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Mon Dec 04 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Greg Gisoni

Wife : Melissa Gisoni
Greg Gisoni married to Melissa Gisoni on 2013.


It's not surprising that hundreds of stars are known because of their popular partner. Today we will be talking about a similar star who came to the limelight by being the second husband of Melissa Gisoni. The star about which we are gushing is none other than Greg Gisoni.

Greg Gisoni was born in the United States of America on August 12, 1958. His full name is Gregory A Gisoni. His details are nearly nonexistent.

Who Is Greg Gisoni?

Greg Gisoni hasn't disclosed any data about his parents, siblings, and early life. Similarly, Greg graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He then graduated from the same university in 1984 with his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering.

Greg with his second wife Melissa Gisoni. relationship, husband, spouse, partner
Image: Greg with his second wife, Melissa Gisoni.

Melissa's second husband, Greg, aimed to become a successful businessman since he was a child. However, his dreams stayed as a dream, and he later began his career as Nuclear Automation's Director of Engineering. His tenure as a Gisoni worker was for six long years.

Gisoni entered Nuclear Services at Cranberry Township, PA as Vice President of Operations Delivery after resigning from his first job. During that time, Gisoni was involved in the creation, design, licensing, and construction of new crops for the Advanced Boiling Water Reactor of Toshiba. As for now, Greg works for the Westinghouse Electric Company.

All the detail you need to know about Greg Gisoni Personal Life

Unlike any other star, Greg Gisoni has a very unique love life. He was once a married man. Since his relationship could last long, he got a divorce. 

There are no details about his previous relationship. As for now, he married a divorcee and is living a very happy life with her. From his previous relationship, he has two twin kids, Mathew Gisoni and Michele Gisoni.

Who is Greg Gisoni's Wife? 

Although Greg Gisoni's far from the entertainment industry, Greg discovered the showbiz star for a calming shoulder. His wife, Melissa Gisoni, is a famous American reality star. In 2013, Greg got married to Melissa. Even though Melissa is the first spouse of Greg, the same is not the case for Mrs. Gisoni.

Greg Gisoni with his wife Melissa Gisoni posing for the camera. wife, spouse, husband, personal life
Image: Greg Gisoni with his wife Melissa Gisoni, posing for the camera. 

Melissa was married to Kurt Ziegler before she married Greg. Gisoni shared two kids Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler with her former husband. 

In 2011, the couple, Kurt and Melissa, divorced. Mrs. Gisoni took custody of her two children. So, Greg has two stepchildren, whereas, from their relationship, the couple does not share any kids.

Greg Gisoni with his spouse and step-kids. children wife, spouse, husband, partner, relationship, marriage
 Image: Greg Gisoni with his spouse and step-kids.

Gisoni and his wife have lived a happy married life since their wedding. The romantic couple went to Vietnam for their honeymoon. So far, there have been no divorces or extramarital affairs between the couple.

Greg Gisoni Net Worth & Salary

Few individuals are curious about Greg because he is not engaged in the entertainment industry. He is currently the CEO, Vice President, and Project Director of Westinghouse Electric Company and earns a hefty amount.

His wife Melissa is a popular family name, and from her good career, she earns a heavy quantity of cash. Her estimated wealth is $2 million.

The film she's been working on in showbiz is also doing well. His spouse Melissa also earns a lot of cash from the number of advertisements and commercials she works in. Melissa earns a great amount of cash, but she has not revealed any details about the house in which she lives and the vehicles she rides.

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