Monica Jones

Activist, LGBT advocate
Wed Dec 11 2019
By   reshma

American rough trade activist, Monica Jones is a transgender woman well known for protesting against the Phoenix Law. The Arizona State University student exhibited a gallant move by campaigning against the police sting operation targeting against the oldest profession in Phoenix.

The trans woman became the topic of public interest when she was convicted of exhibiting prostitution falsely. The fearless activist keeps herself busy speaking for hundreds and thousands like her residing in Arizona. Apart from activist life, could Monica be romantically involved with someone? Let's move forward to know more about it.

Monica's Relationship Status

The LGBTQ advocate is a secretive person when it comes to love and relationship. Even stalking through her social media, no sign of her other half has been found. It is possible the woman is keeping herself occupied advocating for trans and rough trader.

Monica Jones in front of Arizona State University
Image: Monica Jones in front of Arizona State University
Source: KJZZ

No matter how strong a person is, they will let down their guards at one time or the other. Did someone special already making their way into her heart? To our credit, we did thorough research but left with no clues about her love affair. So, for the time being, it can be said the woman is currently single and not focusing on love relations.

Being a fierce activist, she has successfully influenced millions of people over the world with her work. The brave woman must be getting messages from all over the world, some supporting and praising for her work while others are taunting her.

The Net Worth of Monica Jones

When it comes to the fortune of the woman of color holds, no statements were made to date. However, according to Career Explore, the average salary of Social Activists in the US is an average of $55,000  per year which roughly matches the wage of Jade Logue.

According to Zillo, the average price of a home and rent in Arizona is $295,900 and $1,495, respectively. Being an Arizonian resident, the woman possibly owns a building of an average cost of $30,000

False Accusation of Soliciting Prostitution on Jones

The ASU student has been actively speaking for the rights of transgender, rough trader, LGBTQ community defying the medieval and outdated thoughts of people.

Activist, Monica Jones while on the field fighting for the right of the oldest profession worker.
Photo: Monica Jones protesting against Phoenix Law
Source: advocate

In may 2013, Jones was allegedly arrested by undercover police officers accusing her of explicitly selling intercourse business. Monica's arrest brought a revolution that started the "Walking while Trans" movement. 

The trans advocates like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock spoke against the injustice. In January 2015, the conviction was finally overturned, and the Phoenix Act victim was proved non-guilty.

Jones Spoke Up for her Friend, Kayden Clarke

The prominent activist Monica spoke upon the death of her friend Kayden Clarke. The bold woman proclaimed the death of her YouTuber trans friend, Clarke is a murder and not a result of self-defense of the Arizonian Police. 

Furthermore, Kayden's friend Tiffany Dibba and his mother, Stacia also provided the supporting statement to Jones. Sadly, autistic Clark's demise received no justice.


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