Fact About Rosamund Pike's Son Solo Uniacke

Sun Feb 16 2020
By   Manish

Solo Uniacke is a kind of child, who will be stardom in the future when he knows what he is really capable of. Some people say children are born to inspire, but in the case of Uniacke, he arrived in this world to make good things happen and to prove that children are the real miracles.

The oldest son of Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke, Solo grabbed the attention of his parents' fans when he was born on the 6th of May 2012. Just before five months, his mother, Pike completed the 2012 film, Jack Reacher. Find more interesting facts about Uniacke below.

Solo's Parents, Rosamund, and Robie's Relationship is Continuing Over a Decade!

Uniacke's mom, Rosamund, and father, Robie are romantically involved in a relationship for 12 years since they had their first encounter in December 2009. Despite their 18 years of age gap, the couple still doesn't hesitate to maintain a good understanding.

Solo Uniacke's parents, Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke. Find more interesting things about Solo.
Photo: Solo Uniacke's parents, Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke wearing black goggles 
Source: Pinterest

Solo's parents welcomed his younger biological brother, Atom Uniackeon 2nd December 2014. More to this, Rosamund was running at the age of 35 during her postnatal period.

Solo Uniacke with his mother, Rosamund Pike and brother, Atom Uniacke. Know more about Solo's birth details and interesting facts.
Picture: Solo Uniacke with his mom, Rosamund Pike, and younger brother, Atom Uniacke 
Source: Instagram @rosamundpike

Back in 2019, Uniacke's mom, Pike posted a picture of him and his little brother while standing in the footpath via Instagram on May 12th. In the caption, she expressed her love for her two children while celebrating "Happy Mother's Day."

Like York Banks Asla, Solo Uniacke is also grabbing wider media attraction as a celebrity son. 

His Mother, Rosamond's Past Affairs

Uniacke's beautiful mom, Rosamund was initially involved in an affair with Simon Woods, while attending Oxford University in 2000. But, their relationship only lasted for two years after they broke up in 2002 after finding that Simon was gay.

Rosamund Pike with her first dating partner, Simon Woods. Know how they first met and started dating?
Photo: Rosamund Pike with her first boyfriend, Simon Wood 
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A Private War actress, Pike then started dating an English TV presenter, Jamie Theakston in 2003. They later separated shortly after dating for a brief time because of some misunderstandings.

Upon the split up, the 42-year-old actress, Rosamund became involved in a romantic relationship with Joe Wright in 2004. After dating for three years, they got engaged in August 2007. 

Rosamund Pike and her ex-fiance, Joe Wright. Find more interesting details in Solo Uniacke's article.
Snap: Rosamund Pike with her ex-fiance, Joe Wright 
Source: Zimbio

However, Joe and Rosamund's relationship was also fleeting which ended up in separation. The former couple Wright and Pike called off their engagement in June 2008 due to some disputes.

For the information, the actor Will Smith is also no more in a relationship with Sheree Zampino. Since 1997 Smith is married to an actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

Five Step-Siblings from Her Father, Robie's Past Marriage with Emma Howard...

Just like Uniacke's mom, her dad, Robie was committed to his estranged wife, Emma Howard in 1983. Nevertheless, their marriage ended, citing irreconcilable differences, after spending five years together. Just like them, Noah Earles' parents also separated after staying married for a decade.

The couple then finalized their divorce in a registered court in 1988. During the time of separation, they signed an agreement for taking half-half custody of their five children, Tabitha Jane Langton-Lockton (born in 1978), Maximilian Langton-Lockton (born in 1980), Robie Jonjo (born in 1984), Ned John Hamilton Sisson (born in 1989) and Molly Hannah Sisson (born on 16th July 1996).

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