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Thu May 25 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Vincenzo Caracciolo

Wife : Enza Ciccione
Vincenzo Caracciolo exchange the weeding vows with Enza Ciccione.

Vincenzo Caracciolo is well known as the father of a famous Canadian singer and songwriter, Alessia Caracciolo, commonly known as Alessia Cara. Alessia captured the hearts of millions of people with her excellent singing talent. Besides this, Vincenzo was a welder by profession.

The father of the singer was born to Italian parents. He hasn't shared his actual birthday or who his parents are. His parents emigrated to Canada when he was small. Talking about his profession, he used to work as a welder. 

Who is Vincenzo Caracciolo's Wife?

Vincenzo Caracciolo is happily married to his wife, Enza Ciccione, an Italian hairdresser. The pair have been together for a long time. The date of the couple's first encounter has remained hidden.

 Vincenzo Caracciolo lives a healthy married life with his wife.
Vincenzo Caracciolo is with her wife, Enza Ciccione.

The pair exchanged marriage vows in June 1989 after sharing some years of romance and began their new journey in Brampton, acity in Ontario, Canada. They have been enjoying a happy, espoused life since their wedding.

The pair shares two sons, Dante Cara and Dario Cara (born in 2000 June 16), and two daughters: Danica Cara and Alessia Cara (born on 11 July 1996). By profession, Dante is the founder of Dario C Productions. When it comes to his children's love lives, Vincenzo is quite conservative.

Vincenzo Caracciolo's Daughter Alessia Cara's Love Life

Vincenzo Caracciolo's daughter Alessia is living a single life, just like American actor Jaren Lewison. Currently, she seems busy making her professional life even better than involving in any relationship with a guy.

Vincenzo Caracciolo's daughter, Alessia Cara's lives a single life.
Vincenzo Caracciolo's daughter, Alessia Cara's was born on July 11, 1996.

But earlier, Grammy Award winner was in love with Kevin Garrette, an American musician, for two years. The duo began dating in 2016 but sadly, in 2018, they separated without disclosing any reasons.

Like Meyers Leonard, the American singer is an animal lover who has a pet dog, Cleo. She also loves to trace different new places. On her Instagram feed, she frequently shares scenic photos.

Vincenzo Caracciolo's daughter, Alessia Cara's Net worth

Vincenzo Caracciolo has managed to keep the majority of the money he earned as a welder. On the other hand, her daughter, Alessia Cara, has a net worth of $850,000 which makes an equal fortune as Natalie Hee. She gathered all her fortune from her career as a singer and songwriter.

Cara made a lot of money with her cover songs and also got was a huge success. Her first solo song here which gained a lot of popularity аnd реорlе ѕtаrtеd соmраrіng hеr tо Аmу Wіnеhоuѕе. Soon after that, she appeared on her first TV series Тhе Тоnіght Ѕhоw Ѕtаrrіng Јіmmу Fаllоn.

Vincenzo Caracciolo's daughter, Alessia Cara has a net worth of $850,000.
Vincenzo Caracciolo's daughter, Alessia Cara's is a famous singer and songwriter.
Source: The Tufts daily

She also gained a lot of fame as well as wealth from hеr fіrѕt оffісіаl аlbum, Кnоw-Іt-Аll. The album was a big hit all over the world, and it was awarded Gоld Accreditation by the Rесоrding Industry Region of the United States. Besides these, she engaged in many other projects from which she paid good money.

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