Who is The Father of Alexis Green's Baby? Her Relationship Status

Mon Nov 04 2019
By   Bibek

BBC's weather girl, Alexis Green enjoys a successful professional and Personal life. The viewers are watching her on their television screen for a long time now and take a proper interest in her life outside the news network as well.

A perfect job, an ideal partner, and an adorable daughter, Alexis has it all. Scrolling through her Instagram, we can see a lot of pictures of her daughter and her partner, but there is still confusion among the viewers as to whether the popular weather girl is married or not. If you want to find out about that as well, the read along.

She is the Proud Mother

On September 16, 2018, Alexis posted a picture from her hospital bed, holding an adorable little angel Imogen, her daughter. Alongside the proud mother and daughter was Alexis's partner. 

Alexis Green with her new born baby daughter and her partner Johnnie Foster
Image: Alexis Green (right) with her partner Johnnie Foster (left) and her daughter Imogen (in the middle). 
Source: Instagram @alexis_uk

The couple looked very proud of their little child, which she expressed via her post. She wrote,

"Out little bundle of joy is here...10 days early! Meet Imogen...she's just finding her voice! John and I are besotted".

With the arrival of Imogen, Green and her partner's family is expanded from three to four. Alexis, John, Imogen, and their pet dog. Recently, Imogen celebrated her first birthday, and Green posted a picture of her daughter and her partner with a caption saying, 'trouble makers in my life.'

Who is Her Partner? 

Alexis is quite open about her relationship status. Scrolling through her Instagram account, we can easily find out about her partner. Green is in a romantic relationship with a guy named Johnnie Foster.

The BBC presenter has not disclosed the exact date of the start of her relationship. Going through her social media, we can see the first picture of her and Johnnie she posted was on June 11, 2015. So, we can assume June 2015 might be the year of the start of this beautiful romantic relationship. 

Johnnie Foster and Alexis Green with Imogen going cycling
Picture: Johnnie Foster (left) with his partner Alexis Green (right) and Imogen (on the back of the cycle). 
Source: Instagram @alexis_uk

The couple is enjoying each other's company very much, but they still have not walked down the aisle. Both of them do not have any wedding ring on their finger, which suggest that the pair is not married yet.

The duo looks very happy with each other and do not feel the need to talk about the wedding so soon. It looks like Green's fans have to wait a little longer to see their favorite weather girl in a beautiful wedding dress.

Her Athletic Life Beyond Journalism

Born in Winchester, UK, Green's career at BBC South can be compared to the likes of Bee Tucker. As of now, she is one of the favorite BBC journalists alongside Alina Jenkins, Lara Lewington, and Carol Kirkwood, to name a few.

Beyond her life as a journalist, Alexis likes to stay fit and healthy, because of which she participates in various sporting events. Even growing up, Green competed on many National level sports and is also part of many charity programs.

Alexis Green during her participation in Magnolia Cup
Frame: Alexis Green during Magnolia Cup. 
Source: alexis_uk

With her horse-riding skills, Green participated in the Magnolia Cup for the fifth time to raise funds for the charity. Such acts of her have garnered more and more respect for the journalist.

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