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Thu Apr 27 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Karl Wellner

Karl Wellner Married To Deborah Norville In 1987

Karl Gerd Wellner is a Swedish businessman who has been working as the President and CEO of Papamarkou Wellner Asset Management since 2003. Additionally, Wellner is the founder as well as the partner at 'Kawe Kapital' and has worked in several leading positions in the United States.

The native of Sweden, Wellner, is a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics. Apart from having a successful career, Wellner also has a joyful personal life. He has been married to American tv journalist and businesswoman, Deborah Norville, who is best known as the anchor of 'Inside Edition,' a syndicated tv news magazine.

Karl Wellner Is Deborah Norville's Husband

Karl Wellner is a married man, and his wife is tv journalist and businesswoman, Deborah Norville, his partner for thirty-two years. They married each other on December 12, 1987, in New York City. Also, they exchanged their wedding vows in Swedish and English at St. James Episcopal Church, in New York City.

Karl Wellner and Deborah wedding
Image: Karl Wellner and his wife, Deborah's wedding in 1987.
Source: Facebook@Deborah Norville 

The couple first met through the help of their family members. After four months of the first meeting, they became engaged. Wellner and Norville have stood the test of time by being faithful for over three-decade. Although Karl has a busy schedule, he supports his wife and regularly attends all of her red-carpet events.

How Did Karl Meet His Wife?

Karl and his wife, Deborah, had their first encounter on a blind date in 1985 in New York. Deborah had some family members in Sweden, and she heard a lot about Wellner from her relatives. Four months after the date, the couple got engaged.

Karl and his spouse, Deborah have been together for over three decade
Photo: Karl and his wife, Deborah, first met on a blind date in 1985.
Source: Instagram@Deborah Norville

Wellner proposed to her twice, once in a sandwich shop in New York and later on a mountaintop in Brazil. Despite both living high-pressure life, the couple entirely planned their wedding and went on a three-week honeymoon trip.

Karl and Deborah's marriage was announced in the Chicago Tribune, where they described how they first met on a blind date. Deb often says that if it weren't for her relatives, they probably would never have met.

Wellner's Wife Suffered From Thyroid cancer

On April 1, 2019, Deborah announced that she would be undergoing surgery to remove a thyroid nodule. She found that she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer after a viewer noticed a lump on her neck.

YouTube: Deborah Norville underwent surgery to remove a cancerous thyroid nodule!

After having a successful surgery, Norville returned to work and gave her regards to the concerned fan who spotted the lump on her neck. As of now, she is healthy and enjoys quality time with her husband and children.

Father Of Three Children

The Swedish businessman, Karl Wellner, and her journalist wife, Deborah, are parents of three children. They share two sons and a daughter, who are all grown up as of 2019. Their eldest son, Nick, was born in 1991, while their second son, Kyle, was born in 1995. Likewise, their third child, a daughter named, Mikaela, was born in 1998.

Image: Karl with his family.
Source: Filmmagic

All three children are students of Duke University. Nick has already graduated, while Kyle played football on the Blue Devil's team. Likewise, Mikaela is currently a freshman and attends the school's popular NCAA basketball games with her mom.

When asked if his children would follow in his footsteps, Karl said that he would love to have them involved but only if they are interested.

Karl Wellner Can Speak 7 Languages

The Swedish citizen, Mr. Wellner, spent most of his adult years overseas. He can speak fluent English, Swedish, German, French, and Estonian and is proficient in both Russian and Italian. As he is constantly traveling the globe to visit his international clients, such skills are a huge asset.

Wellner has served in several leading positions in the United States for a long time. Hence, a must-required skill for his business is communication, which he has excelled in throughout his profession.

Net Worth

Karl Wellner is a businessman who is the President and CEO of a multi-million wealth management firm. He has a net worth of $40 million, and the primary source of his income is business ventures, including wealth management, investments, real estate, etc.

While speaking about his clients in an interview with Elite Traveler, Wellner said:

"We have clients who are in the $10 million and up range, and we have clients who have several $100 million in investable assets We have about 120 client relationships and several billion dollars of assets that we advise on.”

Wellner's spouse also has a stunning net worth of $10 million. She is the longest-serving anchor on American television and is working for Inside Edition since 1995. The two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist is also the 2016 inductee of the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame. 

Wellner And Norville's $4.5 Million House For Sale

In March 2019, Karl and his spouse listed their Park Avenue apartment for sale with a listing price of $4.5 million. The four-bedroom, four-bath co-op apartment has been home for the family for the last 17 years.

Karl and Norville listed their house for sale for $4.5 million
Image: Karl and Norville listed their Park Avenue House for Sale in 2019.
Source: New York Times

Wellner and Norville renovated the 3,000 sq-foot apartment into a primary residence raising their three children and building their careers. According to the listing broker, the monthly maintenance of the apartment is $7,632.

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