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Golfer (1993)
Tue Feb 21 2023
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Cameron Smith is a professional golfer and has made quite a name for himself with his accomplishment on the PGA tour. At just twenty-nine years of age, he has already achieved a lot, and he will only continue to improve on it.

The Australian golfer Smith was born in Brisbane, Queensland, on August 18, 1993. So, let's learn a bit about this fantastic golfer's personal & professional life. 

Who Is Smith Seeing Right Now?

With all the golfing in his life, Cameron Smith might be seeing someone. One of the hot rumors about the golfer is that he is dating a woman named Shanel Naoum. Smith hasn't said anything regarding it, leading many people to believe that he is dating Naoum.

It seems that he doesn't want the media to follow him. It also remains unclear how these two know each other, but they first posed together for a picture after Smith's win in the open championship. 

Shanel Naoum is looking at something as she is rocking her long brown hair and is also wearing a necklace.
Cameron Smith rumored girlfriend Shanel Naoum (Source: New York Post)

Fans of the golfer are excited about this and are hoping for more news to come out of it. Maybe it's nothing more than a rumor, or perhaps she will be his wife in the picture; who knows? Only time will tell. Guess the fans have to wait patiently to learn about the development of this story.

On the other hand, Naoum has not revealed much about her life. But one thing that is known about her is that she is a Chiropractic Physician by profession. 

His Previous Relationship With A Golfer

Cameron Smith's relationship with Shanel Naoum is only a rumor. But his relationship with Jordan Ontiveros happened before. She is also a golfer like him.

Sam Tremlett from Golf Monthly provided a lot of information on their relationship, which remains unclear when it ended. But these two got into a relationship with one another. 

As mentioned earlier, Ontiveros is also a golfer. So, no surprise that the time they dated, they must have done some golfing together as well. The same Golf Monthly article from Sam Tremlett mentioned that these two practiced golfing at TPC Sawgrass's court. 

Smith Has Made A Fortune Playing Golf

Cameron Smith is one of the rising names in golf. And, what he has achieved on the golf course at such a young age, has translated well with his wealth. His estimated net worth is $50 Million.

Cameron Smith is posing with the trophy with LIV Golf logo board behind him.
Cameron Smith posing with his first LIV Golf trophy (Source: Instagram @cameronsmithgolf)

Most of his net worth can be credited to his deal with LIV golf. The agreement is the same as the net worth of actress Darcy Lapier. He has signed a contract of a whopping $100 Million with the brand, which means his net worth will only continue to grow from here. 

However, the deal made Smith a bit of a villain among passionate fans of the sport. On the other side, it also helped him to improve his net worth, which will only continue to increase.

Educational Qualification 

You don't need an excellent formal education from a top University to get a decent job if you plan to make your career in sports. Smith, an established golfer, probably doesn't need to worry about it, either.

Talking about his formal education, he studied till high school level. His education happened at the Pine Rivers State High School, which is a school located in Queensland.

His Body Measurements

Golf is not the most physically demanding sport in the world. But if you are a professional athlete, you must be in shape. So, what is Smith's body measurement?

Smith's height is as same as actor Aaron Glenane. He stands tall at 5 Feet 11 Inches (180 cm). He is shorter than an average golfer as the average height of professional golfers, according to PGA, is 6 Feet (182 cm). He has shown that height isn't everything in this sport.

Cameron Smith has just hit a shot as spectators are looking at the golf ball.
Cameron Smith in action at the Masters (Source: Instagram @cameronsmithgolf)

His height is complimented by his weight of 171 lbs (78 kg). Again, in size, Smith weighs less than an average golfer. The average weight of a professional golfer is 180 lbs (81.64 kg). 

Who Are His Parents?

Smith is the son of Des Smith and Sharon Smith. His father, Des, also used to be a professional golfer. We can credit him for his son's fall in love with this sport. He also has a sister named Mel Smith

Just like Smith, his family lives a low-key life haven't disclosed much about themselves to the public. In addition, detail regarding his sister is still behind the curtains. 

Smith Does Fishing When He Isn't Golfing

Smith loves fishing, as is evident from his Instagram. He has posted numerous pictures of him posing with the fish he caught. In one such picture he has shared with his fans, he can be seen posing with a giant redfish he just witnessed. 

He has captioned the picture:

Who said I couldn’t catch a redfish! #letsgo

Cameron Smith is on the boat in the sea holding the giant fish using his both hands.
Cameron Smith posing with the redfish he caught (Source: Instagram @cameronsmithgolf)

A Brief On His Career

Cameron Smith is one of the most prominent golfers in the world. The golfer who has already won a lot at such a young age is not something everyone gets to brag about. Many might hate him for his controversial decision to sign with LIV golf, but one can't deny his talent. 

Smith turned professional only in 2013, yet his accolades would give the impression that he has been playing at this level for a long time. Of all his achievements, the biggest trophy he has won is the 'Open Championship' in 2022. He is also the winner of The Players Championship and Sentry Tournament of Champions.

Smith has ten professional wins so far in his career. Six came in the PGA Tour, four in the European Tour, three in the PGA tour of Australasia, and one in the LIV Golf Invitational Series. 

His Controversial Decision To Join LIV Golf

In the net worth section of this article, it was mentioned that Smith signed a whopping $100 Million deal with LIV Golf. It may have made him a lot of money, but it also came at the price of losing the respect of many golf fans. But why do people hate LIV Golf and anyone who associates themselves with it?

One of the most talking points in sports that have happened for the past few years is sports washing. People use marks to improve their image and make them forget about their deeds. LIV Golf is a tour like the PGA tour funded by Saudi Arabian government. This is why Smith signing a contract with them didn't sit well with the people, with everyone labeling him a sellout.

Smith, however, has defended himself by saying that money wasn't the reason behind choosing LIV golf but instead being able to spend time at home. Smith said everything about it in an interview with Evin Priest from Golf Digest, where he said in his defense:

Money was definitely a factor in making that decision, I won’t ignore that or say that wasn’t a reason. It was obviously a business decision for one and an offer I couldn’t ignore. The biggest thing for me joining is [LIV’s] schedule is really appealing. I’ll be able to spend more time at home in Australia and maybe have an event down there, as well. I haven’t been able to do that, and to get that part of my life back was really appealing.


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