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Wed Jun 01 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Esther Fein Remnick

Husband : David Remnick
Esther Fein Remnick, has been married to her husband, David Remnick on 1987.

Former American reporter Esther Fein Remnick is best known for reporting for the worldwide leading reading newspaper, The New York Times. She is also a news contributor for the influential American daily journal, The Washington Post. Currently, she is a freelance writer in Washington.

Esther was born Esther Beth Fein in the United States of America and held American citizenship. She is the daughter of Hyman William Fein (father), a native of Monsey, New Jersey

On the other side, she is a married woman. To know more about Remnick's personal life, read the article till the end.

Marital Relationship With Editor Of The New Yorker

The former New York Times reporter, Esther married David Remnickthe editor of The New Yorker,in a Jewish ceremony performed by a New Jersey-based Rabbi Nachum Muschel and Rabbi Andre Ungar

Esther and David's marriage was held on October 25, 1987, at the Lincoln Square Synagogue in Manhattan, New York City. Before tieing the knot, they got engaged in April 1987.

Esther Fein Remnick and her husband, David Remnick tied the wedding knot on October 25, 1987
Photo: Esther Fein Remnick and her husband, David Remnick, tied the wedding knot on October 25, 1987
Source: Getty Images

On a similar hand, their parents, Barbara Seigel, Edward C. Remnick (from David's side), and Hyman William Fein (from Esther's side), planned their beautiful nuptial.

David Remnick and Esther Remnick's son Noah Remnick
Image: David Remnick and Esther Remnick's son Noah Remnick 
Source: Business Insider

The pair are living cherishable moments while maintaining a strong marital bond as well. The married pair celebrated their 34th anniversary in October 2021

From the marital relationship, Esther and her spouse David shared three adorable kids. They are Alex RemnickNoah Remnick, and Natasha Remnick. Esther and David's son studied at Yale University.

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Esther FeinNet Worth

Esther Fein Remnick's net worth is estimated to be around $150 Thousand. She earned a total wealth from her reporting works. She is currently earning a fruitful salary from her current profession, i.e., freelance writer. 

Meanwhile, Esther's husband maintains a whopping total fortune of $3 Million. He collects a substantial remuneration from his editing works. Likewise, the average income of an editor of The New Yorker is $74,187 annuallywhich might be Remnick's average payroll per year.

Grasping The Skill Of Writing

The former reporter, Esther, got her life-turning opportunity after becoming the reporter for The New York Times. Furthermore, she became the news contributor for The Washington Post. Since then, she has been experiencing the arts of writing as a freelance writer.

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On the other hand, Esther's spouse also pursued his career as a reporter for The Washington Post in 1982. He then became a staff writer for The New Yorker in September 1992. He currently serves as the editor for the magazine since 1998, where Jane Mayer also works.

Esther's Husband, (David)'s Publications

Esther's beloved spouse, David, wrote his first book, Lenin's Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire, in 1993. The book is listed at the price of $9.89, which includes 40 new ($10.49), 119 used ($9.89), and four collectible ($6.99).

David Remnick wrote his second book, The Devil Problem: And Other True Stories
Image: David Remnick's second novel, The Devil Problem: And Other True Stories, received 4.5 stars out of 5 
Source: Amazon

David wrote his second novel, The Devil Problem: And Other True Stories, on 30th September 1997, about the sketch of Lenin's Tomb. It currently prizes $14.60 in paperback, including 25 used ($0.25), new ($10.60) and collectible ($12.00). It also costs $19.40 in hardcover that consists of 47 used ($0.01), seven new ($12.99), and nine collectibles ($5.00).

Remnick's third book, Resurrection: The Struggle for a New Russia, is the story of the Soviet Union. For his book, he received a Pulitzer Prize garnering four stars out of five from 12 ratings. As of now, it costs $17.00 in paperback, which includes 53 used ($0.10), five new ($11.74).

The New Yorker's editor wrote several books, including King of the World, Wonderful Town, The New Gilded Age, and The Fun of It: Stories from The Talk of the Town, The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama, and various others.

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