5 Fact About Meteorologist Liberte Chan

Tue Sep 10 2019
By   Bibek

The LA native who is proud of her American roots, Liberte Chan holds a special place among KTLA viewers as a Meteorologist. In 2012, she married her longtime boyfriend, but the wedding did not last long as they announced their divorce soon after.

Did she find love after that? Well, guys, we are going to find out more about her personal life, net worth, and other interesting facts about her life. Here are five facts about the KTLA Meteorologist.

Liberte Chan has her own clothing line...

Besides being a terrific weather girl, Chan is also an entrepreneur and a blogger. She blogs about the latest fashion trends and beauty regimes. The multi-talented journalist made a huge fan base in her long career.

Her passion for writing grew when she was in college. After starting her work as a weather girl, she really began to write about fashion which is her interest as well. In addition to her blogging on LifeofLiberte.com, Chan also co-founded a clothing line called Sweat with Soul.

Liberte Chan with her boyfriend Brett Hoebel who is wearing her clothing brand Sweat with Soul
Image: Liberte Chan with her boyfriend Brett Hoebel who is wearing her clothing brand Sweat with Soul

Sweat with Soul is a premium lifestyle wear. The brand promotes itself as active lifestyle wear and focuses on being more active in daily life. This certainly inspired her as she is also a fitness enthusiast and a yoga teacher.  

She loves her Cool Tattoo!

Liberte Chan got a tattoo in 2013 which she posted on her Twitter account. Showing the pics of her tattoo, she wrote,

"Loving my cool tattoo from @luparker! Looking forward to seeing your story @shapehousela".

Chan got the tattoo on both of her hands. Her right-hand tattoo reads "BREATHE," and her left-hand tattoo reads "COURAGE." Not just that, according to KTLA 5 News on September 24, 2016, Chan talked about the possibility of getting a neck tattoo. 

Liberte Chan tattoo on both hands
Photo: Liberte Chan tattoo on both hands

But it looks like, she never got the neck tattoo as in any of her Instagram pictures we can see her neck tattoo.

Liberte Chan is a Married Woman!

The KLTV Meteorologist reached her peak in 2012 with her marriage and success in her career. She tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend, Brian Chase at the majestic garden of Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.

Liberte Chan (right) and her former husband Brian Chase (left) at their wedding day
Picture: Liberte Chan (right) and her former husband Brian Chase (left) at their wedding day

Despite the romance, the couple could not keep their marital relationship alive. They soon announced their split and her followers on social media also could not find a wedding ring on her finger.

After the separation, Chan went under the radar and focused on her clothing line and her work for KLTV. Recently, she started dating her business partner Brett Hoebel. The pair is so in love and often post pictures on their social media. 

Liberte Chan, " I really wasn't offended"

#sweatergate...internet exploded with this hashtag on May 14, 2016, after her wardrobe malfunction on live TV. Her Sequin Aidan Mattox black dress stirred up some strong controversy on the internet.

Chris Burrous handing Liberte Chan a sweater to cover her outfit
Photo: Chris Burrous handing Liberte Chan a sweater to cover her outfit

Replying to all the mayhem, Chan said, "I really wasn't offended", to her fans. She changed her morning outfit because of the problem she encountered with TV's green screen. With her new outfit, she was publicly embarrassed and body-shamed on social media.

Later, her co-host Chris Burrous apologized for the incident when he offered a sweater. He wrote,

"I offered up the sweater in jest but I see how it seemed. I am sorry".

Furthermore, Chan thought it was funny, and there is nothing sexist about it. 

Are Ginger Chan and Liberte Chan related?

Ginger Chan is also an American journalist, just like Liberte Chan. Because both of them have a similar last name, many people confuse them to be related to each other. Ginger is living a happy life with her family in LA and works at KLTV news station.

Ginger Chan (right) with her family
Image: Ginger Chan (right) with her family

You would wish, wouldn't you? But Liberte is not related to Ginger except for the same profession in the same news station. Liberte grew up with two older brothers in LA and had a completely different childhood than Ginger Chan.

Both of them earn a decent salary at the news station. Liberte being a veteran at the station, earns more than $500,000 annually whereas Ginger earns around $60,000 according to Payscale.com.

For further updates, keep reading Marriedceleb.com.

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