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Thu Feb 02 2023
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Dolvett Quince is an American reality star born on August 20, 1973, in Stamford, Connecticut. Stamford is a beautiful and populous city in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. He is one of the most successful personal trainers in the USA and a New York Times Best Seller. 

Quince became famous as the leading trainer on the American version of The Biggest Loser from season 12 to season 17.

Struggling Childhood & Family Background

The Reality Star Quince started struggling from the young age of five. His father left him and his family when he was four years old, and his mother spent a lot of time trying to reconcile with him. 

However, that led her to neglect her family even further. As a result, social workers removed the children from their biological mothers. 

Dolvett Quince's childhood photograph
Dolvett Quince's childhood photograph. (Source: Instagram @Dolvett Quince)

Quince was later got adopted by a foster family. He was very much in need of money when he grew up, But he was not short of talent and hard work. His childhood experience challenged him to become a hardcore trainer and earn for himself.

Is Dolvett Quince Married? Or Dating?

Quince is not married but dating Tamara Jaber, a Sydney singer, and songwriter. They met in the early 2010s through her Los Angeles-based manager Lee Kernis.

The romantic couple Quince and Jaber started dating in 2012. Although the news was not confirmed, they enjoyed part of their life together, accompanying them at dinner and other occasions. 

Dolvett Quince and his girlfriend Tamara Jaber.
Dolvett Quince and his girlfriend, Tamara Jaber. (Source: Instagram @Dolvett Quince)

Instead, he has not shared any information about his relationship status, whether he is married or has another girlfriend, but he is blessed with a son.

Isiah Quince: Only Son Of Dolvett Quince

Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens actor Quince has a son, Isiah Quince. However, Isiah's mother's name is still behind the curtain, as he has not publicly disclosed it.

Dolvett Quince and Isiah Quince have appeared in public on multiple occasions. For example, they attended Kickball For A Home - Celebrity Challenge in 2014. He has posted many pictures with his son on Instagram. 

Dolvett Quince and his son Isiah Quince
Dolvett Quince and his son Isiah Quince. (Source: Instagram @Dolvett Quince)

Quince has also not shared any personal information related to his son. Currently, he lives with his young son with immense love and care.

Quince's Training Career 

Quince became famous for his character as the leading trainer on the American version of The Biggest Loser from season 12 to season 17. He also worked as a corporate trainer in Atlanta, Georgia, before becoming an independent contractor. 

Quince started by training his best friend, Bert Weiss, from The Bert Show, which changed his fortune. Bert explains how he helped him transform his body. 

Personal trainer Dolvett Quince is sleeveless showing his biceps. (
Personal trainer Dolvett Quince is sleeveless, showing his biceps. (Source: Instagram @Dolvett Quince)

As a result, he slowly started building a celebrity clientele, including Justin Bieber, Boris Kodjoe, Janet Jackson, Angela Bassett, Michael Jai White, and more. 

Quince was highly in demand after that. Because of this, he could not satisfy all of his clients. So he decided to teach others to train the Body Sculptor way. In 2011 he was also hired to be part of a reality TV series.

Dolvett Quince: Author Of The Book The 3-1-2-1 Diet.

The 3-1-2-1 Diet writer Quince used his gym Body Sculptor to release a workout DVD titled Me and My Chair: The No-Excuses Workout. The DVD had supportive responses that inspired him to release a book.

In 2013 Quince published the book The 3-1-2-1 Diet, which became a New York Times Best Seller after its release. Because of the successes of his DVD, books, and association with The Biggest Loser, he started to release many DVDs over the years.

Dolvett Quince authored the book The 3-1-2-1 Diet.
Dolvett Quince authored the book The 3-1-2-1 Diet.  (Source: Instagram @Dolvett Quince)

Some of his famous works include The Biggest Loser: 8 Minute Body Blasters, The Biggest Loser: 30 Day Power X-TrainThe Biggest Loser: Power Ab Blast, and many more.

In 2019, Quince released a second book, Work Out the Doubt, and later transformed it into an audio file and a podcast. The podcast is about health and wellness, with an open dialogue about self-actualizations, psychiatric problems, mental issues, and emotional struggles. It also talks about how to maintain a healthy, mindful balance.

Moreover, Quince has made many keynote speeches and guest appearances throughout his career.

How Rich Is Dolvett Quince?

Dolvett Quince enjoys a net worth of $82 million like Jared Kushner. He made money from his occupation as an Actor, reality star, and in commercials. He also earns as a writer and entrepreneur.

Dolvett Quince showing his income.
Dolvett Quince is showing his income. (Source: Instagram @Dolvett Quince)

His wealth includes all his assets, capital, and surplus. Quince earns a large bungalow in Stamford with a luxury car. 

Siblings Of Quince

Popular Fitness model Quince has three siblings. As mentioned earlier, his siblings also went through the same struggling phase during their childhood. All of them were adopted by a Jamaican couple. 

They were very strict but imparted them to be disciplined, which allowed Quince to become firm and used it as an inspiration to become a trainer.

In addition, Quince also thanked the couple for not splitting up the family siblings, In an interview with Uptown Magazine in 2013.

Physical Appearance

Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens actor Quince is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm). However, his weight is still behind the curtain. Quince was born bald with dark brown colored eyes.

Dolvett Quince posing for a full-figure picture in a black suit.
Dolvett Quince is posing for a full-figure picture in a black suit. (Source: Instagram  @Dolvett Quince)

Being a reality star, Quince maintains his body and does a daily workout to keep his body strong, fit, and healthy, but his proper body measurement is not officially disclosed.

Career As An Actor  

In 2011, Quince's life was transformed when NBC's Biggest Loser producers called and hired him to be part of the reality TV series. He also portrayed the role of Francois in the TV Series House of Payne in 2008.

In 2016Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens was released, where he played the role of Mickey the Trainer. The TV series also got an outstanding response from the viewers.

What Does Quince Do During His Free Time?

Quince mostly spends time in his gymnasium, busy with workouts and training. He also spends some time writing books a well

 Dolvett Quince is enjoying the Beach.
 Dolvett Quince is enjoying the Beach. (Source Instagram  @Dolvett Quince)

Quince also loves playing sports, swimming, and traveling during his free time, as we can see many pictures on his Instagram. 

Is Quince A Social Media Freak?

Quince is very active on social media to interact and get updated with the fans. He is active on Instagram @Dolvett Quincewith more than 171K followers. He mostly posts pictures of the travelogue, his family, and his professional life.

Quince is also very active on this Twitter, @Dolvett Quince with more than 183k followers, and on Facebook as @Dolvett Quincewith more than 282K followers.


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