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Does the name Alan Greisman ring any bells? He is the former husband of Sally Field, who is a successful Academy Award-winning actress. She was recently honored with the 58th recipient of the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award. 

Greisman, who was born on September 4, 1947, in New York, is a successful producer. He has been producing films with some of Hollywood's biggest stars for over two decades. He was a part of high-profile movies such as Flipped, The Bucket List, and Fletch to name a few.

Furthermore, Greisman and Sally have a son together named Samuel Greisman. Their son has been making headlines for his LGBTQ activism and for his gender identity. Samuel is a successful writer who has been a creative inspiration for his famous parents.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Alan Greisman?

Alan Greisman has an estimated net worth of about $4 million. In reality, he is a private person, and not much is known about his assets. He did make the most of his money from his filmography and has launched stars such as Julia Roberts.

A 1989 picture of Julia Roberts and Alan Greisman.
A 1989 picture of Julia Roberts and Alan Greisman. Source: Vanity Fair

On the other hand, Sally Field, Alan’s ex-wife, has a net worth of $55 million similar to Sean Hannity's ex-wife, Jill Rhodes. To this day, Sally is famous as an actress even after five decades. 

Family Details

Alan comes from a military and Jewish family. His father, Murray Greisman, was a World War II Army Veteran and possibly a textile factory worker. His mother was Beverly according to sources. Sadly, both of his parents are long dead.

Alan's parents went on to have three sons together and were a happy unit. By all accounts, they were a happy family. His brother is quite possibly Gordon Greisman who is also a Hollywood producer.

Alan is reportedly very close with his former stepchildren, Peter Craig and Eli Craig. Peter is a novelist and screenwriter whereas Eli is an actor and director. 

American producer Alan was very good with the kids during his marriage to Sally Field. He is also a father and shares a son together with Sally Field named Samuel

About Alan And Sally Failed Marriage

Alan Greisman met his future wife, Sally Field when they discussed a project in 1984. While Sally did not work on the gig, the pair ultimately had a romance and soon wed. 

In her memoirs, Sally describes Alan as stable and charming. In an excerpt from her book, In Pieces Sally describes their relationship: 

He was a tall, gentle man who enjoyed being around people, someone who made friendships less difficult for me. He was easy to like, good to have around, and since I wanted a family and needed to feel safe, I married him.

Did You Know Sally Field Was Depressed?

Sally ended up moving to a gorgeous Brentwood house with her new husband, Alan. Three years later, in 1987, she gave birth to her third child and Alan's only son, Samuel Greisman. 

However, there is an indication that Sally might have suffered from Postpartum Depression or just normal depression. She talks about feeling "stuck" in her memoirs.

A picture of Alan Greisman with his ex-wife, Sally Field.
A picture of Alan Greisman with his ex-wife, Sally Field. Source: Actlings

Alan and Sally had a marriage of almost a decade but decided to split up in 1994. The reason was due to Sally's increasing anxiety and upsetness. While Alan's reaction to the divorce is not public, Sally did state that she took years to move on from that phase in her life.

About Samuel Greisman, Alan's Only Child

Alan's only son Samuel Greisman is a successful writer and producer similar to Peter Nowalk. Better known as Sam, he is an openly gay man similar to The Big Bang Theory star, Jim Parsons

Sam was born on December 2, 1987, in Los Angeles, California.

A picture of Alan Greisman's son, Samuel Greisman.
A picture of Alan Greisman's son, Samuel Greisman. Source: Instagram @samg1287

Sam is an active LGBTQ activist, an endeavor where he is supported by his parents and extended family. He is very close to his mother and has always been a momma's boy. He is also the oldest grandchild from his father's side of the family.

Sally Field's youngest child, Sam has worked on projects such as Dinner with Jeffrey, After School, and Playing Men. As a child, he followed his mother through various sets such as Forrest Gump, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Eye for an Eye.

About Alan's Famous Ex-wife, Sally Field

The Amazing Spiderman actress Sally Field was born on November 6, 1946, in Pasadena, California. Her mother Margaret Field was an actress whereas her father Richard Dryden Field was an Army officer. Her stepfather, Jock Mahoney was also an actor.

Sally was interested in acting from a young age and participated in school theater productions. After graduating from high school in 1964, she enrolled at Santa Monica College. However, she dropped out after one semester to pursue her acting career.

An old picture of Alan Greisman's ex-wife, Sally Field.
An old picture of Alan Greisman's ex-wife, Sally Field. Source: Good Housekeeping

Sally Field can be seen in many notable projects, such as the TV series Maniac and the film Hello, My Name Is Doris. She is known for playing nuanced and emotionally complex roles and has a commanding presence on screen that draws viewers in. 

Margaret Field's daughter Sally is also an advocate for many social causes including gay rights and LQBTQ+ advocacy. She is also a strong activist for women's rights, health issues, and environmental protection.

Previous Marriages Of Sally 

Sally, who played the titular character's mother in Forrest Gump, has been married twice. First, she was married to her high school sweetheart Steven Craig, in 1968, and later to Greisman in 1984.

Sadly, while Sally did love her two husbands, she never felt free when married. She was negatively influenced by her parents' failed marriage. She does think well of the concept of marriage but was not able to make her a success.

Career Highlights

There is no doubt that Alan Greisman is well-connected in Hollywood. He is very famed and has created many wonderful projects that have made people stars. He is an influential figure in showbiz.

One of the stars is Julia Roberts who played Shelby Eatenton in Steel Magnolias. Julia's career got a boost from a leading role in Alan's movie Satisfaction, where her agent lied that she was musically trained to get her the role.

A poster Of Alan Greisman's movie Satisfaction starring Julia Roberts.
A poster Of Alan Greisman's movie Satisfaction starring Julia Roberts. Source: IMDB

Alan has had a long career. Initially, he started out as an indie producer but quickly joined and became president of Spelling Entertainment's movie division. Greisman later became president of Rastar Productions, where he was involved in all aspects of production. 

In 1992, two years before his famous divorce, Greisman was appointed president of Savoy Pictures, where he oversaw the production and release of more than fifteen motion pictures.

Famous Projects Of Alan 

One of Alan's noteworthy projects from his work was the hit comedy Soapdish, which earned actor Kevin Kline a Golden Globe nomination. 

Alan also produced the romantic drama Mr. Jones, directed by Mike Figgis and starring Richard Gere.

Social Media Presence

Alan Greisman has a Twitter account but the identity cannot be verified. Furthermore, the Twitter handle that is under the name @asgreisman is not a verified one and has less than a hundred followers.

Furthermore, Alan's son Sam Greisman is also an avid user of Twitter and Instagram. He is pretty famous because of his parents and his career. His Instagram page, @samg1287 has over 48.1K followers, and his Twitter page, @SAMGREIS has over 44.4K Followers.

On the other hand, Sally Field, the famous actress has a Twitter handle under the name @sally_field where she has more than 161K Followers. She also has an active Instagram called @thesallyfield where she has more than 20K followers. 

Sally's most popular social is her Facebook Page which has more than half a million followers.


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