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Comedian, TV host (1956)
Wed Dec 21 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Bill Maher

Girlfriend : Coco Johnsen
Bill Maher And Coco Johnsen They Are In Relationship

American comedian, Bill Maher is famous for his humorous jokes and political satires in his popular talk show, Real Time on HBO network. The Politically Incorrect host can perform stand-up with any genre of comedy like observational, insult, or black comedy so far. 

Do you know? Maher's birthday comes on the 20th of January, as per his birth date, 1956. Moreover, his hometown is New York City, New York, United States, where his father, William Aloysius Maher Jr. was a network news editor and announcer whilst his mother, Julie Maher was a registered nurse. His ethnicity is mixed (Irish-Jewish-Hungarian-American).

Is Real Time Host, Bill Maher Married? Who is His Wife?

Former VICE producer, Bill is enjoying his lifestyle as a single man. Besides, there is no news or gossip about his dating life so far. He is quite enjoying his successful career and thinks it is better not to witness the commitment and relationship issue. Also, he is seen quoting about the view on relationship saying;

I'm the last of my guy friends to have never gotten married and their wives-they don't want them playing with me. I'm like the escaped slave-I bring news of freedom.

Bill Maher making everyone laugh out loud with his political satire on HBO's political show, Real Time. How old is Maher as of 2021? Know his age!
Bill Maher performing stand-up on his political show, Real-Time on HBO
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Bill is now running his popular talk show, Real Time on HBO since 2003 and also, busy with his projects and works in the future. Also, he spends his free time with his colleagues and family members whilst watching football, baseball, or planning for an exotic destination to travel. Likewise, a TV host, Susanna Reid promised herself to never marry.

Explore Primetime Emmy Award-winning Comedian, Maher's Dating History!

Though the 65-year-old, Maher never married, he became involved in a couple of serious relationships in the past. Some of his ex-girlfriends are famous personalities too. Back in 2003, he started dating former Playboy Cyber Girl, Coco Johnsen after their first meeting.

The former couple enjoyed almost one year of dating life and finally split in 2004. Nevertheless, Johnsen sued Maher for $9 Million for various charges after splitting up with him. However, the court dismissed all the charges due to a lack of evidence. 

Bill Maher's former girlfriend, Coco Johnsen sued $9 Million, alleging him of insulting, humiliating and degrading racial comments. How tall is Maher? Know his height!
Bill Maher and his ex-girlfriend, Coco Johnsen, who accused him of insulting, humiliating, and degrading racial comments
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After the breakup with Coco, Maher started dating an American best-selling author and former hip hop model, Karrine Steffans in early 2005. However, the duo later separated their ways without a trace in the same year. 

On a similar hand, Bill became romantically involved in a relationship with an American science communicator and TV host, Cara Santa Maria from 2009 to 2011. Likewise, he also dated Anjulie Persaud, a Canadian singer, and songwriter in 2014. Nevertheless, the two have not spoken about their relationship until now.

Maher Recovered from Covid-19 after Getting Infected!

HBO's RealTime host, Maher has a critical time of his life when he became infected with the Covid-19 virus. It was found that he got transmitted the infection from one of his shows' staff during his political talk show on 14th May 2021

Bill later canceled his show to go on-air from 14th May to 21st May, but again took one week for the show to start again. He finally got vaccinated against the virus and recovered his health in a short time. He later announced that he is back in the show on 28th May 2021, while apologizing for not airing the show because of the Covid-19 situation. 

How Much is Bill Maher's Net Worth in 2021?

Los Angeles, California-based comedian, Bill has a total net worth of $140 Million as of 2021. He is one of the successful people who made everyone laugh out loud with his stand-up performances. Furthermore, he made the U.S. tour of stand-up throughout the states and gave 9 outstanding comedy specials on HBO network-affiliated TV shows. 

Apart from this, Bill is a successful investor who has invested in numerous projects. He became the owner of the New York Mets basketball team when he owned a minor stake of 4% of $20 Million ownership in 2012. Currently, the worth of the Mets is around $2 Billion so that his 4% stake's value is at $80 Million

Bill Maher always spends a friendly time with his pet dog in spare time at his expensive house. Is HBO's Real Time host, Bill married? How much is his net worth as of 2021?
Bill Maher spending quality time with his dog at his lavish house
Source: The New York Times

On the other hand, Bill owns an expensive condo on Catalina Island which he bought for $1 Million in January 2020. He also owns a $20 Millin property bought from Ben Affleck which is spread in a 3.2-acre land. Moreover, his earning is over $10 Million from his show.



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