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Actress, Producer (1962)
Tue Nov 28 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Tracy Kristofferson

Husband : Richard Tyson
Tracy Kristofferson Married To Richard Tyson and divorce on 2017.

Tracy Kristofferson may come to fame as an actress and producer known for Night of the Cyclone, A Pace to Grow, and Trouble in Mind. From an early age, Tracy has gathered a large amount of media attention due to his father, Kris Kristofferson's fame and name.

For much of her life, Tracy has lived it at the forefront of the spotlight. However, Kris's daughter also led much of her adult life away from the camera. So, let's know more about Tracy's life and her affairs and relationship.

Short Bio on the celebrity kid: Tracy Kristofferson!

Actress, Tracy Kristofferson was born in Parker County, Texas, USA on 9th January 1962. Kristofferson later grew up and raised in Palo Alto and graduated from Stanford University. 

Tracy Kristofferson and her father
Tracy Kristofferson and her father. Source: Instagram

Due to her early interest in the entertainment field, Tracy has now followed in the footsteps of her father and is achieving and living her dream in the industry.

Kristofferson has seven siblings including step-siblings. Out of them, Blake Cameron Kristofferson is the youngest one. Speaking of age, Tracy crossed her 61st birthday on 9th January 2023.

Is Tracy Kristofferson dating anyone Currently?

Tracy Kristofferson, currently in her sixties, hasn't been involved in any sort of dating game as of now. But previously she has been in many relationships which are equally highlighted as her career.

Tracy Kristofferson and her ex-husband, Tyson. Source: Pinterest

So, it has been confirmed that currently, she is enjoying life as a single woman. Maybe lots of drama and all in the past due to relationships has led her not to be in any relationship and affairs. 

However, she is currently busy working on her upcoming projects. Further, she is seen spending time hanging out with her mates and family in her free time. Which she frequently uploads to her social sites account.

Was Tracy Kristofferson Married?

Tracy Kristofferson was previously married to Richard Tyson. Richard is an American actor who was born in Mobile, Alabama. He has multiple hits in Hollywood. 

Image: Tracy Kristofferson and her ex-husband, Richard Tyson attending the party. 
Source: Getty Images

Some of his starred movies and TV series are Bound to Vengeance, The Perfect Weapon, Boonville Redemption, Hardball, The Closer, and many more. His brother was the Democratic Party nominee for the Attorney General of Alabama. 

Tracy and Richard are known to be long-time lovers before accepting one another as their husband and wife. However, there are no exact dates of their marriage and relationship, due to their nature of privacy. 

Tracy Kristofferson shares one child with her ex-husband

The pair enjoyed their marital life for over one decade. During their marital duration, the pair are blessed with one beautiful child, Maggie Lee Tyson. Whose date of birth hasn't been yet disclosed. 

Image: Tracy Kristofferson with her daughter, Maggie Lee Tyson, and late Stephen Bruton. Source: Getty Images

Despite their marriage leading them to share one child they are as of now living a separate lifestyle. They announced their split in 2016 and later in 2017 they got officially separated. Neither of the parties has spoken regarding their reason for separation. 

However, both of them are still supporting their children. On one hand, Tracy is taking child custody while Richard is supporting both of them financially. 

The net worth of Tracy Kristofferson

Tracy Kristofferson's net worth in 2020 was over $1 Million. However, it hasn't been officially confirmed yet. But being one of the known personalities in the industry and having a great background her fortune indeed falls in the same range.

Tracy Kristofferson with her father, Kris Kristofferseon
Image: Kris Kristofferson with his current wife, Lisa Meyers, and eldest daughter, Tracy Kristofferson. Source: Getty Images

Currently, she is earning over $80,000 annually by being involved in various projects and films. Likewise, the actor in his late 80s, Kris Kristofferson, commands an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Tracy Kristofferson's Ex-Husband's fortune is $3 Million 

Richard Tyson, Tracy Kristofferson's ex-spouse, has a net worth of $3 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth. He is still highly active in the entertainment industry with having 4-5 projects still in his hands. 

Tyson starred movie The Babe has gathered $19.9 Million worldwide under a budget of $12 Million. He even has many TV series and other projects in an important role. From which he surely gathered a good amount of paycheck. His annual numeration is over $500,000.

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