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Wed Mar 18 2020
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Mikaela Wellner (born in 1998), is one of the rising celebrity daughters who came to attention because of her parents. She is the daughter of American television journalist and businesswoman, Deborah Norville and Swedish businessman, Karl Wellner. Mikaela recently completes her higher education at Duke University, which is located in Durham, North Carolina.

Mikaela is doing well in her marketing business. Recently, she completed her MMS 220: Marketing Management with Professor Lin and also finished her intern at The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Asides from her work, let's find out what is going on in her personal life.

Does Mikaela Wellner have a Boyfriend?

Mikaela Wellner is only spotted with her mother so far. It suggests that she is currently single as Wellner is not spotted cozying up with any guys as of now. 

Mikaela Wellner attends the Duke Men’s Basketball game with her mother, Deborah Norville on Febuary 21, 2019
Snap: Mikaela Wellner attends the Duke Men’s Basketball game with her mother, Deborah Norville on February 21, 2019
Source: Instagram @deborahnorville

In addition, Deborah's daughter is fond of savoring her time with her parents and two older siblings. Similarly, she often takes part with her mother in numerous activities, events, and programs. So far, instead of being in a romantic relationship with someone, she is now concentrating on her studies.

Apart from that, Mikaela Wellner, aged 23 is currently a freshman, with her mother, Norville, attending the ever-popular NCAA basketball games at colleges. 

Mikaela's Parents Met in a Blind Date

In Sweden, Deborah Norville and Karl have a number of relatives to thank for their matchmaking. They had their first interaction in New York in 1985, on a blind date that was set by their relative. Even before their meetings, the two already knew each other. 

It's because the relatives of Deborah used to talk about Wellner when she was going to Sweden to meet relatives. The mother of three kids, Norville even said she would never have her husband in the interview if it wasn't for her family. 

Then, suddenly, Karl purposed twice, once in a New York sandwich shop and later on a Brazilian mountaintop. “I said ‘yes’ both times,” Norville stated.

Karl Wellner with his wife Deborah Norville
Photo: The Hollywood couple, Deborah Norville and  Karl Wellner
Source: Heavy

Then soon, the lovely couple began dating and also announced their engagement after 4 months later. Despite both living a life of high pressure, the couple planned their wedding and went on a three-week honeymoon tour. Whenever they could, the pair crammed into phone calls, meetings, auditions, and fittings.

Mikaela Wellner's Parents Wedding

Even though it's nearly cliche for wealthy celebrities to go through countless relationships, Norville 62, and Karl Wellner, 67 have stood the test of time for almost 33 years. Exchanging wedding vows on December 12, 1987, in New York City, the pair looks like they're as in love as ever.

Their marriage took place at St. James Episcopal Church in New York City among their loved ones, in Swedish and English. On a special day, the bride wore strapless, full-length shirred silk gowns with matching ruby red, emerald green, and gold bolero jackets.

CEO, Karl Wellner marries Deborah Norville at St. James Episcopal Church on December 12, 1987
Photo: CEO, Karl Wellner marries Deborah Norville at St. James Episcopal Church on December 12, 1987.
Source: Pinterest

Parents of the bridegroom, Mr. and Mrs. Gert Wellner, of Stockholm, attended the wedding and reception party. Norville is the daughter of Zachary S. and the late, Merle O. Norville. Also her stepmother Dalton, Ga attended their big event. A reception followed on Park Avenue, at the American Society.

Guests included broadcast journalists from Chicago, including Ron Magers, Joan Esposito, Linda Yu, and Terry Savage.

Wellner's Mother, Deborah was a Cancer Victim

Inside Edition host revealed on April 1, 2019, that she would undergo surgery to remove a cancerous thyroid nodule on her neck. When Norville had the lump checked out for the first time, it was small, and until recently it was benign for years.

 Inside Edition host , Deborah Norville went through cancer surgery in 2019
Picture: Inside Edition host, Deborah Norville went through cancer surgery in 2019
Source: Instagram @deborahnorville

As cancer is highly small, the 61-year-old does not require chemotherapy or radiation. The cancerous nodule was removed by small surgically and everything went great. 

Younger Sister of Two Elder Brothers

The beautiful lady Mikaela Wellner is the loving sister of two brothers named Nick Wellner and Kyle Wellner who are in their early 20's. Well, Nick's firstborn child of Deborah and Karl was born in 1991, while Kyle's second one was greeted in 1995.

 loving sister of two brothers named Nick Wellner and Kyle Wellner
Picture: Mikaela Wellner with her two brothers and parents
Source: Instagram @deborahnorville

Nevertheless, the three siblings, Mikale, Nick, and Kyle chose to attend school at Duke University. Nick, 29, graduated from university in 2013, and a younger brother Kyle, 25 is playing football as a defense on the Blue Devils team.

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