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Relationship Timeline Of Costas Mandylor

Wife : Victoria Ramos
Costas Mandylor married Victoria Ramos in 2013.
Ex-wife : Talisa Soto
Costas Mandylor took the wedding vows with Talisa Soto in 1997 and divorced in 2000.

Costas Mandylor is an Australian actor who rose to prominence after appearing in Picket Fences and Saw. He has huge popularity worldwide, especially among the Australian audience.

Mandylor's real name is Konstantinos Theodosopoulos, but he changed into Costas after he entered the acting field. He was born on September 3, 1965, in Melbourne, Australia.

Mandylor's Parents

Mandylor is the youngest son of Giannis Theodosopoulou and Louiza Theodosopoulou. They were originally from Greece but later moved to Australia.

His father, Giannis, was a Greek taxi driver, whereas his mother, Louiza's profession is still behind the curtains. They are Greek immigrants from the region of the Peloponnese region.

Has An Amazing Brother

Death Count actor Mandylor has a lovely brother named Louis Mandylor. He is also an Australian film star like his older brother Costas. 

Picture of Costas Mandylor's brother Louis Mandylor
Picture of Costas Mandylor's brother Louis Mandylor (Image Source: Binged)

Interestingly, these brothers changed their names by adopting the middle name of their mother because their birth names were too long to memorize as they entered the acting field.

Is Costas Mandylor A Millionaire?

Known for the role of Kenny in Picket Fences, Mandylor is one of the US's richest and most popular actors. He has made $2 million from his acting career, making him a millionaire, just like Josh Stamberg.

Apart from this, he has given many popular movies and TV series to the entertainment industry, which has assisted him in making a huge amount of money. Today he lives a luxurious life because of his hard work and dedication.

Victoria Ramos: Mandylor's Wife

Picket Fences actor Costas Mandylor is married to Victoria Ramos, an American actress. They tied their knot on October 10, 2013, in Greece.

Picture of Costas Mandylor's wife Victoria Ramos
Picture of Costas Mandylor's wife Victoria Ramos (Image Source:

Besides their family members and friends, many celebrities were presented at their wedding ceremony, including Andrei Stoica, Catalin Morosanu, and Gerard Butler.

However, the lovely couple doesn't share any children despite being nine years of their marriage.

Divorced Talisa Soto

Costas Mandylor's first wife is Talisa Soto (a former American actress). The former couple exchanged their vows in May 1997 with their family members, close friends, and colleagues. However, the exact date is still in the dark.

They were happily married until 2000, when they decided to get separated. They divorced after three years of their marriage. Until now, the reasons behind their separation are a mystery.

Owns A French Bulldog

Mobsters actor Mandylor has an amazing black bulldog, a french dog breed. His pet name is Lucas. He has a unique structure and body pattern.

Picture of Costas Mandylor's pet Lucas
Picture of Costas Mandylor's pet Lucas (Image Source: Instagram @realcostasmandylor)

We can often see the picture of Mandylor with his pet on social media sites, where they seem to enjoy each other's company.

A Quick Look At His Acting Career

Mandylor, who is very popular in the acting field, began his career in 1989 by playing the lead role in Triumph of the Spirit. After that, he got into the limelight, which made him appear in The Doors, released in 1991.

Besides this, Mandylor has appeared in a major role in many popular movies and TV series like Mobsters, Picket Fences, and Saw. People know him for his amazing acting skills.

TV Series And Movies 

Mandylor has gained fame through TV series and movies he played throughout his acting career. He has given many superhit movies and successful TV shows to the entertainment industry.

Some of Mandylor's popular TV series are Picket FencesSecret Agent ManPlayers, and NCI, whereas his blockbusters movies are Saw(All Part)MobstersThe Horde, and Night Of The Sicario.

In addition, he is known for the role of Kenny in Picket Fences and Mark Hoffman in the Saw films. He is famous for his role as The Warden in Death Count.

Did You Know?

The Horde actor Costas Mandylor was listed in 50 Most Beautiful People In The World, which People Magazine published in 1991. In the same year, he was featured on the front page of Fashion Magazine along with Mädchen Amick.

Not only this but Mandylor is also listed in 2000 Awesome Aussies Beautiful People. Furthermore, he was born on the same date as Charlie Sheen (father of Cassandra Jade Estevez), an American actor.

At last, his favorite gangster movie is The Godfatherdirected by Francis Ford Coppola, with a 9.2 IMDb rating.

Mandylor: Former Soccer Player

Mandylor was a soccer player before entering the acting field. He was a professional player who used to play for both countries Greece and Australia. However, he stopped playing because of stress fractures to his shins.

Besides being a soccer player, he used to do Thai boxing with his brother Louis and often seemed training.

Tom Skerritt: Mandylor's Mentor

If you don't know about Tom Skerritt, let us inform you that Skerritt is a popular American actor with more than fifty years of experience in the acting field.

Picture of Costas Mandylor's friend and mentor Tom Skerritt (Image Source: Google AllMovie)
Picture of Costas Mandylor's friend and mentor Tom Skerritt (Image Source: AllMovie)

Skerritt has appeared in more than forty films and two hundred television series. He has a good fan following in the US as well as a strong presence on social media.

The fun fact is that Mandylor and Skerritt are good friends who have worked together in several films.

Awards Won By Mandylor

Mandylor has appeared in many popular movies, making him recognized worldwide. Due to his dedication and excellency in his acting career, he has won many awards.

Some of the awards he won throughout his acting journey are "The Actors Award,'' "Dreamer Award," "Jury Choice Award," and "Maverick Movie Award."

Social Media 

Night Of The Sicario actor Mandylor is active on social media platforms. He has an Instagram account, @realcostasmandylor, with more than 11K followers, whereas his Twitter account username goes by @CostasMandylor, with more than 2K followers.

Talking about Mandylor's Facebook account, he has a very good fan following with more than 13K followers. We can find him on Facebook with the username Costas Mandylor.

Body Measurements

Costas Mandylor has a height of 5 feet 8 inches (176 cm) and weighs around 60 kg (132 pounds). He has wonderful blue eyes with brown hair and a beard.

Picture of Costas Mandylor wearing brown jacket
Portrait of Costas Mandylor (Image Source: The Movie Database)

In addition, people in the US are fond of his body and eye color. Mandylor has a good physique which he maintained through exercising. He is very popular, especially among the girls, because of his good looks.

Shared Screen With His Brother

As mentioned earlier, Louis is Costas's younger brother. Both have appeared in the same project, My Brother Cicero, which was released in 1998. It was a short film produced by Louis where Costas was in the lead role.

Besides this, we can see them together in other projects like Saving Private Leo, released in 2002, and Sinner and Saintsreleased in 2010.


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