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Child Celebrity (2012)
Wed May 17 2023
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Some child is in-born celebrities because of their parent's immense name and fame. Similarly, Chloe Chrisley is one of the child celebrity who is best known as the daughter of Kyle Chrisley, a reality star, and his ex-girlfriend, Angela Johnson.

Her parents rose to fame after their appearance on the Chrisley family reality show, Chrisley Knows Best. Many people are curious to know more about her life. Keep reading the article until the end and know about it.


The celebrity kid, Chloe Chrisley was born on 10 November 2012 in South Carolina, the USA. 

Image: Chloe Chrisley, Source:
Image: Chloe Chrisley, Source:

Likewise, she was born to Kyle Chrisley, a famous reality star and his ex-girlfriend, Angela Johnson. Similarly, she belongs to Afro-American ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Besides, her birth sign is Scorpio.

Chloe with her mother, Angela Johnson Source: dailymail

Besides this, there is no information about her education until now. Surely, she must be attending her elementary school as she is just a seven years old kid.

Chloe Chirsley's Personal Life

For now, she is just a kid. So, there is no way of her being in a relationship or involved in adult activities. As of now, she is focusing on her studies and still in her growing stage. 

Image: The Chrisley family, Source: tennessean
Image: The Chrisley family, Source: Tennessean

However, she is going to get a handsome and well-known personality as a boyfriend when she hit her appropriate age. Besides her love life, she loves to spend her time with her family.

Relation With Lindsie Chrisley & Grayson Chrisley

Many people are questioning the relationship between Chloe and Lindsie Chrisley. So, after some research, we finally have a conclusion.

Lindsie and Chloe Source: Pinterest

Moreover, Lindsie is a famous American reality tv personality and known for appearing on the family show, Chrisley Knows Best. Not to mention, Chloe and Lindsie also appeared on the show.

Image: Grayson and Chloe, Source: Pinterest
Image: Grayson and Chloe, Source: Pinterest

Similarly, Grayson Chrisley is also a reality star best known for starring in the family reality show, Chrisley Knows Best. Moreover, Grayson Chrisley is the brother of Chloe father, Todd which makes him the uncle of Chloe, and she is the nephew of Grayson.

Net Worth & Salary

As we know, she is just a kid and yet to grow. So, she is not involved in any money-making activities or profession. For now, she is only focusing on her education. Because of it, she do not inherit any money by herself.

On the other hand, her father, Kyle Chrisley's net worth is around $2 Million. He earned this hefty sum of money from his career as a reality star. Likewise, her grandfather, Todd's estimated net worth, is around $100 Million

As a matter of fact, he earned this hefty sum of fortune from the popular reality tv show, Chrisley Knows Best. Moreover, he was also bankrupted $45 Million, and he invested 95 percent of his net worth in real estate.

Lifestyle & House

Not to mention, Chloe is living a lavish lifestyle along with her grandparents, Todd, and Julie Chrisley. Todd is a multi-millionaire personality, and he is keeping good care (without any problems of money) of his granddaughter.

Todd Chrisley House Source: Southern Living

Moreover, she is living in a lavish mansion in Brentwood, Nashville. The estate is spread on 11,000-square foot land with six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool, wine cellar, game room, and covered patio. As per Realtor, the price of the house is $3,375,000.

In the future, she is undoubtedly inheriting the net worth of her father and grandfather.

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