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TV personality, Entrepreneur, Producer (1982)
Tue Feb 07 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Yandy Smith

Husband : Mendeecees Harris
Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris married in 2015.

Yandy Smith, an American actress, has established herself not only as an actress but also as an entrepreneur and producer. She is also a T.V. personality best known for Love & Hip Hop: New York. She has been the focused character since the tenth season of the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Besides her acting and television career, she owns a fashion and beauty company and a restaurant with her husband. 

Furthermore, Yandy is also an executive producer of movies like Percy Vs. Goliath (2020), Ninte Days (2020), The Deadly Getaway (2022), and short films like Mixed GirlLive, and Two Days in Harlem. She also starred in two episodes of the 2018's T.V. series Illusions

Relationship: Married With Mendeecees Harris

Yandy Smith is a married woman who tied her knot with another T.V. personality and businessman Mendeecees Harris. After dating for a couple of years, the duo leveled up their relationship and exchanged vows to be together in every thick and thin on May 25, 2015

Yandy Smith and her husband Mendeecees Harris
Yandy Smith and her husband Mendeecees Harris (Image Source: sis2sis.com)

Yandy's husband, Mendeecees Harris, was going through an adamant time legally and financially, so Yandy didn't want to put him in the worst possible situation. Thus, the marriage was not done lawfully or officially but only with the acceptance of the two sides. 

It's been over ten years of their relationship and more than seven years of their marriage, yet their love bond strongly bounds the couple. They are enjoying their married life in Los Angeles, USA free of any personal conflicts and issues.

Yandy's Second Marriage With Her Husband

After Harris was free of legal and financial issues, the couple decided to renew their vows. They organized an extravagant marriage ceremony on May 24, 2020, at Baba Al Shams Desert Resort in Dubai, UAE. Over $100,000 worth of flowers and diamond drippings were used in the marriage. 

Yandy Smith and Mandeecees Harris's grand marriage at Baba Al Shams Desert Resort in Dubai, UAE
Yandy Smith and Mandeecees Harris's grand marriage at Baba Al Shams Desert Resort in Dubai, UAE (Image Source: interest)

Unlike most celebrities, Yandy feels free to open up her personal life to the media. So, the marriage was televised on VH-1's hit Monday episode. The costumes and jewelry were designed by the worldwide famous jewelry company, Swarovski AG. Yandy even claimed they planned to travel to Dubai for their honeymoon celebration. 

What Happened to Her Husband?

Mendeecees Harris is a former real estate developer, rapper, T.V. personality, and entertainment manager best known for the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. He has also played the role of Chief in 2021's drama, Crossover. Furthermore, he was born on October 26, 1978, in Harlem, NYC, New York, USA. 

Moreover, Harris has been through different legal custody and allegations, including rape and drug trafficking. He was accused of raping a fifteen years old girl but later proven to be innocent. After that, in 2015, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy in smuggling and distributing roughly 40kg of cocaine and 1 kg of heroin from New York City to Rochester from 2006 to 2008.

Yandy Smith's husband Mendeecees Harris on his way to court for pleading guilty to the case of drug trafficking  way(Image Source: democratandchronicle.com)

Harris was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment; however, he was released after four years in November 2020 because of his good deeds, like completing a substance abuse program and taking parental, health, and nutrition-related course. 

Net Worth: Yandy's Multimillionaire Lifestyle

Yandy Smith-Harris has been earning a great fortune for the last couple of years. Involving with reality shows like Love & Hip Hop from 2011 for over a decade, she has undoubtedly earned a tremendous amount of total. 

The recent estimated net worth of Yandy Smith is $15 million. Her primary sources of earnings are T.V. shows, business, social media branding & promotions, movie box-office, and many more.

Yandy Smith wearing a white furry cloth in front of her white Rolls Royce
Yandy Smith wearing a white furry cloth in front of her white Rolls Royce (Image Source: ru.pinterest.com)

Meaww.com says Yandy charges around $400 thousand for every season of Love & Hip Hop Edition, which makes her the highest-paid cast of the entire LAHH franchise. As mentioned earlier, she owns a restaurant, Ivory Restaurant and Lounge, in California, USA, and a beauty and skincare company, Yelle skin care. In the last couple of years, the total sales of Yelle are increased by 70%, which is the reason for the growth of Yandy's net worth.

With this whooping net worth of $15 million, she is living her life lavishly. She drives a black Rolls Royce, which was gifted by her husband Harris on her 39th birthday. 

Children: Has an Adopted Daughter

Yandy Smith has two biological children, and both are shared with her beloved husband, Mendeecees Harris. On July 16, 2012, Yandy and Harris welcomed their first child Omare harris. 

After three years of their first child, a couple of months before their marriage, they were blessed with their second child Skyler Smith Harris in 2015

Photo of Yandy Smith with her two biological children Omare and Skyler Smith and her adopted child Infinity Gilyard
Photo of Yandy Smith with her two biological children Omare and Skyler Smith and her adopted child Infinity Gilyard (Image Source: starcasm.com)

Besides her biological children, Yandy has an adopted daughter, Infinity Gilyard. She adopted Infinity in her early teen when Harris was serving in prison. Additionally, Yandy has two step-children, Mendeecees Jr. and Aasim Harris of Mendeecees, and his ex-girlfriend Samantha Wallace and Erika DeShazo, respectively. 

Yandy's Childhood & Early Life

Yandy Smith was born as Yandielle Unique Smith on March 19, 1982, in Harlem, NYC, New York, to her father, Ralph Smith, and mother, Laura Smith. She attended her mid-school and high school near her hometown Halmer. Later, she joined Howard University, Washington DC, for further education.  

Childhood picture of Yandy Smith
Yandy Smith during her childhood days (Image Source: Instagram @yandysmith)

After her university graduation, she interned at Violator, a multi-media entertainment company. After meeting him in a private jet, she left Violator and worked as a manager for Jim Jones, an American rapper and record executive. 

Co-Authored Two Children's Books

Apart from acting and business, the 5 feet 6 inches actress Yandy loves to be involved in extracurricular and recreational activities like Elizabeth Answers. She has written two children's books, My Blended Family and My Blended Family: Volume 2

Yandy Smith's book My Blended Family co-authored with Heddrick McBride and Latoya Bond
Yandy Smith's book My Blended Family co-authored with Heddrick McBride and Latoya Bond (Image Source: goodreads.com)

The books are targeted at young children of age 5-8 years. Her first book, My Blended Family, co-authored with Latoya Bond, was published on February 1, 2017. Nearly after three years, the sequel of the book My Blended Family: Volume 2 was officially published on January 4, 2020, and was co-authored with Hendrick McBride

Yandy: As An Instagram Influencer

The multi-talented T.V. personality is also a strong internet influencer, especially on Instagram. Being an influencer, she is pretty active across the internet. 

Yandy's Instagram handle @yandysmith has a healthy amount of more than 7.5 million followers and over nine thousand posts. Her I.G. bio consists of her official link tree site


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