Wanda Hutchins, Michael Strahan's ex-wife. Relationship Status

Tue Nov 26 2019
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Wanda Hutchins's marriage with Michael Strahan in the 90s is considered one of the high profile weddings. The pair exchanged wedding vows in a destination wedding in Europe where their loved ones joined them.

Their marriage, however, did not last long, and their divorce came as a shock for fans. After the split, Michael started seeing Jean Muggli. But what about Hutchins? Is she dating? Let's explore more about her relationship status.

Who is Wanda's Current Partner?

Hutchins, an interior designer, committed herself to raise her children with ethical values. After the divorce with Strahan, she got busy with her work. And as her children were also staying with her she couldn't probably take out time for herself.

Wanda Hutchins with her eldest daughter Tanita Strahan
Image: Wanda Hutchins (right) with her daughter Tanita Strahan (left). 
Source: Married Biography

Wanda went under the radar and only resurfaced to defend her former husband at his second divorce. From that instance to now, we know that Wanda is still single. She hasn't found Mr. right for her to settle down so far. 

According to one report, Wanda got into a relationship with a mysterious guy. The identity of the mystery man is a, but from that relationship, Hutchins became a mother to Dorian. Apart from that, Hutchins is not involved in any romantic relationships.  

Wanda and Michael Destination Wedding

The lovely pair walked down the aisle in 1992 in Germany. Their wedding ceremony was in Europe, which looked more like a romantic gateway. Only their close friends, relatives, and loved ones attended their big day.

Apart from these details, the duo has not revealed much about their auspicious day. After their romantic honeymoon, the pair returned to the states to live in their new house. The couple purchased a $163,000 home in Houston, where the duo with their two children lived.

They are Parents to Two Children

Michael and Wanda have successfully managed to raise their kids. Their eldest daughter, Tanita Strahan, now holds a job and is well settled in her life.

Wanda Hutchins three children Tanita, Michael Jr., and Dorian
Picture: (From left to right) Tanita Strahan, Dorian, and Michael Strahan Jr. 
Source: Instagram @tanitaa.st

Hutchins gave birth to the pairs' first child, Tanita, in 1992, just a year after their marriage. Before their divorce, the couple welcomed their second child, Michael Strahan Jr, in May 1995. The lovely couple ended up in divorce, and their children got involved in a custody battle after that.

Custody Battle

Strahan and Hutchins knocked on the court door for a verdict on their children living status. The judge at the court granted Michael with full custody. But because of Strahan's' absence from his children's' life, the kids started living with their mother.

According to Renate Hutchins, mother of Wanda, Michael remains absent from the kids' life. She further added,

"The children never got to know a father. He does not know what he's missing. They are really good kids. Michael misses his father. I see him taking pictures from his drawer, looking at them when he thinks nobody is watching".

Wanda, however, disapproved of her mother's statement and said, Strahan, is a perfect father. In an interview with People magazine, Michael shared his side of the story. As per him, the children were very close to his hearts. He wanted both of his kids to mix and blend with his other two kids from the second marriage. 

Michael Strahan's Children from second marriage
Frame: Michael Strahan's children Isabella and Sophia from his second marriage. 
Source: Instagram @michaelstrahan

From his second wedding with Jean, Strahan became a father to Isabella Strahan and Sophia Strahan. The couple, however, divorced in 2006 after seven years of marriage. Jean accused him of physically assaulting her and also said that Strahan is gay. 

Wanda rescued her Former Husband's Face

After the dramatic divorce with Jean, Michael's reputation in the press became worse. Hutchins then came forward, supporting her former hubby. She said that Jean is an evil woman and that Strahan is a very nice guy.

Not just that, Hutchins further said, "Jean wished that Michael's children from first marriage would die." Similarly, Strahan came out and admitted the bad behaviors of Jean. During that time, Wanda also opened up about her and Michael's divorce.

Michael Strahan with his second wife Jean Muggli
Image: Michael Strahan (left) and Jean Muggli (right). 
Source: HuffPost

Hutchins stated they were very young when they tied the knot. They were not ready for commitment and thus separated on mutual understandings. As of now, they are terrific friends and frequently take family vacations. 


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