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Retired Cashier (1965)
Wed Jul 05 2023
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Clara Almanzar comes to stardom as Cardi B mother. Clara's daughter is a well-known American rapper. Her daughter is a multitalented woman who is a rapper, entrepreneur, and actress. Cardi's real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar.

Cardi is also known as a social media influencer who enjoys being active on the platform. Including Cardi, Clara is also the mother of Hennessy Carolina

Clara Almanzar Previous Marital Status

Clara Almanzar was married to Carlos Almanzar (Ex-Husband) who is Cardi's biological father. The ex-couple began dating in their early twenties. 

Married in 1991, Clara and Carlos share a daughter, Cardi B, after one year of marriage. Similarly, in 1995, the duo welcomed a second daughter Hennessy Carolina.

Clara Almanzar with her two precious daughters, Cardi B, and Hennessy Carolina.
Clara Almanzar with her two precious daughters, Cardi B, and Hennessy Carolina. (Source: Cardi B Wiki)

Unfortunately, Clara divorced Carlos Almanzar in 2005. However, she has not revealed the exact reason behind their divorce. After the divorce, Clara decided to raise her daughters on her own.

Current Relationship Status: Is Clara Almanzar Dating Anyone?

Clara Almanzar is likely to be dating someone from near the Dominican Republic. Most likely, they are planning to tie the knot in the upcoming years. 

Many of Cardi B's fans are eager to know about her mother's current relationship status. Unfortunately, Clara has not revealed her boyfriend's identity.  

Net Worth Of Clara Almanzar and her Daughter

Clara Almanzar, Cardi B mother, has not revealed her exact net worth. But previously, she worked as a cashier in The Bronx for many years, allowing her to support her family.

Clara's daughter Cardi B's net worth of over $40 million just like Marilisa Maronesse's husband Chayenne. While in the music industry, Cardi wrote over seventy songs as a musician. Due to her fame, she got portrayed in many songs as a singer and model.

Besides singing, the Grammy Award winner Cardi collaborated with Starco Brands. Selling over one million Whipshots cans in a year. Famous among youngsters because it contains only 10% alcohol volume. 

Cardi made her appearance as the face of Pepsi for about one year. Either way, she also partnered up with PLBY Group IncI. She also holds the position of a creative director for Playboy and is the founder member of Centerfold. 

Personal Details Of Clara Almanzar

Clara Almanzar's full name is Clara Mercedes Almanzar. She was born on September 19, 1965. As a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, she is a quinquagenarian-age woman.

As of now, Clara is single and lives a low-key life. Not to mention but she has not revealed her parents & other personal details. 

Clara Got Her Dream House As A Gift From Her Daughter

Yes, it is true Clara Almanzar got her dream house as a gift from her daughter Cardi B. The property is located in New York and features he gym and many more facilities. It is a two-story house that everybody wants for their parents. 

Cardi B buys her mother Clara Almanzar a luxurious house.
Cardi B buys her mother Clara Almanzar a luxurious house. Source: Instagram @iamcardib

Cardi told that at the beginning of her career, she couldn't afford a $600,000 house in New York due to some financial issues. After getting success, her dream became a reality on November 19, 2018.

Clara Almanzar's Daughter Cardi B Opens Up Being A Stripper

Clara Almanzar's daughter Cardi B was once a stripper. It is true and she has openly said in an interview being a stripper.  

In the interview, Cardi revealed the incident about how her mother found out that she was a stripper. She has said that she confessed to her mother being a stripper. 

Clara was upset after hearing that her daughter was a stripper. Her expression bothered Cardi B for a moment. After some time, things went right between them. 

Cardi B Got Charged For Assaulting 

Cardi B spends fifteen days in community service throwing bottles at two sisters. This was due to one of the women having an affair with Cardi's husband, Offset.

Cardi B plead guilty for assault charges
Cardi B pleads guilty to assault charges. Source: The New York Times

Cardi admitted to her behavior and after that, she was charged with third and second-degree reckless endangerment. In addition, this incident was reported at Flushing's Angels Strip Club. 

This case is still going. In case Cardi B does not complete the community service she may be sentenced to prison.

Who Is Clara Almanzar's Son-In-Law?

Cardi B, Clara Almanzar's daughter, is a well-known musician in the entertainment industry. She is married to Offset, whose real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus.

Offset and Cardi started dating in 2016 after knowing each other for a year. Offset proposed to Clara's daughter on stage and married in September 2017.

Who Are Clara Almanzar's Grand Child?

Mother of Cardi B, Clara became a grandmother of Kulture Kiari Cephur on July 10, 2018. Moreover, on September 4, 2021, she got blessed with another grandchild Wave Set Cephus.

Cardi and Offset with Clara Almanzar's five grandchildren.
Cardi B and Offset with Clara Almanzar's five grandchildren. Source: People

On the other hand, Clara has five grandchildren in total which includes the Offset children from his previous relationship. She also has three other step-grandchild Kalea Marie Cephus, Kody Cephus, and Jordan Cephus.

Clara Almanzar's Daughter Cardi B Nearly Divorced Offset

In marriage, difficulties can arise at any time, which is also implied in Cardi's relationship. Due to personal issues with Offset, she requested a divorce in September 2020.

Cardi and Offset kissed at a birthday bash
Cardi B and Offset kissed at a birthday bash. Source: entertainment tonight

Fortunately, Both Cardi & Offset kept their personal feelings aside and decided to uphold their relationships. They proved this by kissing in front of everyone at a birthday party.

Is the Mother OF Cardi B, Clara Active On Social Media?

Cardi B's mother Clara Almanzar doesn't like to involve in any social media accounts. On the other hand, her daughter is an active social influencer. 

Cardi B is followed by over 154 million followers on the Instagram account, @iamcardib. She often shares her personal life on her Insta handle. 

Cardi is also listed as one of the most popular content creators on TikTok. She has over 20.4 million followers on her @iamcardib handle

Likewise, @Cardi B has over 18.7 M subscribers on YouTube.

Why's Cardi's Twitter Hadel Profile Feature Penn Badgley?

Two Television stars, Cardi and Penn Badgley share the bond of friendship. Both of them are having a mutual stan fest on Twitter. 

Cardi B featured Penn Badgley on her Twitter account
Cardi B featured Penn Badgley on her Twitter account. source: Twitter

They know each other from Twitter when Penn Badgley first give a shoutout to Cardi B. After that, she replied from @Cardi B on October 17, 2021

At that moment Cardi changed her Twitter profile featuring Penn. She said: 



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