Timmy's posts would be disturbing and can harm their kids and relatives spiritually. Timmy, however, always created another account soon after his account gets banned and keep posting his photos.

Net Worth

Timmy Thick makes decent money online as he has a massive number of fan followers on Instagram. He would have more than millions of followers if his account wasn't blocked by the Instagram officials.

As per some sources, Timmy makes revenue more than $15,000 just through his posts on Instagram. Timmy's total net worth is estimated to be more than $50,000 as of 2019, which is less than another Instagram star Mallory Edens with an absolute wealth of $800,000


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