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Sun Mar 19 2023
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April Ryan is a famous political Correspondent and the author who is best known for working as a White House correspondent in January 1997. Today, she serves as a board chief for American Urban Radio Networks in Washington, D.C. Moreover, April joined CNN as a political analyst in 2017.

April Danielle Ryan was born on September 5, 1967, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. As per her citizenship, she is American and is of African American ethnicity. For her education, she earned her bachelor's degree from Morgan State University in broadcast journalism.

Who Was April Ryan Married?

The political analyst for CNN, Ryan was a happily married woman who tied her knot with her boyfriend. She was living a healthy marital relationship with her life partner or love of life, Tennie James. According to sources, he works as a trust administrator at Wells Fargo in Greater Philadelphia Area.

April Ryan and Her Husband, Tennie James Had Divorced
Photo: April Ryan and Her Husband, Tennie James Had Divorced
Source: Celebpie

Nevertheless, the media does not have the exact details about their marriage date as the couple wanted a low key loving relationship. So we can assume, they tied the knot among their loved ones at a private ceremony. From their failed marriage, April and James are blessed with two daughters named Ryan and Grace.

Unhappily, the couple has dedicated themselves to not continuing their relationship longer. Thus their marriage broke up in a divorce after being together for over one decade. However, the reason behind their divorce is still unknown to the press. Since the division, Ryan is enjoying her motherhood as a single mother. 

 April Ryan With Her Daughters, Ryan and Grace
Photo: April Ryan With Her Daughters, Ryan and Grace
Source: Instagram@adr160

Ryan who is 52 now lives in Maryland alongside her two daughters. The American journalist has managed some crucial time for her children, despite her tightly busy schedule.

How Much Net Worth does April Ryan Have?

April Ryan has successfully handled a large amount of money since her initial journalist career in 1997. Although her exact amount of net worth has not been mentioned anywhere, some reports say that it is over $2 million. She attributes almost all of her fortune to her career as White House correspondent spanning more than two decades.

April Ryan at CNN
Image: April Ryan at CNN
Source: CNN

Ryan currently serves as a political analyst for CNN since 2007. CNN workers make the compensation about $78686 per annum, according to some sources. Therefore, Ryan's annual salary is more than $75000, thanks to her talents, experience, and education. Laura Ingle and Allison Chinchar are the journalists who also received a good amount of money.

Before White House press corps, she has worked for numerous radio stations including WXYV-FM in Baltimore, Maryland, and North Carolina A&T University. Throughout her entire career, she has conducted one-on-one interviews, including Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Thabo Mbeki, John Kerry, among others.

April Ryan: When Trump said it, I was shocked

She is currently a member of the National Press Club. And she is one of only three African Americans to have sat on the board of the Association of White House Correspondents. Similarly, the National Black Journalists Association named April the "Journalist of the Year" in May 2017.

Her Books' Price

April who received the Shorty Award for Best Journalist has made some extra money from selling her novels. Indeed, her books are listed in the US bestseller.

In 2015, she published the first book, The Presidency in Black and White: My Up-Close View of Three Presidents and Race in America.  Her second book At Mama's Knee: Black and White Mothers and Race is also rated at $23.74 amazon. 

Ryan published her third novel, Under Fire: Reporting from Trump White House's Front Lines, in September 2018. And the amazon listed a price of $24.95 for it.

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