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Actress, Writer, Model (1993)
Sun Apr 23 2023
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Eleanor Lambert is an American actress, model, and writer popularly known for her parents. Eleanor is the daughter of the famous Christopher Lambert and Diane Lane. Her mother is known for movies like Inside Out, The Outsiders, and Unfaithful. Her father's movies are Highlander and Fortress.

The celebrity daughter is an actress too! Eleanor has worked in movies and TV series like FBI: Most Wanted and Paris Can Wait. Lane's daughter accumulated a massive net worth. Eleanor stands at the height of 5 Feet and 9 Inches (175 cm) and has a body weight of 115 lbs (52 kg). Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Relationship Status: Is Eleanor Lambert Seeing Anyone?

Eleanor Lambert is not single and has a man in her life. We are still trying to find out her boyfriend's name. However, he lives a low-profile life and hasn't revealed much about himself. But she has given him a nickname, and it's Lil P

Eleanor Lambert is wearing a green dress whereas, her boyfriend is wearing a denim jacket.
Eleanor Lambert with her boyfriend (Source: Eleanor Lambert Instagram @ello_kitty)

According to Eleanor's Insta account the posts, she and Lil P got into a relationship on December 13, 2017. Her man is also absent from social media. So, Lambert's boyfriend remains hidden from the spotlight.

Eleanor's Parents Are No Longer Together

Eleanor Lambert's parents sadly no longer live under the same roof. She is the daughter of film stars Diane Lane and Christopher Lambert. The two had walked down the aisle on October 29, 1988, and decided to end their marriage on March 1, 1994.

Diane Lane is pointing at something as Christopher Lambert is looking.
Eleanor Lambert's parents, Christopher Lambert and Diane Lane in Liebestraum (Source: YouTube)

The reason why Eleanor parent's decision to end their marriage remains a mystery, but they did end things on good terms. Express has mentioned in their article that these two are still friends. 

When Diane went through the divorce with her second husband, Eden Brolin's father, Josh Brolin, Christopher said that he would help if needed.

Christopher and Diane are both movie actors. Eleanor's father has worked in movies like Highlander and Fortress and even voiced the character Raiden in the popular Mortal Kombat game. 

Lambert's mother, Lane, has a greater impact on the industry! Diane was previously nominated for an Oscar in 2003 for Unfaithful.

Education Background

Eleanor Lambert, besides acting and writing, also has an experience with journalism. And her formal education background is also in the same field as she has studied journalism and communication. 

Lane's daughter studied at the New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She studied there from 2011 to 2016. She was a brilliant student and had even made it to the dean's list more than once. 

Modeling Works

Eleanor Lambert has been more active in the modeling industry than she has been in acting. She has been working as a model since the early 2010s. Lambert is currently under KEY Talent Management.

Eleanor Lambert is posing by putting her right hand on her right cheek in front of a yellow background.
Eleanor Lambert in one of her photo shoots. (Source: Eleanor Lambert Instagram @ello_kitty)

Eleanor previously worked under One Model Management for a very long time. She first started working for them in early 2016. Even before that, she used to get employed by Wilhelmina Models agency. She worked with the agency for over two years, from June 2014 to November 2016.

The Paris Can Wait starring actress's love for modeling happened after seeing one of the models. That woman was the super-popular model Kate Moss. New York Post mentioned in their article that she saw the picture of Kate in a magazine that led her to become a model. Lambert was only 12 at the time.

Also Works As A Freelance Writer

Eleanor doesn't do a lot of movies, but that doesn't mean she has a lot of free time. Lambert was a freelance writer for many years. Since she has studied journalism, her writing works are related to something similar.

Eleanor's writing range is diverse as she has written for entertainment magazines like Teen Vogue and political magazines like Vice. Her LinkedIn page shows Lambert has actively worked as a freelance writer since 2014.

Eleanor Lambert on her graduation day. (Source: Eleanor Lambert Instagram @ello_kitty)

Christopher Eleanor's daughter has previously worked for Village Voice magazine as well. She served as the editor's assistant and helped with the writing. Her primary work while there was getting involved in writing related to music. 

Eleanor also got to chance to interview a lot of music artists while there. She also used to write about musicians and concerts for a popular newspaper.

A Brief On Eleanor Lambert's Acting Career

Eleanor Lambert's acting career hasn't kicked off just yet. Eleanor has hardly done a few films at the period of this writing. It's safe to say Lambert's parents influenced her growing up, given they are actors. She is represented by CESD Talent Agency today.

Eleanor has only worked on seven projects so far. As per her IMDb page Lambert's first ever work was a short film in 2008. The film was called X. The celebrity child didn't act for many years, and her following work was in 2016. 

The movie was called Paris Can Wait, and she played the role of Alexandra. Her mother, Diane Lane, was also in the flick, and Jane Sasso's brother, Alec Baldwin

Lambert's other works are Rainfall, the Band, Time Now, and Apostrophe. She has also featured in an episode of a hit TV series, FBI: Most Wanted.

Net Worth Of Diane Lane's Daughter

Eleanor Lambert's net worth has been estimated to be $1 Million. Her primary source of income is acting. Lambert's wealth status might not seem impressive for an actress. But remember, her filmography is much less than other top film artists.

Eleanor Lambert attended a Dior event. (Source: Eleanor Lambert Instagram @ello_kitty)

Eleanor's movie, Paris Can Wait, is the most commercially successful movie she has worked on. The movie had a box office collection of $5.6 Million as per Rotten Tomatoes. 

Besides acting, Lambert is also involved in modeling works and earns some money as a model. A typical model in America bags a roughly estimated $98k annually. But top earners take home an estimated $200,000 a year.

Eleanor Lambert: Social Media Presence

Eleanor Lambert is present on the internet through the platform of social media. Lambert is on Instagram, and you can find her on her page @ello_kitty.

The actress from Time Now posts all kinds of stuff on her Instagram. She shares about her work, her personal life, her boyfriend, and even her cat.

Eleanor shared her views on social issues. Lambert has touched the BLM movement, climate change, and American elections in the past. Aside from social issues, Lambert is also involved in philanthropy.

Charity Works

Eleanor is a bit of an activist; she has been very vocal about the availability of healthy foods. She believes food is a fundamental human right. And it should be made accessible to everyone.

Eleanor Lambert is holding the piece of paper that says earth week 2020 which is written by her.
Eleanor Lambert celebrating Earth Week (Source: Eleanor Lambert Instagram @ello_kitty)

Diane Lane's daughter's fights for food have also led her to be associated with Seeds in the Middle. It is a charity organization that organizes nutritional programs for kids to teach them how to prepare healthy food.

Besides that, Eleanor is also an environmentalist and has been very vocal about the issue of climate change. She has made it very clear how she feels about the use of fossil fuels and has also been an active supporter of The Climate and Community Investment Act.

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