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Thu Feb 13 2020
By   Manish

When two people are truly in love, age is just a number, and it doesn't matter what people think about the difference of years or 10 years.

It might also say there should be immense love and affection between the couple so that there will be no abundance. For example, Angel Bismark Curiel and Janet Mock, who found they're meant to be despite their age gap.

Miami, Florida-based actor, Curiel is one of the rising actors, who is looking for a breakthrough while gaining his fans' love and support. So, what is he doing personally in these current days? Let's find more diversifying things that happened in Curiel's personal life below.

Is Cruel committed in a Conjugal Relationship with Mock?

American Adrift star, Bismark Cruel's fans are interested to know about his relationship with Janet Mock is much more than just dating partners? When it comes to the couple's relationship status, they haven't exchanged their vows, but seem to commit in the future.

Angel Bismark Curiel is a lucky man for his girlfriend, Janet Mock. Are the the couple married in 2020?
Snap: Angel Bismark Curiel with his girlfriend, Janet Mock 
Source: Instagram @angelbcuriel 

While Janet was producing the television drama series, Pose, she found Angel Bismark meant to be after meeting on the set in 2018. Within a few months, they became good friends and then started dating secretly.

Pat McNamara and Rebecca McNamara are also in a blissful romantic relationship, ignoring their age differences.

Opened Their Age-Gap Affair in the Public...

The 25-year-old actor, Bismark Curiel, and his partner, Janet, 38, came out to be dating after Angel shared a picture via Instagram while chilling with Mock in The Standard Spa, Miami Beach on 26th May 2019. After the post, many media tabloids made national headlines about their 13 years of age difference.

Angel Bismark Curiel and his girlfriend, Janet Mock opened their relationship while chilling in The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. How the dating partners met first?
Picture: Angel Bismark Curiel and his partner, Janet Mock came out to be a dating couple after an Instagram post 
Source: Instagram @angelbcuriel

Despite what people say about their relationship, the couple didn't hesitate to show their love towards each other. 

Since the up-close of their affair, they seem to be open about their love life while attending big events and going on vacations, including their Dominican Republic tour in July 2018.

Curiel's Partner, Janet Separated with Former Husband after Meeting Angel

Critical Thinking actor, Bismark Curiel once asked Janet whether "She is happy in her married life with Aaron Tredwell or not?" By hearing Angel's question, she stated re-evaluating her marriage, proclaiming,

"I was like, 'OK, I can't live for what others want. That's not what I'm here for.'" - Janet said

Angel Bismark Curiel's partner, Janet Mock with her ex-husband, Aaron Tredwell. Know more about Angel Bismark Curiel's relationship with girlfriend, Janet Mock.
Photo: Angel Bismark Curiel's current girlfriend, Janet Mock divorced her husband, Aaron Tredwell 
Source: PRX Exchange

Apart from this, Angel's partner, Mock decided to get a divorce from her husband and filed for divorce in February 2019, after staying married for more than three years. Likewise, Jackie Braasch's partner also left his marital partner to start his relationship with her.

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