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Actor, Model (1985)
Fri Feb 24 2023
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Ernest Pierce has been involved in the entertainment industry as an actor, writer, and producer. He has worked on many movies and TV shows, with some of his recognizable works being 2016, DTLA, and The Young and the Restless. 

Pierce is also a model with a height of 6 Feet (182 cm). Like many actors, the Chicago-hailing actor also started out doing Broadway musicals. Some of the popular theatres shows that he has been involved with are West Side Story, FAME the musical, and The Piano Lesson.

Ernest Pierce's Net Worth

2016 actor Ernest Pierce has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. He may have worked on many movies and shows, but he is still looking for his big break. It is because most of the things he has worked at haven't been much commercial success.

Ernest Pierce is posing with the bag pack in the picture.
Ernest Pierce doing a paid promotion (Source: Ernest Pierce Instagram @ernestpierce)

Pierce's IMDb page has mentioned some of the salaries he has been paid for his work. He received $4,500 for Innocent Eyes, $10,200 for A Tennis Shoe in the Street, and $19,000 for The Other Side: Live or Die. Acting remains his main source of income. Besides that, he also makes some money through his modeling work.

Ernest Pierce Previously Married To Daniella Gorski

Ernest Pierce was previously married to Daniella Gorski, which makes her his ex-wife. Per his IMDb page, their marriage lasted only around four years. The two had walked down the aisle on June 2, 2008, and ended their marriage on September 8, 2012.

Both Daniella and Pierce have not disclosed much about their relationship. So, the reason behind their divorce remains to be discovered. Also, the story of how these two met remains to be known.

Pierce Gorski lives a very private life and has not disclosed her whereabouts. Pierce, however, is active in the media. He is still looking for the love of his life, as his current relationship status is single. Right now, he is focused on his career.

Ernest Pierce's Modeling Works

The 6 Feet tall actor Ernest Pierce is involved in modeling works. He has a ripped body and will continue to maintain his body shape as long as he works as a model. He has worked with numerous top people in the business, like Tom Silk, 100sJewerly, Brandley Otto Posey, and much more.

Ernest Pierce is wearing a shirt that isn't bottoned thus, showing his six pack abs.
Ernest Pierce in one of his photo shoots (Source: Ernest Pierce Instagram @ernestpierce)

Pierce has collaborated with a lot of companies and has found success. One such company he has collaborated with is Hustler. He is an underwear model and has done numerous photoshoots wearing Hustler's garments.

What Is Pierce's Education?

Pierce's love for acting got him to learn about arts and theatre. He studied theatre and performing arts at the same institute realtor Kayla Laws studied, i.e., Los Angeles Pierce College. He was in the institution from 2008 till 2009. He was involved in the Department of Performance and Training Stage Makeup Department at the college.

Besides that, Ernest also has a degree in Bachelor of Arts. He got this degree from the University of Illinois Carnet Centre for the Performing Arts, where he studied from 1999 to 2003.

Ernest's education is not just limited to the arts, though. While studying for his Bachelor of Arts, he is also doing his Bachelor of Science. According to his Linkedin, he got this degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Rumored To Be Bisexual

The DTLA actor Pierce was rumored to be bisexual because of the same series. The rumor started because of the character he played in DTLA, Stefan Broxon. Broxon was a bisexual lawyer in the show. However, the rumors are fake as he is not bisexual. It was just the character of the show that he had portrayed.

Ernest Pierce has a serious look on his face in the picture.
Ernest Pierce as Stefan Broxon in DTLA (Source: OUTtv YouTube Channel)

Broxon was an interesting character in the show. In an interview published on All Things Ernest Pierce, he mentioned that the most interesting thing he liked about the character was that he was not confused. Usually, bisexual characters in movies and shows are portrayed as not knowing what they want, but that wasn't the case with Broxon.

Also Involved In Real Estate

Decker actor Pierce is also involved in real estate. He works as a managing director at WeLeaseCali in West Hollywood. He may have joined the company in March 2017, but he has been working in real estate for over two decades. 

The company WeLeaseCali is focused on leasing properties. Besides that, it is also involved in sales, management, and other work. Pierce works in real estate as a consultant, leasing, among others.

Ernest has also worked for Laramar Group, a real estate investment and property management company. He worked in the company for two years, serving as the Community Manager of Laramar Group from 2013 to 2015.

Associated With Pierce's Productions Inc

The 2016 actor Pierce is associated with Pierce's Productions Inc, but his association with the company is not limited to acting. He has worked as a creative director and chief operating officer(COO). His creative director works in the company are related to Fashion and Beauty, whereas his COO works are related to movies like producing, directing, writing, and training.

Ernest Pierce is wearing a dress with white flowers designed on it.
Ernest Pierce in Townhouse Confidential (Source: Ernest Pierce Instagram @ernestpierce)

Ernest has been involved with the subdivision of the company Peirce Productions as an actor. Besides that, he also served as the company's CEO, per his LinkedIn profile, for a year, from 2009 to 2010.

Social Media Presence

Pierce is on social media, and you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. His Insta page, Twitter handle, and Facebook page are @ernestpierce, @ernestpierce, and @Ernest Pierce, respectively. 

Most of the posts on all three platforms are related to Pierce's work. His posts are usually about his movies, shows, and modeling photoshoots. It seems like he also loves memes and funny mini-clips on the internet as he likes to share a lot of memes and funny clips on his Insta page. 

A Brief On Ernest Pierce's Career

Ernest Pierce has acted in numerous movies and tv series today. However, his first love of acting came from Broadway, where he made a name for himself through shows like West Side Story, FAME the Musical, and Son of a Preacher man, among others. Since then, he has switched to movies and television and has found relative success.

The biggest film Ernest has been involved with is the legendary Christian Bale starrer, The Dark Knight Trilogy. However, he only got to work as an extra in these films. As per IMDb, he played one of the SWAT team members in the first two films and played the role of a Gotham City police officer in the third one.

Ernest, some recognizable movies and TV shows are DTLA, 2016, Decker, and Witchcraft 16: Hollywood Coven. He has been active in the industry since 2005. He is yet to be part of a huge, commercially successful film.


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