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Car Show Model, Reality TV Personality (1988)
Thu Jun 02 2022
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With some Perseverance and hard work, Twiggy Tallant has established herself successfully in the so-called man's field of work. Vegas Rat Rods, the show you might've heard or watched the TV show where guys work on cars. Tallant is another reality star after Adam Gazzola from Canada who loves cars and builds a career around it.

Amid all the guys, the Canadian Star broke the myths and is now working as a full member of the garage. Born on August 27, 1988, as per her Instagram, Tallant grew up with her sibling Brianne Foulkes in Canada. Since the appearance of the show, she is the fan-favorite of the viewers. So, if you're looking to know more about her personal life, then read along.

Where is Twiggy Tallant Now?

Since the premiere of the episode on April 17, 2014, Tallant is part of the show Vegas Rat Rods. She is the only woman in the show. Her interest in the cars grew gradually after doing a couple of modeling shows for a car show in Canada.

Twiggy Tallant in the show Vegas Rat Rods
Image: Twiggy from the show Vegas Rat Rods. 
Source: TV Overmind

Despite not having good knowledge about cars, Tallant had a passion for learning more about them. Eventually, Twiggy took the opportunity and worked in the show for two seasons. Tallant disappeared after the end of season 2 and now is looking to serve girls in her hometown.

According to reports, the Canadian TV Personality is planning to start an initiative called Hair Up, Hustle Hard. The program is for girls and women in the community who are looking to start their career in the trading business. In addition to that, she is also completing her education from George Brown College as per sources.

Tallant Came out of the Closet!

Twiggy is the complete package of beauty with brain. During her career in Television, many of her fans wanted to know more about her relationship status. The Canadian star is now open about her dating life.

Twiggy with her girlfriend in the pride parade.
Picture: Twiggy (right) and her girlfriend (left) in a photo collage. 
Source: Instagram @thenerdystripper

According to her social media, The Nerdy Stripper, Tallant is gay. In 2016, she attended the Pride Parade with her mother, but at the time, she did not confirm her sexuality. According to her mother Paula Tallant, she knew about her daughter being a lesbian before Tallant came out of the closet.

In 2017, Twiggy disclosed her romantic affair with her close friend, whose identity is not fully revealed yet. They are dating each other for some time now, and as of now, there are no rumors regarding her dating life.

Twiggy Tallant's Net Worth

The Vegas Rat Rods star is worth millions of dollars. Her precise net worth is not disclosed yet, but scrolling at her social media, we can see her enjoying a decent lifestyle. Tallant lives in Toronto, Canada, where the living expenses are at $32, 885.

The 30-years-old model might be earning more than that to sustain a comfortable lifestyle for her and her family. According to Glassdoor, an average income for car show models is at $1,500 per day, depending on location and events. 

Twiggy Tallant modeling for the car show in Canada
Frame: Twiggy at the car show modeling for a new car. 
Source: Instagram @thenerdystripper

Tallant is doing this for a long time now. With top car companies coming into town, she might be making good money. Scrolling through her Instagram, we found out that she often travels and that too, in an exotic destination. 

Twiggy featured in the show Vegas Rat Rods which deals in car manufacturing and customization. From the show, she might've received a handsome sum of around $20,000 per episode on average. As Tallant is in the car manufacturing business, her net worth might be comparable to another builder Ian Roussel.


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