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Makeup Artist (1973)
Fri Feb 10 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Vera Steimberg

Ex-husband : Daniel Moder
Vera Steimberg married Daniel Moder in 1997 and divorced in 2002.

Vera Steimberg is a famous Hollywood make-up artist, having worked for top actresses like Zoe Saldana. She has established herself as one of the most prominent make-up artists in the Industry.

Vera is also popularly known for once being married to cinematographer Daniel Moder. The Argentinian make-up artist was born in 1973 in Buenos Aires.

The Scandalous Spilt Involving Julia Roberts

The relationship between Steimberg and her ex-husband Daniel Moder ended horribly. Their breakup was the talk of the town at the time, and even to this day, their split makes it into everyone's celebrity scandals list. It's because their separation involves Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts came into the picture of their relationship in 2000. They met in a movie set of Brad Pitt's The Mexican. It didn't take long for Julia to start developing affection toward him. She was also in a relationship at the time with Benjamin Bratt.

Daniel started liking her shortly after, and he eventually divorced his wife in 2002. The relationship between Julia and Daniel became an even bigger talk as both of them wed in the same year. They tied the knot in July 2002 in New Mexico.

With all the speculations, Julia denied that she wasn't the reason the two broke up. She said that he sorted his relationship while she sorted hers before they decided to take their relationship to the next level. She said:

He sorted his whole thing out, separate and apart from me, and I sorted my life out, separate and apart from him. I think that’s the only reason we were able to ultimately fall in love with each other and be together.

Her Stance on Diversity & Inclusion

The issue of diversity and Inclusion has been a hot topic for a while. Steimberg has made it very clear her stance regarding it. She approves of this idea and believes it is the standard that should be set in movies.

Oscars Academy a while back implemented the change in their association. They invited new members to join them; fortunately, Steimberg was one of them.

Vanity asked her about the new set of practices, to which she said:

The perpetual exclusion of underrepresented groups is an indignation that deserves this type of attention. Our voices have not fallen upon deafened ears, and it’s been a long time coming. I’m excited to see them turn a new leaf and look forward to the positive impact this will have.

Previously Married To Daniel Moder

Vera Steimberg used to be a married woman. She was previously married to Daniel Moder. The couple got married in 1997. They ended things between them in 2002 as the couple divorced.

He is at an event smiling for the camera.
Vera Steimberg's ex-husband Daniel Moder (Source: The Sun)

Her ex-husband, Daniel Moder is a cinematographer who has worked in movies like Deja Vu, Crimson Tide, and Spider-Man 3. He is one of the biggest cinematographers in the film industry, and many people also knew Steimberg for her husband.

A Mother Of One

Vera Steimberg maybe not seeing anyone right now. But it doesn't mean she isn't occupied with other stuff. After her work, she has a baby boy. She is a mother to Lucas.

Steimberg has kept her baby away from the limelight. She most likely wants her son to live an everyday life; thus, no information is available about him. Some believe the son was born in 2004, but it's speculation.

Supporting the 2021 IATSE Strike

The make-up artist has been vocal about the famous IATSE strike in 2021. The strike was about all the workers from the world of movies and cinema who demanded better wages and a safe working environment. Hundreds and thousands protested and threatened to quit if their demands were unmet.

IATSE is one of the most prominent labor organizations in the world, employing over 150,000 employees from the entertainment sector who usually works behind the scenes. The protest began with employees demanding a new contract that guaranteed higher wages, no overtime, and no longer working in a hazardous environment.

A lot of celebrities came in support of the protest, including Steimberg. She posted regarding it on her Instagram. The post was captioned:

Time to get ready!! #isolidarity #iatse #enoughisenough @local_706 #gostrong #timeforachange

It is a screenshot of the tweet from IATSE regarding the strike.
Vera Steimberg showing her support for the IATSE strike by sharing this tweet(Source: Instagram @makeupbyvera7)

Campaigns For The Beach

Born and raised in Argentina, she grew up around the beaches. The artist has always had a special place in her heart for the beaches. That's why she is involved in making the beach free from plastics.

She is associated with Corona USA. It is a beer company that has been campaigning to save the beaches. She wrote in one of her posts on Instagram:

Growing up, the beach was always my home. Its beauty is meant to be experienced free of plastic and waste. That is why I’m proud to join @CoronaUSA. Love being part of this campaign! 

Made A Fortune With Her Make-up Skills

Vera Steimberg is one of the most sought-after make artists in Hollywood today. She has already been involved with some of the most significant projects, like Planet of the Apes and Avengers

No wonder the woman has managed to amass a fortune through her career, with her estimated net worth similar to Rebecca Stab at $1 million.

She is holding the makeup brush by her nose in this monochrome image.
Vera Steimberg posing with her brush (Source: Instagram @makeupbyvena7)

She worked as a make-up artist in the biggest blockbuster of all time, Avengers: End Game. Working with a company like Disney, it's no surprise why she is one of the most demanded make-up artists in movies.

An Award Winning Make-up Artist

Steimberg is a respected make-up artist in her field. Her make-up works have been highly acclaimed, and she has an award to prove it. She won the Guild Award in the Best Contemporary Makeup category for Coming 2 America

Besides the Guild, she has also landed a nomination for other awards like Chicago Indie Critics Award and LEJA Award.

Works For Zoe Saldana

Vera Steimberg is a makeup artist for Zoe Saldana. Saldana is a name that needs no introduction. She is one of the biggest stars today and has been part of some of the biggest movie franchises, such as Avengers, Avatar, and Star Trek

Steimberg has been working as a makeup artist for her for quite some time now. She made up everyone's favorite Guardians of the Galaxy's Gamora. Besides work, they also seem to be friends with each other. 

Zoe is sitting still while Vera and her assistant is doing painting on her.
Vera Steimberg doing Gamora makeup on Zoe Saldana (Source: Instagram @makeupbyvera7)

Her Instagram is filled with pics of Saldana that showcase her makeup work, be it make-up for movies, magazine shoots, or even award functions.

These two are often goofing around on the movie sets. They even do comedy skits together, which you can find on Steimberg's Instagram.

The Famous Make-up Artist Is On Instagram

The Coming 2 America make-up artist is present on Instagram. Social media can be an essential tool to promote yourself. And she has done precisely that.

Her Instagram handle is @makeupbyvera7. Make-up artists have always been under-appreciated by the mass. Unsurprisingly, she has very few followers compared to all the actresses she has done make-up for. The account is all about her work. She keeps her personal life away from it.


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