David Nehdar: The Untold Story of a Mysterious Persona Making Waves

Sun Jul 16 2023
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David Nehdar has been blessed with successful personal and professional life. While Nehdar has earned fame and a reputation in the business world, his marital connection with Lacey Chaberts has made him become the talk of the town

Despite being such a famous personality, David is successful to shield his personal life. So, how is Nehdar handling such unwavering fame and keeping a low profile at the same time? Let's have a sneak peek at how the celebrity husband manages to balance his thriving career and his high-profile marriage.

David Nehdar: Born To Be A Businessman

Lacey Chabert's husband, David Nehdar, is born on August 16, 1974, to be a businessman. Yes, the celebrity husband is a business enthusiast since his childhood. Nehdar belongs to a family of business people, and it's no surprise that he graduated with an MBA degree from Pasadena University.

Lacey Chabert and her co-star together.
Lacey Chabert and her co-star together. Source: Instagram @thereallacy

Nehdar wasted no time in jumping into the family business and his family with their work. His natural talent leads the business to bigger profits. At this point, David's real estate is well-known in the United States.

David Nehdar's Fame Skyrocketed After Marrying Lacey Chabert

The reputed businessman, David Nehdar, married his long-time best friend in 2013. The Hallmark actress couldn't help but gush about being Mrs. Nehdar on her social media. She posted:

"I'm starting off 2014 as a Mrs! Over the holidays, my best friend & love of my life...we became husband & wife!".

Lacey Chabert walking down the aisle with her father.
Lacey Chabert walked down the aisle with her father. Source: Instagram @thereallacy

Following David's marriage which is described as perfect chaos with the Hollywood actress, Lacey Chaberts. People in the showbiz industry also knew of him.

But it was much of Nehdar's identity that was disclosed on the internet. The gossip-mongers and paparazzi were unaware of Chabert's husband. As David, the Sweet Carolina actress loves to keep their dating life private.

Lacey Chabert & David Nehdar's Daughter: Exploring Their Parenthood

From their nuptials of nearly a decade, David Nehdar and Lacey Chaberts are parents of a daughter. The celebrity couple welcomed their precious child Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar on September 8, 2016.

David Nehdar's wife and daughter looking happy..
David Nehdar's wife and daughter looking happy. Source; Instagram @thereallacy

Julia Mim Bella often appears on her mother's Instagram. It looked like Lacey's daughter is afraid of the Easter Bunny. The Hallmark actress shared a picture where her daughter was too scared to make eye contact with the bunny cosplayer.

While David is not seen much with his daughter, it does not mean he does not love her. Nehdar adores Julia equally as she is the center of his family.

David Nehdar's Professional Ventures: Unraveling His Business Endeavors

Well, Lacey Chabert's husband is not in Hallmark movies like herself but is a businessman. He started his work in Ciba-Geigy in 1990 as a territory manager. Following that, he worked as a manager in different companies like ConAgra Foods, Playtex products, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

After gaining enough experience, David formed his own company named InterAmerican Partners in August 2005. Currently, Nehdar is working as SVP of Sales & Business Development at Blue Chip Group.

David Nehdar's Net Worth: A Glimpse into His Financial Success

The son of a business mogul has created his own financial empire now. David Nehdar with his talent and wit has amassed a net worth of a staggering $9 Million and has become a self-made millionaire.

David Nehdar and his wife live a rich lifestyle.
David Nehdar and his wife live a rich lifestyle. Source; Instagram @thereallacy

Similarly, Nehdar's wife, Lacey Chabert is worth $4 Million. Chabert makes money from her acting and voicing career. Together, the couple, David and Lacey own several real estate and properties.

Being a property developer, David knows what he is investiFrench-style mansion in a French-inspired villa in the Tarzana neighborhood for $1.9 Million.

Maintaining Privacy: Nehdar's Strategy to Stay Out of the Limelight

Despite achieving fame and celebrity status, David Nehdar has been successful to shield his personal life from the media. What is his strategy to stay out of the limelight? Well, one of the reasons is his life away from social media platforms

In the era where people share their every second on social media, David has kept himself away from it. Also, he does not appear on Lacey's social media too.

Nehdar makes public appearances rarely. Even though he is living a private lifestyle, it is known that David is a supportive husband. The businessman has got Lacey's back.




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