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Fri Jun 03 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Barbara Grassley

Husband : Chuck Grassley
Barbara Grassley Married To Chuck Grassley In 1954.

An advocate for cancer prevention, Barbara Grassley, is the wife of the president pro tempore of the United States Senate, Charles Ernest Grassley, aka Chuck Grassley.  Further, Barbara is a member of the Executive Committee of Congressional Families for Cancer Prevention. 

The wife of an American politician was born on October 21, 1932, in Sumner, Iowa, at her grandparents' house. She received her education in Fredericksburg, Iowa. After that, she attended one-room rural schools in the area of Chickasaw County, Iowa. In 1950, Mrs. Grassley graduated from New Hampton High School and later worked as a secretary at Rath Packing Company, Waterloo, Iowa.

Married to Chuck Grassley, Senior US senator

Barbara tied the knot with the Iowa Senator, Chuck Grassley, on August 23, 1954. The couple exchanged the wedding vows in an intimate wedding at The Little Brown Church near Nashua, Iowa. 

Cancer Prevention Advocate, Barbara Grassley with her husband, Chuck Grassley, the senior United States Senator
Image: Barbara Grassley and her husband, Chuck Grassley
Source: Daily Entertainment News

After Barbara got married to Chuck, she enrolled herself in the University of Northern Iowa; but she took a break from the study as her husband had just started off his political career. However, Barbara returned to college in 1981 and graduated with a degree in accounting in 1983.

The couple is blessed with five children; Robin Grassley, Michele Grassley, Jay Grassley, Lee Grassley, and Wendy Grassley. Along with five children, the pair were fortunate enough to meet their nine grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. No disputes or divorce rumors are heard about their married life, which implies that the couple is living their life blissfully.

The 65 Years Of Marriage Celebration

One of the longest-serving members of Congress, Senator Chuck Grassley, and Barbara Grassley, managed to celebrate the day of their marriage. The senior citizen married couple traveled a long way to Nashua to visit Little Brown Church.

Barbara and Charles celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary at the Little Brown Church in 2019.
Photo: Barbara Grassley and Chuck Grassley at their marriage venue in 2019
Source: cbs2iowa

If you take a glance over their wedding, it's the same church where the senior pair exchanged their vows. They found it the best way to celebrate their 65th anniversary.

The Net Worth of Barbara Grassley

The 87-year-old woman is working as an advocate for cancer prevention after she battled breast cancer and survived after life-saving surgery in 1987. She is actively involved in raising awareness about cancer screening, along with her husband. 

When it comes to the fortune she holds, no exact figures have been disclosed to date. However, the salary of an advocate in the United States is $74,337 per year, which is close to the wage of Monica Jones.

Husband's Wealth, Personal Assets and Estates

Barbara's spouse, Chuck's net worth, is estimated to be $3.8 Millions from his successful political career. The couple owns a Townhouse in Arlington, Virginia. The house was purchased back in 1994 for the price of $375,000. The value of the land on which the townhouse is placed is estimated to be $362,000.

Barbara's parents-in-law own a farm in Butler County, Iowa, which is under Chuck's name since 1964. The estimated value of the land ranges from $700,000 to $1.7 million. 

Mr. and Mrs. Grassley owns a house in Beaver Township, Iowa. The duo purchased the house back on April 14, 1998, for $101,500. The house sits on two acres of land whose value is of $63,220. The Iowa senator has invested $21.8 million in crop production and $17.7 million on some undisclosed investments. 

Cancer Survivor, Barbara Grassley

Barbara is a breast cancer survivor. Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987 when the doctor discovered a lump in each breast during her regular health check-up. Then-after, a biopsy was done, which revealed a malignant tumor on her left breast.

Barbara Grassley, an advocate for cancer prevention with her husband, Chuck Grassley, Senior US senator, in a health campaign for raising awareness about cancer and its screening
Picture: Barbara Grassley and her spouse, Chuck Grassley raising awareness for early detection of cancer and its treatment
Source: Prevent Cancer Foundation

A life-saving surgery to remove the cancerous tumor was done in April 1987. Barbara gets mammogram screening done every year after the incident. She is actively raising awareness regarding early detection of cancer, its treatment, and prevention by conducting a health campaign so she can save the lives of more people. Chuck and Barbara have served as honorary co-chairs at the John Stoddard Cancer Center booth at the Iowa State Fair. Mrs. Grassley is also a participant in the Congressional Club and Senate Spouses activities.

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