Anna Faris Boyfriends and Husbands Throughout the Years

Tue May 30 2023
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Anna Faris has been married three times: The actress is a doting mother of one!  

Anna Faris's onscreen appearances have clearly diminished in recent years. But she was the go-to actress for comic roles for a few decades. Faris got her big break in the Scary Movie franchise and amplified her stardom with roles in The Hot Chick, Friends, Lost in Translation, and more.  

Born on November 29, 1976, in Baltimore, Maryland, Anna's healthy upbringing under a loving mother, who she credits for encouraging her love for acting, shaped her to venture into showbiz. Following an early experience in theatre, Faris landed her breakthrough role as Cindy Campbell in 2006.  

Inside Anna Faris's High-Profile Love Life!  

Anna Faris's dating history has been a relatively short stint, but there's no doubt it's high profile. Faris has had her share of romances and heartbreaks. Although not many, throughout her life in the limelight, the actress experienced different versions of marriage with all of them.   

Anna Faris was married to Ben Indra.
Anna Faris is best known for playing Cindy Campbell in the 'Scary Movie' franchise. Photo Source: Instagram

The Scary Movie fame dated actor Ben Indra, best known for his role in Tempest Eye, early in her career. The pair crossed paths at the 1999 indie slasher film Lovers Lane, and a romance transpired shortly after. Despite being in a public relationship with Ben, Anna reportedly played hard.  

Indra reportedly had to get down on his knees twice before Faris said yes to him. The duo tied the knot in 2004 and ended their marriage in 2008. The reason behind their split was cited as "irreconcilable differences," but the truth was unveiled years later.   

Anna Faris is best known for starring in the Scary Movie franchise.
Anna Faris married her first husband, actor Ben Indra, in 2004. Photo Source: Instagram

The Lost in Translation actress got candid about her marital life in her autobiography, Unqualified. Faris admits the illicit reason that ended her marriage with Ben. She allegedly started developing feelings for her Take Me Home Tonight co-star, Chris Pratt

Anna Faris and Her Second High Prolifed Relationship!

Anna Faris left her first husband for Chris Pratt in February 2008 and finalized her divorce from Ben. The Hot Chick actress and Pratt would date for nearly two years before eloping with him in 2009. 

Anna Faris is a mother to one.
The actress shares one son with her second ex-husband, actor Chris Pratt. Photo Source: Instagram

The pair's impromptu wedding was held in a small ceremony in Bali, Indonesia. During their seven years of marriage, Anna and her then-husband, Chris, welcomed one son, Jack Pratt, in August 2012. 

They announced their separation via a joint statement in August 2017. The pair explained how they had struggled to work things out for a long time. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor has since married author Katherine Schwarzenegger and welcomed two kids with her. 

Pratt recently faced the brunt of the internet. While wishing his wife, mom, and mother-in-law on his Mother's Day tribute post, Chris left out the mother of his oldest kid.  

Anna Faris's Struggles with Her Current Husband!  

Only time will tell if Anna Faris's third nuptial- with cinematographer Michael Barrett, will prove to be a charm. But for now, the Friends actress is navigating a pretty blissful, not without some troubles though, with her husband of two years.  

Anna Faris is married to Michael Barrett
Faris started dating cinematographer Michael Barret after meeting him on the sets of 'Overboard.' Photo Source: Instagram

Faris and Barrett, who she met on the sets of Overboard, were first linked in October 2017. As fans awaited an official confirmation of their budding romance, her co-star Allison Janney, dropped a surprise announcement of her engagement in February 2020.  

Faris and her fiancĂ© had already tied the knot a year into their engagement. The lovebirds kept their new relationship status a secret. Until one day, Faris accidentally spilled the tea. 

During an episode of her Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast, the actress blurted out that she was married to Barrett.   

The 'Scary Movie' actress accidentally revealed her secret nuptial with Barrett in her podcast, 'Anna Faris is Unqualified.'

Since the cats were already out of the bag, Faris didn't mind giving fans more insight into her secret wedding. The Scary Movie alum and her cinematographer husband apparently eloped. Faris said she feels happy and amazing to be married again.   

Anna Faris is a step mom to her husband's children from his previous marriage.
Faris shares how she faced a hard time connecting with her stepchildren. Photo Source: Instagram

Anna has also been open about her share of struggles that she faces in her current marriage. The doting mother of one is now also a step-mom to Barrett's two kids from his previous marriage. 

In a recent interview with People, she revealed that she had problems bonding with her stepkids. The Mom star explained that despite her repeated attempts to get close to them, they didn't reciprocate the effort with appreciation. 

"I think that I didn't give them a ton of reason to cultivate a trusting relationship," Faris said. 

The bond, she says, has gotten better over time. And Faris asserts her determination to make it stronger with her current husband.  

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