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Wed Jan 11 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Zoe Terakes

Relationship Type
Relationship Type : Gemma “the rock” Hassall
Zoe Terakes is in a relationship with Gemma “the rock” Hassall.

Zoe Terakes is an Australian actor who is widely famous as Reb Keane in the 2020 television series, Wentworth. He has acted in twelve episodes of this series. 

Furthermore, Terakes is also a social media influencer who is admired for their contribution to motivating and promoting the LGBTQ community. Nine Perfect Strangers actor is recognized not only for their profession but also for enormous other things.

To explore more about the personal and professional identities of this multi-talented actor, keep scrolling down.

Birth Details

Her Own Music actor was born on 22nd March 2000 in Sydney, New South Wales. Terakes was born normal and healthy and was raised by his parents. 

Nonetheless, Terakes's height and weight at the time of birth have not been revealed yet. 

Family Details

Terakes has always remained silent whenever it comes to family details. They have not revealed the names and personal information of their parents.

Similarly, it is still vague if Terakes is the only child of their parents or has any siblings.

Net Worth 

Zoe Terakes has a total net worth of $200 thousand which he has earned from his acting career. Moreover, his sources of passive income include social media platforms, shares in stock markets, and some brand endorsements.

Therefore, Terakes is living a lavish life in his house in Sydney, Australia. 

Professional Life

Terakes was engaged in the field of acting since the age of seventeen. He performed in a play, A View from the Bridge, during the final year of their high school. Then onwards, Zoe continued giving their best to the entertainment industry.

Zoe Terakes in a white shirt and grey long outer.
Photo of Zoe Terakes (Source: Instagram@zoeterakes)

In 2017, he got their first on-screen role in the TV series, Janet King. Terakes portrayed Pearl Perati in seven of the episodes.

Zoe In Wentworth

Wentworth is a 2020 television series that is rated 8.6 out of 10. This series was created by Reg Watson and Lara Radulovich. Moreover, this series is based on the story of the series Prisoner.

Terakes has portrayed Reb Keane in this TV series. Wentworth is thriller crime series mixed with drama. 

Physical Appearance

Zoe Terakes is blessed with a heart-shaped face type that is perfectly adorned with dark-brown eyes and shiny black hair.

Additionally, he stands at an average height of 5 ft and 5 inches (165.1 cm) and has a weight of 60 kgs (132.3 lbs).

Movies & TV Series

Zoe Terakes has acted in many big-screen movies, TV series, short films, and TV mini-series. 

Regardless of the type of film, Terakes has always given the best and has immersed fully into the fictional character. Some of the movies and TV series are presented in the table below:

S.N.Movies & TV SeriesRolesReleased Years
1.Nine Perfect StrangersGlory2021
2.Bondi SlayerKristy2020
3.The EndScarlett2020
4.Janet KingPearl Perati2017
5.The CraftPriscilla2018

Hobbies & Interests

Bondi Slayer actor is very social and loves to enjoy life to the fullest. They love recreational activities like surfing, swimming, and boating. Apart from that, they are also fond of strumming guitar, karaoke, photoshoots, skateboarding, and outings.

Zoe Terakes in a grey t-shirt and black shorts holding a new surf board.
Photo of Zoe Terakes with a surfing board(Source: Instagram@zoeterakes)

Terakes has shared lots of snaps and videos from their past journeys. Most of the posts contain photos of beaches and surfs.

IMDb Profile

Terakes has got a profile on IMDb where he has also earned fourteen credits as an actor. He has acted in short films, big-screen movies, TV mini-series, and television series.

Further, the Teal Talk host's IMDb page consists of a short biography, filmography, videos, and some photos.

Awards & Achievements

The Nine Perfect Strangers Terakes is a successful actor who has been awarded many awards. They have received the ''Sydney Theatre Awards'' for the Best Female Actor. Moreover, they have also won the   ''Best Newcomer Award'' as a joint winner.

The triumph of a person is never counted in the number of awards a person receives but in the down-to-earth behavior a person has despite his or her success.

Educational Details

Terakes is a well-educated actor who completed his high school education at SCEGGS Darlinghurst High School. 

However, the university education and majors of Terakes are not updated yet. He probably attended a reputed university in Sydney and holds an excellent degree in their hand.

Star Sign

The Craft actor Terakes was born under the star sign of Aries. The horoscope symbol of Aries is the Ram which is a sheep with large and curved horns. People with this horoscope sign are courageous and love adventures.

Regarding the personality of Aries, people under this zodiac are actually aggressive, hot-tempered, argumentative, and egotistical. However, they are strongly determined toward their goals.

Is Terakes Dating Anyone?

Zoe Terakes was previously in a relationship with Gemma “the rock” Hassall. They are believed to be together for sixteen years. Gemma and Terakes are also best friends. They have even got tattoos for one another.

Zoe Terakes in a blue shirt and jeans posing with their girlfriend in a white t-shit and shorts.
Photo of Zoe Terakes with their Girlfriend (Source: Instagram@zoeterakes)

However, according to some sources, Terakes is close to another Instagram influencer and model, Kathleen Ebbs. Their Instagram posts say the same. Nevertheless, none of them has shown interest in revealing the truth.

Married Life 

Zoe Terakes actor has not gotten engaged or married to date. They are still living a single life and are intensely dedicated to their vocation.

To add up, there is no recent news and updates that Terakes has had any plan for their marriage lately.

What is The Gender of Terakes?

Celebrities often get questioned about their gender and sexuality and most of them find it awful to expose their privacy. However, Terakes is not like anyone else. They are wise and frank to share about their gender.

The Month Effect is a non-binary trans masculine. Terakes was actually born a female, however, she is a boy in her mind.

Qualities & Traits

Everyone has some good and some weak qualities and traits. However, it is up to us whether to show or control and mend our weaknesses. Some people are so very professional in managing their weaknesses and sharpening their goodness. Zoe is one of them.

Terakes is immensely talented in self-realization as well as self-representation. Further, they are straightforward and never hesitate to put forward their opinions.


The Craft actor has been into a controversy back in 2020. It has been reported that Terakes and some others placed an open letter to the production team of Hedwig and the Angry Inch to include the representation of trans character in the show.

Eventually, the Australian Showtune Productions canceled the show even though the decision of American creators was something else.

Terakes In Bondi Slayer

Terakes has acted in the 2020 TV series as Kristy. Each of the episodes is forty-one minutes long and is an action-comedy show mixed with fantasy. 

The series was created under the direction of Victoria Beck and also starred Victoria Beck, Elijah Williams, and Emma Leonard.

Social Media

Zoe Terakes is available on social media platforms. He loves to stay active and get in touch with their people through all media sites possible.

Terakes has got accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Further, he has also got a Wikipedia page.

Instagram Profile

Terakes is one of the famous Instagram stars with more than 59.1k followers. The username of Zoe is @zoeterakes and is following nearly 5.1k people.

Moreover, the posts on this account are mostly about the daily updates of Terake's day-to-day life activities. 

Twitter Account

Talk to Me actor has a presence on Twitter too with the profile name @zoeterakes. The bio reads actor / overgrown 11-year-old boy / arise with a big forehead and so on. Terakes joined Twitter in April 2013 and has approximately 3.1k adherents at present.

Furthermore, as per the profile, Zoe's current address is Sydney, New South Wales. 

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