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Singer, social Media Star (1988)
Thu May 25 2023
By   Prajwol

Let's unravel DopeIsland's personal life and look at some interesting facts about his life.

DopeIsland is a famous social media star turned artist who has amassed followers through his Vines. He describes himself as a funny guy that laughs at everything on his Instagram bio. He is also known as Seventh Angelo.

The vine-star DopeIsland appears as an open guy. He does prefer to stay in a close-knit circle. Comic-turned-musician keeps his personal information out of the media reach, which has made his life a mystery. 

Who Is DopeIsland Dating? Know His Girlfriend

DopeIsland A.K.A Seventh Angelo is currently in a committed relationship. He revealed his relationship status via Instagram on February 16, 2023

DopeIsland and his new girlfriend together.
DopeIsland and his new girlfriend together. Source: Instagram @dopeisland

The Social Media Star had posted a series of pictures with his new girlfriend. DopeIsland had captioned the image as:

We already locked in 😮‍💨❤️

DopeIsland has not shared the name of his new girlfriend yet. His fans and followers were all happy when they knew the Vine star was back in the dating game.

DopeIsland Ex-Girlfriend Venus Marquez

DopeIsland had dated Instagram model Venus Marquez previously. The former couple used to be very close and were in their own world. Unfortunately, Angelo and Marquez's relationship did not last long. 

DopeIsland and his ex-girlfriend broke up in 2018, the same year famous singer Dua Lipa and Issac Crew broke up.

DopeIsland and his ex-girlfriend Venus Marquez broke up in 2018.
DopeIsland and his ex-girlfriend Venus Marquez broke up in 2018. Source: Instagram @theshaderoomteens

Many people might wonder if the relationship was going that well between the couple, why did DopeIsland and Venus break up? Well, the relationship between the former couple had turned sour.

DopeIsland's Ex-girlfriend Venus accused him as an abusive partner. She had captioned:

"Your fav comedian is abusive. Stop Stanning People you do not know. Tea."

DopeIsland A.K.A Angelo Zeigler was accused of being abusive by his ex-girlfriend Venus Marquez.
DopeIsland A.K.A Angelo Zeigler was accused of being abusive by his ex-girlfriend Venus Marquez. Source: Instagram @theshaderoomteens

Lots of DopeIsland's fans were enraged by this. According to them, DopeIsland does not have a personality like that. In addition to this, she does not have any marks that prove he abused her physically.

DopeIsland: Age, Real Name & Parents

The Vine star DopeIsland was born on May 20, 1988, in Michigan, United States of America. Although known as DopeIsland, his real name is Angelo Zeigler.

Dopelsland is close to his parents and family members. He often talks about them in his content, especially about his mother. However, he does respect their personal spaces and thus has not disclosed their identity yet.

DopeIsland Loves Music: Transition From DopeIsland To Seventh Angelo

One thing that Angelo, i.e., DopeIsland, enjoys is music. He loves HipHop the most and also has a liking for other genres.

Did You Know? DopeIsland is a singer and has released many songs. He released songs like Pain Interlude, Dog Out of Cage, Anything, on my life, and more.

Angelo's love for music transitioned him from Comedian to musician. Yes, he became the artist Seventh Angelo from DopeIsland. The social media star has further explained his transition on the YouTube channel KennyKnoxTV.

DopeIsland And Meechonmars Are Good Friends

Yes, the two social media stars DopeIsland and MeechOnMars are good friends. Both personalities have their own style and content, which differ from each other. 

MeechOnMars posted picture with DopeIsland which they clicked for prom 2016citing bestfriends.
MeechOnMars posted a picture with DopeIsland, which they clicked for prom 2016 citing best friends. Source: Twitter @Meech Arlert

Despite their differences, DopeIsland and Meechonmar have one thing in common: they both have a strong sense of identity and are confident in their work. 

Vine star Angelo A.K.A DopeIsland has collaborated with MeechOnMars in some of his content. One can find the duo together on TikTok.

DopeIsland Net Worth - Does He Live A Rich Lifestyle? 

DopeIsland has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Looking at his Instagram profile, he lives a comfortable life. He earns money from multiple sources.

DopeIsland received massive success in social media. He makes earnings from it. Furthermore, he has also released songs. Not only this, but the music artist also sells hoodies. His hoodies are available at good life clothing.

Rise To Success

Angelo had created a Vine user account with the thought of only watching. Later, he became a content creator in the app, just like Sione Kelepi. He started posting videos, and his content on the 6-second video app helped him rise to stardom.

DopeIsland shared commentary on current topics and his views on music, sports, and fashion trends after VIne and before starting as a musician. Further, he also had social and collaborativeness in his videos.

The comedian cum Music artist Angelo straddles different ethnic and demographic cultures with ease. Zeigler has a strong sense of identity.

Did You Know DopeIsland Has Acted?

One of the most intriguing facts about DopeIsland is that he has acted. With his vibrant expression, the music artist has made his appearance on ‘Camp Unplug'.

Camp Unplug is a comedy series. It was the first long Vines series where 13 Vines star made their appearances. One of them was DopeIsland. 

DopeIsland Is Popular In Social Media Platforms

After acquiring success in the Vine app, DopeIsland collected followers on other social media platforms. With all this love and support, he became a social media star.

DopeIsland has over 1M followers on his Instagram. His user id on Instagram is @dopeisland. Likewise, he also has a TikTok account with a similar range of followers as Instagram. In addition to this, Angelo also has a YouTube Channel and Twitter.

DopeIsland Physical Appearance & Measurements

Angelo has maintained his body healthy as well as sexy. He stands at a height of 6 feet tall and weighs around 72 kg. Zeigler also has tattoos on his body. 

DopeIsland has unique sense of style.
DopeIsland has a unique sense of style. Source: Instagram @dopeisland

Speaking of appearance, the music artist DopeIsland has black hair and brown eyes. He has a casual and sporty dressing style. He has a unique style and outlook, which is youthful and creative.


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