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Mon Feb 27 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Clancy Cauble

Husband : JJ Orantes
Clancy Cauble married JJ Orantes in 2019.

Clancy Cauble is an American actress best known for her works in the TV Movie Hearts of Spring which came out in 2016. She arrived late into the scene and has since been looking to make an impression on movie viewers through her acting.

Cauble was born on November 12, 1992. She is still looking for a breakthrough in movies. However, she has already developed a fan following, all thanks to the fame that came with her mother, Lisa Whelchel. 

Happily Married To JJ Orantes

Clancy Cauble is married to JJ Orantes. The couple exchanged their wedding vowed on April 24, 2019. Like her sister Haven, Clancy decided to take her husband's surname and now goes by Clancy Orantes.

Both Clancy and JJ are smiling and waving hands.
Clancy Cauble and her husband JJ Orantes after getting married (Source: Instagram @clancyorantes)

Though JJ hardly posts anything on social media, Cauble leaves no chance to display her love for her partner on her Instagram. In one of her posts with JJ, she wrote.

I really like hanging out with you and I like bugging you even more.

Cauble's Parent's Divorce Came As A Surprise

With the marriage lasting so long, the admirers of Lisa and Steve were shocked when the couple announced their marriage had ended. Everyone believed they were destined for each other.

Steve is wearing a glass and shirt with stripes design.
Clancy Cauble's father, Steve Cauble (Source: WorthyCelebs)

The marriage shocked Lisa the most as she believed their marriage would last forever. She had been with him through thick and thin. She even gave up on her acting to give time to her kids.

The marriage that lasted for 24 years ended on March 1, 2012. 

Cauble's Education Background

Cauble's mother wanted her to have a stable and secure life. Since the chances of making it in the entertainment world are slim, Cauble needed a backup in case things don't work out in movies. So, she did her education before the film.

The highest honor she holds is a Bachelor's Degree which she did from the University of North Texas. The talented woman only needed two years to complete her degree.

Cauble's Mother New Partner

Cauble's mother, Lisa, was upset about how her previous marriage ended, although she is still on good terms with her ex-husband Steve. It, however, didn't let her lose faith in love.

She has moved on from her previous marriage to her new husband, Dr. Pete Harris. Lisa took to Instagram to announce her engagement in November 2019, seven years after she called it quits with Steve.

Both Lisa and Pete are in a library looking at the camera while holding books in their hand.
Lisa Whelchel with her hubby Dr. Pete Harris on a date. (Source: Instagram @lisawhelchel)

It's hard for anyone to move on from who you believe was destined to spend the rest of their life with you. Lisa would probably have struggled with this if it wasn't for the show Survivor Philippines where she had to take part just weeks after her divorce. In her Interview with People magazine, she said:

"The divorce was final on March 1, and [I] went out to be on Survivor on March 10" 

She further added:

"Going out to Survivor was helpful for me, to divert my attention and not just dwell on the loss."

The show acted as a distraction from her split with Steve. The result was her being able to move on quickly and once again fall in love and have a happy married life.

About Cauble's Parents

Cauble is the daughter of Lisa Whelchel and Steve Cauble. Cauble has kept a healthy relationship with them despite her parents separating from their marriage a while back.

There is a quiet contrast in the profession of her parents. Her father, Steve, worked as a Pastor at the FourSquare Church, whereas her mother, Lisa, made her career in the world of movies and TV.

You would assume that coming from different worlds, they would always have arguments, but that doesn't happen to be the case. Lisa was a devout Christian. So, Cauble, just like Crystal Bernard, grew up in a Christian family.

Cauble's Sister Is Married To A Musician

Cauble's sister Haven Cauble (now Weits) fell in love with a musician. Haven is married to Aaron Weits, who is a part of a music band called MSC.

MSC is a decently popular band with a devoted fan following. They are regularly producing music and doing live shows. MSC has signed a record label contract with the iconic Mosiac Records.

The craziest part about Aaron and Haven's love story is that they have known each other since they were kids. Aaron once shared a post on his Instagram that was captioned.

When we were kids, Haven would bring her metronome with a half dozen post it notes detailing her parts and arrangements — years later, here I am throwing her yet another curveball

The couple has two babies, a boy, and a girl. Both love spending quality time with their kids and are not afraid to show it to the world. They are constantly posting about their kids on their Instagram @aaronweits and @havenweits

Cauble Is The Youngest Of The Three Siblings

In their 24 years of marriage, Lisa and Steve had three babies. Clancy Cauble is the youngest one of them. Her brother Tucker Cauble is the oldest, and sister Haven Cauble is the middle in this trio of siblings.

Both of her siblings are married and living their best life. The brother Tucker Cauble is married to Carla Cauble. Her sister Haven Cauble is married to Aaron Weits. Haven decided to take her husband's surname and now goes by Haven Weits.

Unlike the youngest sister, Tucker and Haven have chosen to live outside the limelight. They decided not to follow in their mother's footsteps to become an actor. Their work life has been kept relatively private. 

You can find more about Cauble's siblings through their Instagram. Their Insta handles are @tuckercauble (Tucker Cauble) and @havenweits (Haven Weits).

Cauble's Mother Fear 

Cauble's mother, Lisa, began her career in movies as a child actor. Her first role was given by Disney, the company responsible for launching the career of almost every child actor. She played the role of Mouseketeer on The New Mickey Mouse House Club.

The show's success helped her gain popularity at an early age. The fame meant she missed out on normal childhood. She knew that most child actors' life tends to go downhill once they start growing; ask Macaulay Culkin. Lisa didn't want her daughter to suffer the same fate.

She made sure that Cauble would complete her education before diving into movies. Her mother worry meant she had to wait until 22 to do her first film; Butterflies Are Free

About Cauble's Successful Mother: Lisa Whelchel

Lisa Whelchel is an established Hollywood actress who gained fame at a very young age for playing Mouseketeer in Disney's The New Mickey Mouse House Club. She is a child actor from the late 70s who has seen moderate success in the film industry as an adult.

Then sought-after actress famously turned down the role of Rachel from the hit TV series Friends. She refused the offer because certain scenes she would be doing would clash with her Christian values.

Lisa is smiling and getting her pictures clicked.
Lisa Whelchel at an event (Source: IMDb)

Other than movies, she has an interest in music. In 1984, she released an album on Christmas called All Because of You, for which she received a nomination for the Grammy award for Best Inspirational Performance.

The 5 ft 3 inches actress is from Littlefield, Texas, and was born on May 29, 1963. The American politican, Craig Schelske was also born on the same date as Lisa.

Cauble's Mother Made Fortune As An Actress

Clancy Cauble's mother, Lisa Whelchel, may be past her best years in films. However, during her long career, she has managed to generate a lot of money through cinema.

Outside movies, she has also made music, written numerous books, and is a speaker and a life coach. All of the work has resulted in Lisa becoming the owner of $3 million.

However, the worth of Clancy Cauble is estimated to be around $500 thousand

You Can Find Cauble On Instagram

Cauble (now Orantes) regularly posts about her life on her Instagram. She goes by the name Clancy Orantes with her Instagram handle being @clancyorantes.

Her husband is also on Instagram (@jjorantes06), but you will hardly find any posts on his account. It seems like he prefers to have a private life.


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