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Thu May 25 2023
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Ysabel Jordan is one of the twin daughters of American basketball Legend Michael Jordan and his current wife, the model, Yvette Prieto. This little girl is the youngest princess in her family. 

Born to wealth, Ysabel is one of the many celebrity heiresses. Additionally, her father is a billionaire as well as the principal owner as well as chairman of the Charlotte Hornets.

Further, Ysabel's father has played in National Basketball Association (NBA) for 15 summers with the team Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. 

Ysabel Jordan and her identical twin sister, Victoria Jordan. Source: Facebook

Early Life

Ysabel Jordan was born on February 9, 2014, alongside her sister Victoria Jordan. Ysabel's father Michael Jordan is the legendary Basketball supremo whereas her mother is a beautiful Cuban model. 

The word "Ysabel" is derived from the Spanish word Isabella or Isabel which means "Gift of God"

Michael and Yvette Perito got engaged at Christmas in 2011. The couple welcomed their twin daughters seven months before their wedding ceremony. 

Ysabel Jordan's parents Michael Jordan and Yvette Perito During their wedding ceremony.
Ysabel Jordan's parents Michael Jordan and Yvette Perito During their wedding ceremony. Source: Daily Mail

Michael became the father for the fourth time after having three grown-up children Jeffrey Michael, Marcus James, and Jasmine, from his previous marriage to Juanita Vanoy. Michael Jordan has a total of five kids.

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Although the star kid is still very young to start her career, she is already making a headline after being born to a famous billionaire family.

Michael Jordan's Bio

Jordan rose to fame due to his sublime performance earning him the title 'king of basketball'. Moreover, he is globally recognized as The greatest basketball player in the History of Basketball.

Ysabel Jordan's father Michael Jordan in a 1988 match
Ysabel Jordan's father Michael Jordan in a 1988 match. Source: Instagram @michael_jordann_

Jordan started playing basketball, football, and baseball at a very young age. But, his interest in basketball increased way too drastically. His rookie career with the Bulls helped him secure a path in his prospect. The New York Times considered him as the "Phenomenal rookie of the Bulls" at the time.

Moreover, Jordan won a gold medal as a college player in the 1984 Summer Olympics. He further headed for the Olympic games and successfully earned the team two gold medals in 1992.

Know More About Ysabel's Father, Michael Jordan's Romantic Past

The star kid is way too young to grab the attention on her own. Further, Her cute smile cannot be compared even to a million dollars. For now, discussing her personal life will be an irrelevant topic. So, how about knowing her father's personal life instead?

Ysabel Jordan's father Michael Jordan with his ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy.
Ysabel Jordan's father Michael Jordan with his ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy. Source: Spock and Christine

Jordan previously married Juanita Vanoy in September 1989. They were together for a lapse of 17 years. They had three children along with the family was living a happy life till 2002 split away. 

The couple however reconciled before again filing for a divorce bringing an end to the marital relationship in December 2006.

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Michael first met his current wife Yevette in 2008 while he was in Miami. The couple dated for a period of five years finally tying the knot on April 27, 2013, in the Bethesda-By-The-Sea Church in Jupiter Florida. Husband Michael and wife Yvette have been strong not bringing out their private life to glam.

Ysabel Jordan's Net worth

This famous child, Ysabel Jordan has a huge amount of net worth gathered by her parents. Taking birth in such a richest family, she is probably being raised as a princess just like Jada Clare Barkley.

She is an obvious heiress and will grow up with the best schools and resources.

So, How Rich is Michael Jordan?

Her father Michael Jordan is one of the richest athletes and has a net worth of over $2 billion. The former NBA player used to earn a gross salary of over $90 million from his basketball career making him the highest-paid athlete of all time. 

Moreover, he stashed about $63 million from his final seasons with the Chicago Bulls back in 1998. His comebacks to the NBA have always been legendary.

Ysabel Jordan's father Michael Jordan celebrating an old victory. 
Ysabel Jordan's father Michael Jordan celebrating an old victory. Source: Instagram @michael_jordann_

Michael bought his team Charlotte Hornets for a price tag of over $175 million in 2010. The team is estimated to be over a billion dollars and he owns 90 percent of the club. Jordan has a brand under his name that he sold to the shoemaking giant Nike.

Jordan is one of the richest sports personalities and one of the few sportsmen to be a billionaire. The Nike partnership pays him a yearly revenue of about $200 million

Besides, he also owns a private jet with his own custom build features, probably worth millions. Further, he also has a collection of various expensive cars. 

Thus, Ysabel Jordan has access to a lot of wealth and maintains a prosperous manner of living.

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