Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar

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Mon Dec 12 2022
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Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar is a celebrity daughter who has been in the limelight due to her parents' fame. She is the daughter of a famous movie and TV series actress, Lacey Chabert and her husband, David Nehdar. Her father is a business Tycoon who has made a fortune through his real estate business. 

Julia is a star child who is currently living with her parents in New York. She was born on September 8, 2016. Julia is the granddaughter of Tony Chabert and Julie Chabert

Her grandfather Tony Chabert is also a famous businessman who has established a great empire in the real estate business. So keep scrolling to learn more about her personal details and net worth.

Marriage Life Of Julia Mimi Bella's Parents

Julia's parents got married in 2013. Her parents, Lacey and David, exchanged their wedding vows on behalf of their close family and friends.

 Julia Mimi Bella's Parents David Nehdar And Lacey Chabert At Their Wedding Ceremony
Image: Julia Mimi Bella's Parents David Nehdar And Lacey Chabert At Their Wedding Ceremony
Source: Pinterest

Mimi Bela's father, David Nehdar, is an American businessman who has taken an interest in the Real Estate business. He was born in the United States on August 16, 1974. Her father is a well-known businessman, and his Real State Empire is well-renowned in the United States.

Likewise, her mother is a famous actress who has been in many Hollywood hits, as well as many hit TV series.

Secret Love Affair Of Julia's Parents

Following a couple of years of dating, David and Lacey agreed to get married. Lacey claimed he was her closest mate. During this time, their partnership became largely intimate, not disclosing many specifics to the media. 

Finally, they revealed that they had been married in December. The pair has only been seen as part of a few red-carpet events. Therefore the number of media is uncertain regarding David's real during those days.

More About Julia Mimi Bella

In 2016, Lacey Julia's mother revealed on Twitter that she was expecting a baby. The news was made by sharing an image of her dog wearing a shirt that says my mom has a daughter, and all I get is this dumb shirt.

Julia Mimi Bella's And Mother Lacey Chabert
mage: Julia Mimi Bella's And Mother Lacey Chabert
Source: Twitter@laceychabert

Following the launch, she kept followers up to date with a range of pictures about a week before release. It was then announced via Instagram that their child was a baby. Furthermore, a post was made during the first week of September to welcome their daughter Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar.

Income And Earnings

Julia is just a kid to have any sort of income and net worth. However, she has a comfortable and luxurious life through her parent's income and earnings, similar to David Blaine's daughter Dessa Blaine.

Her father is a businessman, so he must be earning thousands of dollars. Dessa has an estimated net worth of $9 million. He is involved in the real estate business, and it for sure he earns a large sum of profit by selling buildings, land and house.

Additionally, her mother is a famous TV actress and movie actress who has an enormous amount of wealth through her profession. Speaking of her net worth, she has a huge net worth of $4 million assured through her acting career.

She has acted on Hollywood hits like Sanitarium, A Holiday Heist, Destruction Party, Thirst, In My Sleep and many more. Moreover, she has also summoned high income through TV series. 

She has appeared in series like Winter in Vail, Christmas In Rome, Love on Safari and many more. So through these projects, she must have earned a six-digit salary similar to Natassia Demetriou.


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